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Presented at the 22nd Annual Research Conference

Title: Introductory Comments
Presenters: Mario Hernandez

Title: The Value of Systems Thinking in Complex Community Change
Presenters: Pennie Foster-Fishman

Title: Systems of Care and the Interactive Systems Framework for Dissemination and Implementation
Presenters: Abraham Wandersman; Brigitte Manteuffel

Title: Implementing Mental Health Care Interventions With Vulnerable Youth In Their Natural Surroundings
Presenters: William Bannon, Jr.; Mary McKay

Title: Preliminary Qualitative Findings Reflecting Staff Successes And Challenges In Implementing the Clinic Plus Program
Presenters: Mary Cavaleri

Title: STEP-UP: A Youth-Centered, Family-Linked, Community And School-Based Alternative Mental Health Intervention Program For At-Risk Inner City Youth
Presenters: Stacey Alicea

Title: The Association Between Youth Group Participation And Reduced Youth Behavioral Difficulties
Presenters: William Bannon, Jr.

Title: Support Services and Child Outcomes Among Children Served in a Systems-of-Care Program
Presenters: Melissa Azur; Lucas Godoy Garazza

Title: A Research Agenda for Protecting Children and Youth in Residential Care
Presenters: Robert Friedman; Lenore Behar; Christina Kloker-Young; Brian Lombrowski

Title: Identifying Core Information Needs
Presenters: Ann Klein

Title: Quality Improvement and Decision Making
Presenters: Shannon Van Deman; Rahel Tekle

Title: Components of an Information Management System
Presenters: Vicki Effland; Shannon Van Deman

Title: Structure and Role of Information Management in Systems of Care
Presenters: Vicki Effland; Knute Rotto

Title: Can You Handle the Truth? Understanding What Works Clearinghouse Standards of Evidence
Presenters: W. Carl Sumi

Title: What Works, What We Think Works, and How It Can Work for You
Presenters: Krista Kutash; Michael Epstein

Title: Does Practice Make Perfect? What the IES Behavior Practice Guide on Reducing Behavior Problems Can Offer You
Presenters: Michelle Woodbridge; Michael Epstein

Title: Measuring Family Outcomes in Family to Family Support: Development of a Family Needs and Strengths Assessment (FANS)
Presenters: Nancy Craig; Vicki McCarthy; Marleen Radigan

Title: Using a Community of Practice to Define the Role of Family Partners in Wraparound
Presenters: Marlene Penn; Trina Osher; April Sather

Title: Better Linkages Between Child and Adult Services: A Social Network Analysis
Presenters: Nancy Koroloff; Maryann Davis

Title: Identifying and Helping Transition Age Youth at Risk of Arrest
Presenters: Maryann Davis; Ashli Sheidow

Title: Advances in Services for Transition Age Youth
Presenters: Maryann Davis; Craig Anne Heflinger

Title: Gender Differences in Patterns of Child Risk Across Programmatic Phases of the CMHI
Presenters: Melissa Azur; Lucas Godoy Garazza

Title: Lessons Learned from the National Evaluation of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families Program: Community Voices of Experience
Presenters: Connie Maples; Laura Whalen

Title: Bring It Home: Using the National Longitudinal Outcomes Study for Local Evaluation
Presenters: Matt Wojack; Jane Powers

Title: Local Continuous Quality Improvement Process and Findings
Presenters: Matt Wojack; Jane Powers

Title: Methodology for Retrieving and Presenting Local Data from the National Evaluation
Presenters: Craig Wiles

Title: National Evaluation Support to Help Communities Maximize Use of the Data
Presenters: Kurt Moore

Title: Symposium on Parent Support: Emerging Empirical Evidence – Part 1
Presenters: Krista Kutash; Barbara Burns

Title: An Empirical Investigation of a Parent Support Program: Parent Connectors
Presenters: Albert Duchnowski; Krista Kutash

Title: Psychoeducational Psychotherapy: A Collaborative Family-Clinician Model of Care
Presenters: Mary Fristad

Title: Factors in System of Care Development
Presenters: Sharon Hodges

Title: Framing Systems Change: Relating the Parts to the Whole
Presenters: Sharon Hodges

Title: Identification of Strengths in Children: Use of Evaluation Data to Improve Services
Presenters: Michael Taylor

Title: Ensuring Safety: Creating Trauma Informed Care Environments; A Curriculum for Residential Treatment
Presenters: Victoria Hummer; Norin Dollard; Fran Myers-Routt

Title: Examining the Relationships between Family-Run Organizations and Systems of Care
Presenters: Katherine Lazear; Rene' Anderson

Title: WATOT - An Initiative to Standardize Wraparound Services in El Paso County
Presenters: Luther Marcena; Vashti Pussman; Anthony Cobos; Wes Temple

Title: Redesigning a Neighborhood System of Care in the South Bronx
Presenters: Jessica Fear; Neil Pessin

Title: Relationships Between Child and Family Strengths and Child Outcomes in Waiver Services
Presenters: Marleen Radigan; Rui Wang

Title: Creciendo Unidos/Creating Alternatives: An Overview of a Cross Generational Community Driven Practice
Presenters: Emilio Vaca

Title: Using Data Analysis to Improve System of Care Services for American Indians
Presenters: Daniel Dickerson; Carrie Johnson

Title: Using Data to Inform Decision-Making in Kansas Children’s Community-Based Services
Presenters: Karen Stipp; Stephen Kapp

Title: Assessing Consumer-Driven and Culturally-Competent Care
Presenters: David Saarnio; Valencia Cash

Title: Antipsychotic Medication Utilization Among Children Prior to Out-of-Home Care
Presenters: John Robst

Title: The Impact of a Learning Collaborative upon Child Mental Health Service Use
Presenters: Mary Cavaleri; Geetha Gopalan

Title: Prior Authorization: Process Peview, A Quality Improvement Project
Presenters: Michael Bengtson

Title: Factors Affecting Long-Term Outcomes Following Intensive In-Home Services
Presenters: Sarah Hurley

Title: Developing a Culturally Responsive Assessment Tool for Native American Youth
Presenters: Pauline Jivanjee; Barbara Friesen; Kathleen Fox; Cori Mathew

Title: Implementing Evidence Based Interventions in Community Mental Health: An Outcome Study
Presenters: Amy Starin; Kathryn Wehrmann

Title: The Price of Collaboration: Predictors of Hours Spent in Collateral Contacts
Presenters: Michael Gordon

Title: Enhancing and Adapting Evidence-Based Principles for “Real World” Practice
Presenters: Maureen Murray; Kelly Kelsey; Elizabeth Farmer; Barbara Burns

Title: Needs and Services of Sexually Abused Children
Presenters: Renee Brown; Christa Labouliere

Title: Adoption and Implementation of Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an Evidence-based Practice
Presenters: Angela Montanago

Title: Youth and Family Perspectives: Mental Health Needs Identified: Now What?
Presenters: Diana McIntosh; Monica Mitchell

Title: The National Workgroup to Address the Needs of Youth Who Are LGBTQI2-S and Their Families in Systems of Care
Presenters: Sylvia Fisher; Jeffrey Poirier

Title: Using the SOCPR as an Ongoing Tool for Program Improvement
Presenters: Keren Vergon; John Mayo; Beth Piecora

Title: Are Systems of Care Effective if they are not Culturally Competent?
Presenters: Betty Blackmon; Deborah Purce

Title: Organization of Therapeutic Practices in Treatment As Usual
Presenters: Charmaine Higa-McMillan; Trina Orimoto; Charles Mueller; Ryan Tolman

Title: Together Facing the Challenge – Implementation and Preliminary Findings of a Randomized Clinical Trial
Presenters: Elizabeth Farmer; Maureen Murray

Title: A Complexity Approach to Systems of Care for Early Childhood Mental Health
Presenters: Allison Pinto

Title: Development of a Strength-Based Scale for Use with Preschoolers
Presenters: Michael Epstein

Title: Head Start, Mental Health and Integrated Continuous Improvement Processes
Presenters: Christopher Smith; Linda Broyles; Michael Ehlling

Title: Understanding the Associations of Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Involvement of Adults with Severe Mental Illness and Criminal Justice Contacts
Presenters: Diane Haynes; Marion Becker; Ross Andel; John Robst

Title: Bridging the Gap Between Community Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Systems
Presenters: Stephen Kapp; Mary Lee Robbins; J. J. Choi

Title: Evaluating Project Connect: Training on Mental Health Linkage for Juvenile Probation Officers
Presenters: Gail Wasserman; Larkin McReynolds

Title: Emergency Commitment of Young Children
Presenters: Annette Christy; Brittany Haldeman

Title: Intensive Community Based Service Grant: Preliminary Outcomes
Presenters: Shweta Chandra

Title: Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Children Who Have Witnessed Domestic Violence
Presenters: Ilana Amrani-Cohen

Title: Positive Psychology:Strengthening Strength-based Practice
Presenters: Ivor Groves

Title: Communicating System of Care Results
Presenters: Vicki Effland; Courtney Kasinger; Ayesha Bajwa

Title: ¡ADELANTE! Advancing a Network’s Cultural Proficiency
Presenters: Malena Albo; Matt Miller; Bonni Hopkins

Title: Wrapped and Reunited Using Wraparound to Support Family Reunification
Presenters: Irene Rickus; Chris Groeber; Eileen Youmans; Virginia Grant

Title: Characteristics of Children Presenting to Early Childhood Mental Health Systems of Care
Presenters: Cindy Crusto

Title: Early Childhood Systems of Care: Perspectives From Three Federally Funded Sites.
Presenters: Melissa Whitson; Sylvia Fisher

Title: Predictors of 6-month Outcomes for Children Receiving Services within an Early Childhood System of Care
Presenters: Joy Kaufman; Melissa Whitson

Title: Translating Research into Practice: Strategies for Implementing a Public Health Approach to Early Childhood Mental Health
Presenters: Ilene Berson

Title: Transition to Adulthood: Services and Natural Supports Associated with Success
Presenters: Hewitt "Rusty" Clark; Nancy Koroloff

Title: Young Adults’ Perspectives on Social Support during Transition to Postsecondary Work / Education
Presenters: Sarah Taylor

Title: Transition to Adulthood Roles: Young Adults Perspectives on Factors Contributing to Success
Presenters: Nicole Deschênes

Title: Improving Transition Outcomes: Evaluation of Needs, Service Utilization and Progress/Outcome Indicators
Presenters: Karyn Dresser; Peter Zucker

Title: Pre to Post Outcomes for Youth Served by a Juvenile Justice Diversion Program
Presenters: Kay Hodges

Title: Successful Juvenile Justice Diversion: Impact on the Youth's Functioning, Recidivism and System Costs
Presenters: Kay Hodges

Title: Youth Assistance Program Prevents Progression Through the Juvenile Justice System
Presenters: Cynthia Williams

Title: Diversion and Family Based Services Reduce Cost and Entry into Adjudicated Juvenile Justice
Presenters: Cynthia Smith; Robert Heimbuch

Title: Beacon of Light: A Parent's Perspective on the Impact of Diversion
Presenters: Dorindia Sheppard; Shyanne Depriest

Title: Beyond Didactics: Emerging evidence on EBP implementation strategies in New York State
Presenters: Kimberly Hoagwood

Title: Initial Findings and Implications of the Evidence-Based Training Dissemination Center (EBTDC)
Presenters: Alissa Gleacher

Title: Disseminating EBTs for Children: A Microanalysis of Consultation Calls as an Ongoing Training Strategy
Presenters: Sandra Pimentel

Title: E3: A Family Support Service Model for Implementing Evidence-Based CBT
Presenters: James Rodriguez

Title: Transporting Evidence-Based Practice to School Settings: Examining Strategies for Consultation
Presenters: Jessica Mass-Levitt

Title: Symposium on Parent Support: Emerging Empirical Evidence – Part 2
Presenters: Krista Kutash; Marlene Penn; Barbara Burns

Title: Parents as Change Agents: The Parent Empowerment Program for Parent Advisors
Presenters: Kimberly Hoagwood; Geraldine Burton

Title: Development, Implementation and Evaluation of the NAMI Basics Education Program
Presenters: Teri Brister

Title: The Perfect Storm – The Convergence of Data, Process and Dialogue for System of Care Development
Presenters: Jody Levison-Johnson; Mario Hernandez

Title: Waves of Change: Targeting and Measuring Systems Reform in Oklahoma
Presenters: Keith Pirtle

Title: Waves of Change: Examining System-wide Indicators of Performance in Monroe County
Presenters: Jody Levison-Johnson; Kathleen Plum

Title: Waves of Change: Using the CMHI Benchmarking Initiative and Progress Report as a Model for System Improvement
Presenters: Katrina Bledsoe

Title: Measuring Fidelity of Implementation of Enhanced Model of Therapeutic Foster Care
Presenters: Dannia Southerland; Maureen Murray

Title: Knowledge of and Attitudes Towards Services Among Youth Transitioning From Foster Care
Presenters: Michelle Munson; Sarah Narendorf; Curtis McMillen

Title: Together Facing the Challenge: Preliminary Findings from a Randomized Clinical Trial of Therapeutic Foster Care
Presenters: Dannia Southerland; Maureen Murray; Elizabeth Farmer

Title: Length of Pediatric Mental Health Emergency Department Visits in the United States
Presenters: Brady Case

Title: Out-of-Home Placement Following a Psychiatric Crisis Episode Among Children and Youth
Presenters: Jung Min Park

Title: Family Driven Flexible Funds: Using Technology to Improve Systems
Presenters: Rebecca Robbins; Harriet Scott; Karen Maziarz

Title: The Effects of the Rater on Racial Differences in Child Behavior Problems
Presenters: Melissa Azur

Title: Predictors of Out-of-Home Placement by Race/Ethnicity
Presenters: Antonio Garcia; Maureen Marcenko

Title: Supporting Positive Transitions to Kindergarten: Parent Perspectives on Early Childhood Education Systems
Presenters: Anna Malsch

Title: Engagement of Non Resident Fathers in Child Welfare
Presenters: Myles Edwards; John Fluke

Title: Non-Kin Natural Mentoring Relationships Among Transitioning Foster Care Youth
Presenters: Michelle Munson; Susan Smalling

Title: The Iterative Process of Implementing and Evaluating a School-Based Depression Prevention Program
Presenters: Charles Cunningham

Title: The Lived Experience of Primary Caregivers of Children with Mental Health Needs
Presenters: Janis Gerkensmeyer; Ukamaka Oruche; Linda Stephan; Halima Al-Khattab

Title: Real World/Real Time Performance Measurement: Supervision Strategies to Enhance SOC Outcomes
Presenters: Katherine Grimes; Sophie Lehar

Title: Ensuring an Equitable Representation of African Americans in Evaluation
Presenters: Ladel Lewis; Carolyn Sullins

Title: Community Indicators and Systems of Care Implementation
Presenters: Laurel Lunn

Title: Framework for Empowering Parents As Change Agents: From Science To Action
Presenters: Kimberly Hoagwood; James Rodriguez; Geraldine Burton; Marlene Penn

Title: Emotional and Academic Outcomes for Students in a School-Based Partial Hospitalization Program
Presenters: Ron Prator

Title: Perspectives of Treatment Foster Parents on Transitioning Youth to Family Settings
Presenters: Karen Castellanos-Brown; Bethany Lee

Title: Critical Success Factors to Achieve Family-Driven, Youth-Guided System Planning
Presenters: Myra Alfreds; Carol Hardesty; Candy Kennedy; John Ferrone

Title: The National Behavior Research and Coordination Center: Overview and Final Findings
Presenters: W. Carl Sumi; Michelle Woodbridge; Mary Wagner

Title: 2008 Honoring Excellence in Evaluation (HEE) Event: Recipients Share Their Work
Presenters: Sylvia Fisher; Laura Whalen

Title: Substance Use and Youth and Family Characteristics on Service Recommendations and Delivery
Presenters: Melissa Whitson; Joy Kaufman

Title: Differences in Patterns of Substance Use in Caucasian and African American Adolescents
Presenters: Amy Daniels

Title: Iowa’s Children’s Mental Health System Evaluation utilizing the SOCPR
Presenters: Stephen Roggenbaum; Pamela Alger; Victoria Hummer

Title: Using the SOCPR to Facilitate System Transformation Efforts in Ottawa, Canada
Presenters: Natasha Talartcheff-Quesnel; Francine Gravelle; Michael Hone

Title: Systems of Care Practice Review's impact Home and Abroad (Iowa and Ottawa).
Presenters: Mary Armstrong; Myra Alfreds

Title: Communication and Interaction of Pediatricians with Systems of Care
Presenters: Kara Riehman

Title: Improvement for Youth with Disruptive Behaviors Provided Evidence-Based Practices
Presenters: Charles Mueller; Ryan Tolman; Chad Ebesutani; Adam Bernstein

Title: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities in Conducting Culturally–Sensitive Evaluations of Child Mental Health Programs
Presenters: Alisha Nichols Johnson; Monica Mitchell; Jessica Valenzuela

Title: Financing and Sustainability in American Indian and Alaska Native (Tribal) Systems of Care
Presenters: Holly Echo-Hawk; Anna Krivelyova; Carolyn Lichtenstein

Title: Multilevel Framework for Integrating the Formative and Summative Functions of Evaluation in Mental Health
Presenters: Ana Maria Brannan

Title: System-of-Care and Usual Services in the U.S.: Comparing Service Outcomes
Presenters: Kathleen Pottick; Ramona Perry

Title: Social Connectedness of Families in Wraparound: Implications for Practice
Presenters: James Cook; Ryan Kilmer

Title: Selecting Residential or Community Based Care - Parent Survey Results
Presenters: Amy Starin

Title: The Statewide Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice: Outcomes and Lessons Learned from the Evaluation of MST in Connecticut
Presenters: Jennifer Schroeder; Robert Franks

Title: Is MST effective for Connecticut’s highest risk children and youth? Quantitative outcomes from a statewide evaluation of MST
Presenters: Jennifer Schroeder; Christian Connell

Title: How is MST working in Connecticut? Qualitative outcomes from a statewide evaluation of MST
Presenters: Jennifer Schroeder

Title: What are the lessons learned from the statewide dissemination of an evidence-based practice? MST, knowledge transfer, and policy in Connecticut
Presenters: Robert Franks

Title: Financing Early Childhood Systems of Care
Presenters: Beth Stroul; Ginny Wood

Title: Financing Strategies that Support Effective Systems of Care
Presenters: Mary Armstrong; William Hudock

Title: Implementing and Financing Evidence Based Practices in Systems of Care
Presenters: Sheila Pires; James Wotring

Title: Re-Directing “Deep End” Spending Through Care Management Entities
Presenters: Sheila Pires; Mary Armstrong

Title: Collaborating with Community-Based Organizations in Developing Systems of Care
Presenters: Teresa Nesman

Title: Identifying What Makes Systems of Care Successful
Presenters: Vicki Effland; Janet McIntyre

Title: The Family Networks Initiative: Public-Private Collaboration in a System of Care
Presenters: Borja Alvarez de Toledo

Title: System of Care Implementation: Findings from a National Survey
Presenters: Krista Kutash; Robert Friedman

Title: Development of the System of Care Implementation Survey and County Selection and Respondent Identification and Recruitment Procedures
Presenters: Roger Boothroyd

Title: Overview of the System of Care Implementation Survey (SOCIS) Instrument and Descriptive Results from 225 Counties
Presenters: Krista Kutash

Title: Multilevel Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the SOCIS
Presenters: Paul Greenbaum

Title: System of Care Implementation
Presenters: Robert Friedman

Title: Tribal Youth Victimization and Delinquency: Analysis of Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Data
Presenters: Thomas Pavkov; Leah Travis; Kathleen Fox; Terry Cross; Kathryn Harding

Title: Risk and Protective Factors in Native American Youth: A Preliminary Analysis
Presenters: Barbara Friesen; Kris Gowen; Kathleen Fox; Cori Matthew

Title: An Evaluation of Boys Town’s Family Preservation Program
Presenters: Annette Griffith; Kristin Hurley; Stephanie Ingram; Claudine Cannezzaro

Title: Evaluation of an Intervention for Adolescent Girls with Trauma Related Disorders
Presenters: Meredith Elzy

Title: Diffusion of Trauma-Informed Policies and Practices Among Mental Health Agencies
Presenters: Jeanne Rivard; Christine Walrath; John Gilford Jr.; Cynthia Hovor

Title: Building a Research Agenda: Implementation Research and Wraparound Literature
Presenters: Rosalyn Bertram

Title: Evaluation of Wraparound Services within Erie County: Translating Data into Quality Improvement
Presenters: Brian Pagkos; Heidi Milch; Mansoor Kazi

Title: A Rural, Non-Profit Model for Workforce Wraparound Readiness in Systems of Care
Presenters: Ira Lourie; Jeff Folsom; Meghan Gallagher

Title: System of Care Community Plans for, and Caregiver Perceptions of, Evidence-Based Treatments
Presenters: Kurt Moore; Carolyn Lichtenstein

Title: Factors Associated with Perceptions of Need for Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists
Presenters: Cathleen Lewandowski; Lara Kaye

Title: Understanding Community-based Administrators' and Clinicians' Perspectives on Evidence-Based Treatment Implementation
Presenters: Amy Herschell

Title: Conflict and Its Management in Systems of Care
Presenters: Mary Evans

Title: Results of a National Survey of Federally Funded Systems of Care
Presenters: Mary Evans; Huey-Jen Chen; Roger Boothroyd

Title: Talking About Conflict
Presenters: Sheryl Schrepf

Title: Use of Concept Mapping to Understand Conflict Management in Systems of Care
Presenters: Huey-Jen Chen; Robyn Boustead

Title: Improving Client Outcomes Through Effective Implementation of EBPs: Provider Organisations' Perspectives.
Presenters: Jacquie Brown; Jim Wotring

Title: Harmony in Duality: Using Evidence-Based Programs to Transform the Traditional Parts of Your Agency
Presenters: Edward Hayes

Title: The Implementation of Evidenced-Based Practice in a Children’s System of Care; What Worked and What Didn't
Presenters: Tim Dunst

Title: Direct Response: A Demonstration of Improving Client Outcomes as a Result of Effective Implementation Processes and Appropriate Evidence-Based Practices
Presenters: Jacquie Brown; Matt Sheridan

Title: Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices: An Evaluation of a Monumental Organizational Change Process
Presenters: Melanie Barwick; Bruce Ferguson

Title: ROLES Revision Project: General Environment Types
Presenters: Ronald Thompson; Peter Pecora

Title: Psychotropic Medication Utilization in Two Intensive Residential Programs
Presenters: Ronald Thompson; Annette Griffith

Title: Community Defined Evidence: Research from the Ground Up
Presenters: Linda Callejas; Ken Martinez

Title: Incorporating a Mental Health Home Visitng Program into Healthy Families for Latino Families
Presenters: Joan Yengo

Title: First Look: The Intergenerational Effects of Trauma on Child and Family Outcomes
Presenters: Sarah Goan; Helaine Hornby

Title: Addressing Suicide Issues in Systems of Care Communities: How are Caregiver Strain and Youth Suicide Attempt Related? And How Can We Help Children and Families?
Presenters: Crystal Barksdale; Sylvia Fisher

Title: WFI for CQI - Measuring Change in Wraparound Fidelity after Implementing Improvement Efforts
Presenters: Joan Kernan; Brian Pagkos

Title: Effects of Wraparound from a Meta-Analysis of Controlled Studies
Presenters: Jesse Suter; Eric Bruns

Title: Promoting Effective Behavioral Health Practices in a Statewide System of Care
Presenters: Robert Franks; Robert Plant

Title: Discussion Hour--From Good to Great and Beyond: Recent Research on Effective Organizations
Presenters: Robert Friedman

Title: An Overview of the Building Bridges Initiative and the Framework for Self-Assessment
Presenters: Robert Lieberman

Title: Design and Structure of the Matrix and the S.A.T
Presenters: Robert Lieberman, M.A., LPC

Title: The Building Bridges Initiative: A Framework for Self-Assessment to Improve Organizational Practices
Presenters: Robert Lieberman

Title: Field Testing the Self-Assessment Tool and Next Steps
Presenters: Richard Dougherty

Title: Asset-Based Research and a Public Health Approach to Addressing the Needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersexed, and Two-Spirit (LGBTQI2-S) Youth and Families
Presenters: Katherine Lazear; Peter Gamache; Sylvia Fisher

Title: Developing Culturally Competent Systems of Care
Presenters: Carolyn Lichtenstein

Title: Using Social Network Analysis to Study Inter-agency Collaboration in Children’s Mental Health Service Systems
Presenters: Bhuvana Sukumar

Title: Strong Communities: Community-Wide Strategies to Keep Kids Safe
Presenters: Patricia Motes; Robin Kimbrough-Melton; Gary Melton

Title: Using Finance to Improve Access and Quality of Treatment for Adolescents with Co-Occurring Disorders
Presenters: Doreen Cavanaugh; Rick Nance; William Janes; Travis Fretwell

Title: The Use of Data to Assist the Implementation of Evidence Based and Promising Practices: Systemic, Organizational and Individual Perspectives
Presenters: Jim Wotring; David Bernstein; Bill Carter; Patrick Kanary; Kari Collins

Title: Best Practices for Mental Health in Child Welfare
Presenters: Lisa Romanelli; Peter Pecora; Robert Hartman; Corvette Smith

Title: Cultural Competency: What is "Mental Health" in Indigenous, Island, and Immigrant Populations?
Presenters: Jennifer Dewey; Freda Brashears; Ranilo Laygo; Bonnie Brandt

Title: Rapid Ethnography as Community-Based Participatory Research: Real Research for Real World Settings
Presenters: Sharon Hodges; Kathleen Ferreira; Myra Alfreds; Knute Rotto

Title: Plenary II Discussion Hour with J. David Hawkins
Presenters: J. David Hawkins

Title: Massachusetts’ Transition Age Youth Initiative: What We Have Done, Where We Are Heading
Presenters: Joan Mikula; Ann Capoccia; Evelyn Frankford

Title: Hillsborough County's Civil Citation Project: Assessing Local Response to School-Related Justice Involvment
Presenters: Norin Dollard; John Mayo; Christopher Sullivan

Title: Factors Effecting Family Participation in Mental Health Services for Children with SED
Presenters: Lindsay Satterwhite

Title: Ohio Problem Scale: Implications of CFA model misfit for scale utility
Presenters: Harold Baize; Rick Jackson

Title: Families First: Innovative Approaches to Increasing Family Involvement in Treatment
Presenters: Amy Winans; Malisa Pearson; Kay Hodges

Title: Simulating Waiting List Reduction Strategies in Children's Mental Health: A Discrete Choice Conjoint Analysis of Parental Preferences
Presenters: Charles Cunningham

Title: Special Needs Adoptive Children: A Compelling Case for Long Term Cross-System Collaboration
Presenters: David Hussey

Title: Using WFI-4 Principle and Phase Scores to Assess Wraparound Facilitator Burnout
Presenters: Josie Welsh

Title: Routine Screening to Identify Mental Health Problems in Pediatric Primary Care
Presenters: Jonathan Brown

Title: Family-Based Recovery: Quality Assurance Results for Children of Substance Abusing Parents
Presenters: Jeffrey Vanderploeg ; Christian Connell

Title: Juvenile Justice System Involvement and Recidivism among Youths Placed in Out-of-Home Care
Presenters: Svetlana Yampolskaya; Mary Armstrong

Title: Perspectives on Residential and Community-based Treatment for Youth and Families
Presenters: Richard Kamins; Bonni Hopkins; Pat Hunt

Title: Critical Components for Developing and Sustaining A School-Based Family Peer Support Program
Presenters: Olivia Davis; Kelly Grubbs; Joi Barkley; Lori Crosby

Title: Evaluation of Psychosocial Functioning of Youth Served in Maryland Group Homes
Presenters: Sharon Stephan; Jennifer Mettrick; Wai-Ying Chow; Kevin Keegan

Title: School/Employment Status of Youth Accessing Residential Treatment or Intensive Family Services
Presenters: Karen Frensch

Title: Learning Collaborative Metrics as Performance and Fidelity Measurements
Presenters: Keren Vergon; Cynthia Blacklaw; Kelly Stone; Diana Born

Title: “What Are We Going to Need to Implement This?” Disseminating the Learning Collaborative Methodology in Four States
Presenters: Charles Seagle

Title: Applying the Learning Collaborative Methodology to System of Care Practice—Alamance Alliance
Presenters: Jan Markiewicz

Title: The NCCTS Learning Collaborative Model for the Adoption and Implementation of Mental Health Evidence-Based Practice
Presenters: Jan Markiewicz

Title: Spreading and Sustaining Best Practices through the Learning Collaborative Model
Presenters: Charles Seagle; Larke Huang

Title: Project Focus: Effective Mental Health Practices for Washington’s Foster Children
Presenters: Shannon Dorsey; Suzanne Kerns; Kenyatta Etchison; Eric Trupin

Title: Partnerships for Success in Washington State: A community-Based Model to Effectively Implement Evidence-Based Practices for Youth
Presenters: Suzanne Kerns; Eric Bruns; Eric Trupin; Gary Enns

Title: Community Mobilization toward Evidence Based Practice: Implementation and Testing of Two Strategies in Washington State
Presenters: Eric Bruns; Robert Friedman

Title: From Principles to Practice: System of Care Program Installation and Governance
Presenters: Rosalyn Bertram; Janis Bane; Stephen Williams; Rebecca Johansson

Title: Methodological Considerations in Evaluating Preschool Risk, Resilience, and Trauma: In and Out of Child Welfare.
Presenters: Adam Stein; Susan Chinitz; Erin Stettler; Pecora Peter

Title: The Impact of Family Education and Support Services in System of Care Communities
Presenters: Phyllis Gyamfi

Title: Reducing Employment Stress for Parents of Children with Mental Health Disorders
Presenters: Eileen Brennan

Presented at the 21st Annual Research Conference

Title: Mental Health Services Utilization of Youth Screened for Suicide Risk and Mental Disorders During School
Presenters: Mathilde Husky

Title: Youth Group Participation: A Potential Component of Clinical Care for Behavioral Difficulties
Presenters: William Bannon; Mary McKay

Title: Flexible Funds Expenditures in System of Care Communities
Presenters: Anna Krivelyova; Kendralin Freeman

Title: State Agency Role in Transforming Children’s Mental Health Services in a Non-Transformation State – Implementing Systems Change with Legislative and Agency Leadership, a System of Care Project and Use of a System Review Evaluation
Presenters: Allen Parks; Pam Alger; Gary Lippe

Title: It's Scary Out There: Youth with Mental Health Needs Speak about Transitioning to Adulthood
Presenters: Ann Geddes

Title: Establishing Case Rates, then Managing within them
Presenters: Shannon Van Deman; Knute Rotto

Title: Development and Assessment of the Collaborative Care for Attention Deficit Disorders Scale
Presenters: James Guevara; Paul Greenbaum

Title: Youth and Family Perspectives: Mental Health Needs and Access
Presenters: Diana McIntosh; Julie Geiler

Title: Reducing Waiting Times for Children’s Mental Health Services: A Qualitative Analysis of Parental Preferences
Presenters: Charles Cunningham

Title: Findings from the Multi-Site Evaluation of Independent Living Programs for Youth in Foster Care
Presenters: Maria Woolverton

Title: Mental Health Assessment of Infants and Toddlers in Early Intervention Services
Presenters: Martha Dore; Susan Ayers

Title: Building Capacity of Community-Based Preschool Programs: The Process and Outcomes of an Organizational-Level Intervention
Presenters: Anna Malsch; Brianne Hood

Title: Methods for Understanding Parent Preferences, Patient Utilization and Outcomes
Presenters: Graham Reid; Melanie Barwick

Title: How to Examine Patterns of Service Utilization within Children’s Mental Health Agencies
Presenters: Graham Reid; Juliana Tobon

Title: Using Family and Patient Input to Improve Consumer Health Information in Child & Youth Mental Health
Presenters: Don Buchanan

Title: How can Data Collection and Analysis Choices Aid Outcome Evaluations?
Presenters: Jeff St. Pierre

Title: Evidence-Based Approaches to Treatment Evaluation: Lessons from Vermont
Presenters: Laurel Omland

Title: Technological Solutions for Integrating and Managing Evaluation and Program Performance Data
Presenters: Ranilo Laygo; Susan Moss; Charmaine Higa-McMillan

Title: Mental Health Communication Training for Pediatric Primary Care Providers: Impact on Disparities
Presenters: Jonathan Brown; Lawrence Wissow

Title: Depression and Antisocial Behavior Outcomes Among Comorbid Youth in Juvenile Justice
Presenters: Jill McCulloch

Title: The Art and Science of Fidelity Assessment: Priming the Canvas
Presenters: Jody Levison-Johnson; Rusti Berent; Thomas Jewell

Title: Public-Private Collaborative Efforts toward a Coercion-Free System of Care
Presenters: Lesley Slavin; Jennifer Wong

Title: Exploring the Impact of Delivering Mental Health Services in NYC After-School Programs
Presenters: Gerald Landsberg; Stephanie Smith-Waterman; Erica Adhoot

Title: The Impact of School-based Systems of Care on Youth, Families and Schools
Presenters: Joy Kaufman; Stanley Bernard

Title: Effectiveness of MST for Youth who Sexually Offend: Preliminary Findings
Presenters: Elizabeth Letourneau; Scott Henggeler

Title: Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Crisis Stabilization within a Comprehensive System of Care
Presenters: Neil Jordan; Neil Jordan

Title: Community Population Characteristics Mediate Racial Disparities in Child Psychiatric Crisis Stabilization Decisions
Presenters: Richard Epstein

Title: Direct Treatment Costs of Child Psychiatric Crisis Stabilization Services
Presenters: YongJoo Rhee

Title: Factors Associated with Psychiatric Hospital Length of Stay among Children and Adolescents
Presenters: Scott Leon

Title: Predicting Recurrent Psychiatric Crisis among Children and Adolescents in State Custody
Presenters: Jung Park

Title: Evaluation of a Family Organization Integrating Local and National Evaluation Data
Presenters: James Cook; Nancy Kothandapany; Laura Weber

Title: Predictors of Youth and Family Satisfaction with Outcomes of Mental Health Services
Presenters: Sudha Mehta; Kristina Mycek; Eric Frimpong; Marleen Radigan

Title: School-Based Mental Health in Underserved Communities
Presenters: Julie Owens

Title: Organizational Social Context and Attitudes toward Using EBPs for Children’s Trauma Treatment
Presenters: Marleen Radigan; Eric Frimpong

Title: Implications of Cross-System Findings from Cuyahoga County System of Care Research
Presenters: David Hussey; Chris Stormann; Beth Dague; Karen Ols

Title: New Measures for Youth Empowerment and Participation in Planning
Presenters: Janet Walker; Laurie Powers

Title: Characteristics of Youth and Families Receiving Informal Support Services
Presenters: Ebony Montgomery

Title: Creating the Oorganizational Capacity to Serve Families with Parental Mental Illness: The Implementation of Family Options
Presenters: Kathleen Biebel; Katherine Woolsey

Title: Findings in Support of "Communities of Practice" for Practice Change
Presenters: Melanie Barwick; Julia Peters

Title: A Systematic Approach to Revising California's State-wide System for Performance Measurement
Presenters: Ryan Quist

Title: Service Utilization of Children with Mood Disorders: Effects of a Multi-Family Psychoeducation Program
Presenters: Amy Mendenhall

Title: Exploring Differences In Rural and Urban Children: CBCL and Risk Factors at Service Delivery Entrance
Presenters: Joanna Legerski

Title: Decreasing Adolescent Suicidality through a Multiple Component Suicide Prevention Program
Presenters: Sarah Tarquini

Title: Using Concept Mapping to Develop a Logic Model for a System of Care
Presenters: Cathy Baxter; Mona Gauthier; Heidi Nelson; Sharon DeBerry

Title: Missing Data and Multiple Imputation: an Overview and Application of Techniques
Presenters: Elizabeth Stuart

Title: Handling Missing Data: The Motivation and Method of Multiple Imputation
Presenters: Elizabeth Stuart

Title: Guidelines and Suggestions on How to Multiply Impute Missing Data
Presenters: Melissa Azur

Title: Employing Multiply Imputed Data to Examine Disparities in Service Use Among Children
Presenters: Crystal Barksdale

Title: Evaluation of Florida’s Child Welfare Prepaid Mental Health Plan: Rationale, Implementation, and Initial Findings
Presenters: Amy Vargo; Patty Sharrock; Roger Boothroyd

Title: Predictors of Perceived Control over Treatment Decisions and its Influence on Subsequent Service for Youth in Systems of Care
Presenters: Diogo Pinheiro

Title: Using Data from the Children’s Mental Health Initiative
Presenters: Philip Leaf; Christine Walrath; Phyllis Gyamfi; Robert Stephens; Melissa Azur

Title: The National Behavior Research and Coordination Center: Overview and Year 2 findings.
Presenters: Carl Sumi; Michelle Woodbridge

Title: Development of a Trauma-Informed System of Care Assessment Tool and Methodology
Presenters: James Yoe; Carol Tiernan

Title: The Massachusetts Family Networks Implementation Study
Presenters: Joanne Nicholson; Susan Maciolek

Title: Small Town Systems of Care: Perceptions of Innovative Children’s Mental Health Services in a Rural Setting
Presenters: Michael Pullmann; Cheri Hoffman; Craig Anne Heflinger

Title: Predictors of Missed Appointments Over The Course Of Child Mental Health Treatment
Presenters: Michael Gordon; Lawrence Lewandowski

Title: Utilizing Research Process to Implement Effective Parent to Parent Services
Presenters: Katherine Byrnes; Susan Corrigan; Victoria Frehe; Emily McCave

Title: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Children in the Child Welfare System
Presenters: Janis Prince Inniss; Robert Paulson

Title: Assessing the Implementation of Residential Care: Development and Psychometrics of a Staff Observation Instrument
Presenters: Annette Griffith

Title: Individual and Organizational Predictors of Readiness for School-based Bullying Prevention Program Implementation
Presenters: Charles Cunningham

Title: Special Education for Emotional Disturbance: Needs, Outcomes for Children in Child Welfare
Presenters: Madeline Lee

Title: Predictors of Adjustment for Children and Adolescents Served in a Behavioral Health System of Care
Presenters: Joy Kaufman

Title: The Role of Residential Care in the Evolving Mental Health Service Systems
Presenters: Kamala Allen; Gary Blau

Title: Trends in Outcomes for Youth Served in Residential Treatment: 1996-2006
Presenters: Sarah Hurley

Title: Perspectives on the Changing Role of Residential Treatment in the System of Care
Presenters: Jonathan Brown

Title: State Regulation of Residential Facilities for Children
Presenters: Henry Ireys

Title: Technology for Research, Evaluation, and Measure Development with Complex, Multisite Community Initiatives
Presenters: Hewitt Clark

Title: Responding to Evolving Evaluation Needs in a Comprehensive Early Childhood Initiative
Presenters: Michael Bates

Title: Strategies for Rapid Development of a Transition to Adulthood Program Information System
Presenters: Mason Haber

Title: The Transition to Adulthood among Former Wraparound Milwaukee Clients
Presenters: Abigail Bernett; Stephen Gilbertson

Title: Leadership: It’s Everyone’s Business!
Presenters: Joan Dodge; Lan Le

Title: Unpacking the Role of Parent Advocates within a Systems of Care Model
Presenters: Michelle Munson; David Hussey; Chris Stormann; Teresa King

Title: Medication Use among Children Entering the Albany County, NY System of Care
Presenters: LuAnn McCormick; Kenneth Robin

Title: A Systematic Review of Employment Programs for Transition-age Youth with SED
Presenters: Troy Loker

Title: Family Driven, Youth Guided Facilitation for Monterey County System of Care Development
Presenters: Dana Edgull; Mike Robles

Title: Participatory Action Research Agenda for Family-to-Family Peer Support Models
Presenters: Elaine Slaton; Teresa King; Amy Winans; Norín Dollard; Chris Stormann

Title: A Large Scale Needs Analysis Based on Statewide Quantitative and Qualitative Data
Presenters: Ryan Quist

Title: Facilitating Family Driven Processes: Training Therapists to Provide Outcomes Feedback to Caregivers
Presenters: Ashley Lyon; Heidi Wale; Kay Hodges; Malisa Pearson

Title: Creating the Evidence Based Practice was the Easy Part...Who Knew?
Presenters: James Alexander; Charles Frazier

Title: Integrating and SustainingFunctional Family Therapy Within Statewide and Larger Systems
Presenters: Helen Midouhas ; Doug Kopp

Title: Quality Assurance and Practice Improvement: The Washington State Functional Family Therapy Project
Presenters: Jeffrey Patnode; Kim Mason

Title: International Replications of FFT: Transcending Issues of Culture, Language, Treatment Systems, Funding Criteria, and Distance
Presenters: Kjell Hansson; Andrea Neeb; Kellie Armey

Title: Unmet Need and Juvenile Justice: Cost and Consequences
Presenters: Kenneth Rogers; Olabode Akintan

Title: Screening within Juvenile Justice to Identify Service Needs across the System of Care
Presenters: Kay Hodges; Cynthia Smith; Mary Johnson

Title: Reducing Seclusion and Restraint Use with Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances
Presenters: Lynda Frost

Title: Implementation and Outcomes of Evidence-Based Practice: Results of Connecticut’s MST Progress Report
Presenters: Robert Franks; Jennifer Schroeder; Christian Connell; Dean Fixsen; Jacob Tebes

Title: Social and Emotional Skills in Prediction of School Readiness
Presenters: Matthew Underwood; Paul Thomlinson

Title: Tattered Safety Net: Evidence-Based Practices in Children’s Mental Health
Presenters: Janice Cooper; Yumiko Aratani

Title: The Power of Parents: Preliminary Outcomes from the Family Peer Support Program
Presenters: Olivia Davis ; Lori Crosby

Title: Strength in Numbers: Using Concurrent Measurement to Guide Quality
Presenters: Katherine Grimes; Kay Hodges; Brian Mullin

Title: Michigan's Statewide Implementation of an Evaluation Based Program (EBP): Building Capacity and Sustainability
Presenters: Kay Hodges; Karen Blase

Title: Outcome Indicators for Youth’s Functioning and Parent’s Child Management Skills: Results from PMTO Training
Presenters: Kay Hodges

Title: A Statewide View of Transferring Capacity to Sustain Implementation of an Evaluation Based Program (EBP)
Presenters: Jim Wotring

Title: Building Capacity for Implementing PMTO at the State and Local Level
Presenters: Luann Gray

Title: Transferring Evidence-Based Practice to the Community: A Dynamic Collaborative Process
Presenters: Marion Forgatch

Title: A Model for Effective Partnering of Mental Health and Public Education K-12
Presenters: Camille Paras; Teresa Wright

Title: Teacher Self-Efficacy and Attributions of Student Behavior
Presenters: Kathy Dowell

Title: Rural Residence and Unmet Need in Two Service Systems
Presenters: Anna Maria Brannan

Title: Highlights of TEAMMATES’ Wraparound Population, Outcomes, and Quality Initiatives
Presenters: Karyn Dresser; Ontson Placide; Michael Rauso

Title: Strategies and Resources for Assessing and Improving Quality in School Mental Health
Presenters: Sharon Stephan; Dean Fixsen

Title: The National Assembly on School-Based Health Care: Mental Health Quality Improvement Efforts
Presenters: Laura Hurwitz; Sharon Stephan

Title: Strategies to Enhance the Dissemination and Adoption of Innovation in School Mental Health
Presenters: Paul Flaspohler; Carl Paternite

Title: Documented Treatment Among Children Receiving Care in California's Publicly-funded Oupatient Programs
Presenters: Bonnie Zima

Title: Transition Aged Youth in Therapeutic Foster Care: Risks, Resources, and Service Use
Presenters: Dannia Southerland

Title: The National Network to Eliminate Disparities (NNED) in Behavioral Health: A New Structure to Address the “Wicked” Problem of Disparities
Presenters: Rachele Espiritu; Larke Huang; Aurelio "P. J." Rivera; Guileine Kraft

Title: The National Network to Eliminate Disparities (NNED) to Eliminate Disparities: A New Structure to Address the “Wicked” Problem of Disparities
Presenters: Larke Huang; Mareasa Isaacs; Barbara Bazron; Nancy Carter; Holly Echo-Hawk

Title: Participatory Research in an Urban American Indian Community
Presenters: Jami Bartgis

Title: Cultural Adaptation of Evidence-Based Practices: State, Tribal and Private Foundation Experiences
Presenters: Holly Echo-Hawk; Betty Poitra; Rick Ybarra

Title: Pathways to Serious Criminal Activity for Multi-System Youth
Presenters: Stephanie Romney; Deborah Sherwood; Sai-Ling Chan-Sew

Title: The Trauma Recovery for Youth Center (TRY): Helping Youth in Foster Care
Presenters: Keren Vergon; Cynthia Blacklaw; Allison Metcalf

Title: Out of the Lab and Onto Our Streets: Findings from Three National Evaluation Efforts on the Use and Implementation of Evidence-based Practices in Community-based Service Settings
Presenters: Christine Walrath; John Fluke

Title: Implementation Factors for Evidence-based Practices within Children’s Mental Health Systems of Care
Presenters: G. Kurt Moore

Title: Evidence-based, Trauma-informed Practices and Resources: Adoption, Use and Implementation in the National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Presenters: Elizabeth Douglas

Title: Training Retention and Utilization: The Impact of Suicide Prevention Training Activities on Youth-serving Professionals and Their Communities
Presenters: Kathleen Jones

Title: Using the System of Care Practice Review (SOCPR) for Needs Assessment and Quality Assurance: Experiences of Several Communities
Presenters: Mario Hernandez; John Mayo

Title: System of Care Practice Review (SOCPR): A Qualitative Evaluation of the Children's Mental Health System in Ottawa Canada
Presenters: Natasha Tatartcheff-Quesnel

Title: System of Care Practice Review: A Multi-Year Evaluation in Broward County, Florida
Presenters: Keren Vergon

Title: Use of the System of Care Practice Review(SOCPR) for quality improvement, training, Improving cultural competence.
Presenters: John Mayo; Terry Johnson

Title: Characteristics of Children who Deteriorate or Improve in Systems of Care Communities
Presenters: Robert Stephens; Sylvia Fisher

Title: Substance Use Patterns and Mental Health Diagnosis among Youth in Mental Health Treatment: A Latent Class Analysis
Presenters: Kara Riehman

Title: The Massachusetts Transition Age Youth Arrest Study
Presenters: Maryann Davis

Title: MTAYA Study Introduction
Presenters: Maryann Davis

Title: MTAYA Study Methods
Presenters: Bernice Gershenson

Title: Gender Differences in Transition Age Arrests
Presenters: Maryann Davis

Title: Transition-Aged Mental Health Services and Risk of Adult Arrest
Presenters: Michael Pullmann

Title: Mississippi Youth Programs around the Clock (MYPAC)
Presenters: John Young; Kristi Plotner; John Damon; Terry Hight

Title: Organizational Culture in Systems of Care
Presenters: Jessica Mazza; Kathleen Ferreira

Title: State and Tribal Infrastructure to Reduce Youth Suicide: Capacity, Service Selection and Systems Integration to Serve Youth At Risk
Presenters: Ebony Montgomery

Title: Waiting Lists in Canadian Children’s Mental Health: Current Status and Potential Solutions
Presenters: Charles Cunningham

Title: Family Help: Distance Treatment for Child Mental Health Problems
Presenters: Patrick McGrath

Title: Approaches to Managing Child Mental Health Waitlists in Canada: A Qualitative Investigation
Presenters: John McLennan

Title: Modeling Children’s Mental Health Waiting List Reduction Strategies Using Discrete Choice Conjoint Experiments: Parent versus Professional Preferences
Presenters: Charles Cunningham

Title: Behavioral Health Model Development to Promote Evidence-Based Practice in a Statewide System of Care: Extended Day Treatment and Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services
Presenters: Jeffrey Vanderploeg; Jennifer Schroeder; Robert Franks

Title: Considerations for Implementing a Randomized Clinical Trial in Community Mental Health
Presenters: John Vetter; Geneva Strech; Christopher Foote

Title: Academic Functioning and Youth Involved in Residential Care
Presenters: Alexandra Trout; Elizabeth Farmer

Title: Academic Status of Youth in Out-of-Home Care: A Review of the Literature
Presenters: Alexandra Trout; Jessica Hagaman; Katy Casey; Robert Reid; Michael Epstein

Title: The Academic Functioning of Youth Admitted To Residential Care
Presenters: Jessica Hagaman

Title: Academic Functioning of Youth In Residential Care: Changes Over Time
Presenters: Annette Griffith

Title: Unlocking Disparities: Provider and Community Perspectives
Presenters: John Fluke; Sylvia Fisher

Title: Exploring Cultural Biases in Child Welfare Decision Making
Presenters: Donald Baumann; Peter Pecora; John Hedderson; Daniel Capouch

Title: A Study of Systems of Care Cultural and Linguistic Competence: Focus on Disparities
Presenters: Phyllis Gyamfi; G. Kurt Moore

Title: Culturally Competent Service Provision in System of Care Communities
Presenters: Kendralin Freeman; Phyllis Gyamfi

Title: Impact of Training and Coaching on Wraparound Fidelity: Results of Field Evaluations and Practice Research
Presenters: Jim Rast

Title: Community Defined Evidence Models to Measure Practice Effectiveness in Diverse Communities
Presenters: Ken Martinez; Lynn Marsenich

Title: Supporting and Developing Evidence for Community Defined Practices in Diverse Communities: A Multi Site Model in Seattle, Washington
Presenters: Davis Ja

Title: Community Defined Evidence: A New Paradigm to Measure “What Works” in Communities of Color
Presenters: Ken Martinez

Title: Utilizing Administrative/Existing State Data for Policy, Planning and Service Delivery to Address Disparities
Presenters: Larke Huang

Title: Using Administrative and Other Data Sources to Address Disparities in Care for Ethnically and Racially Diverse Populations
Presenters: Kamala Allen

Title: An Overview of the CBMCS Multicultural Training Program: Implications for Community Mental Health
Presenters: Glenn Gamst

Title: Integration of Primary Care and Behavioral Health Care for Diverse Communities
Presenters: Mario Hernandez

Title: The Bridge Project: An Effective Model of Providing Behavioral Health to Asian Americans
Presenters: Teddy Chen

Title: Natural Helpers in Behavioral Health Care
Presenters: Mareasa Isaacs

Title: Community Health Workers: Bridges to Well-Being for Communities
Presenters: Henri Treadwell

Title: Y Negro A Colores: Meeting the Mental Health Need of Underserved Latinos
Presenters: Britt Rios-Ellis

Title: Family and School Support Team Supervisor (FASST)
Presenters: Maggie Sanchez

Title: Intermediary Purveyor Organizations: Their Role in EBP Capacity Building and System of Care Development
Presenters: Patrick Kanary; William Carter; David Bernstein; Kelly Feller

Title: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effects of Adult Mentoring on Children's Well-being
Presenters: Ellen Lipman

Title: Developing a Culturally and Linguistically Competent Workforce
Presenters: Jannina Aristy; Janice Cooper

Title: An Evaluation of a Wraparound Service Program using Real-time Methods
Presenters: Brian Pagkos; Heidi Milch; Mansoor Kazi

Title: Creating the Capacity to Continuously Improve a System of Care
Presenters: Matthew Wojack

Title: The Cycle of Continuous Quality Improvement
Presenters: Matthew Wojack; Malisa Pearson; Suzanne Miel-Uken

Title: How Did Impact Create its Continuous Cycle of Improvement?
Presenters: Suzanne Miel-Uken; Matthew Wojack; Malisa Pearson

Title: What Does It Take To Make A Knowledge Management Process Like This Work?
Presenters: Malisa Pearson; Matt Wojack; Suzanne Miel-Uken

Title: The Rule or the Exception: A Framework for Addressing Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in an Effort to Effectively Respond to What Families Say They Want in Treatment
Presenters: Kelly Graves; Terri Shelton; Claretta Witherspoon

Title: Building on Community Strengths: Mapping Housing and Transport Assets for Youths in Transition
Presenters: Beverly Ward

Title: Moving Toward Equity: Adressing Disproportionality at the Local Level through the Local Equity Action Development Process
Presenters: Shana Ritter

Title: Multiple Approaches to Analyzing and Reporting CANS Data within Systems of Care
Presenters: Vicki Effland; Ann Klein

Title: Risk Factors among Young Children Served in Early Childhood Systems of Care
Presenters: Ilene Berson; Gary Blau

Title: The Reciprocal Relationship between Young Children with Severe Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties and Parenting Stress and Strain
Presenters: Joy Kaufman; Kim Shepardson Watson

Title: Trauma Experiences of Children Served by Early Childhood Systems of Care
Presenters: Cindy Crusto; Meghan Finley

Title: Creating a System of Care Tailored to Meet the Unique Needs of the Early Childhood Population
Presenters: Elizabeth Masten; Robin Orlando

Title: An Exploration of Factors Mediating Disruptions in Young Children's Relationships with Primary Caregivers
Presenters: Ilene Berson; Maria Garcia-Casellas

Title: Educational Outcomes in Systems of Care: Emerging Evidence?
Presenters: Jeffrey Anderson; Sylvia Fisher

Title: Schools and Systems of Care: Challenges and Models for Collaboration from the National Evaluation
Presenters: Charles Seagle; Freda Brashears

Title: Comparing Academic Progress Over Time in Systems of Care and Usual Services
Presenters: Jeffrey Anderson; John Houser; Robert Stephens; Christine Walrath

Title: Using Local Data to Evaluate Educational Outcomes
Presenters: J. Sean Allen

Title: Educational Profiles at Enrollment in Systems of Care: A National Perspective
Presenters: Jeffrey Anderson; Ana Maria Brannan; Brigitte Manteuffel

Title: The Community Youth Development Study: Testing the Communities that Care Prevention System
Presenters: Eric Brown

Title: Engaging and Recruiting Counties in an Experiment on Implementing Evidence Based Practice
Presenters: Lynne Marsenich

Title: Examining Collaboration in Children and Youth Mental Health Systems using Social Network Analysis
Presenters: Bhuvana Sukumar; Elana Light

Title: Effective Financing Strategies for Systems of Care: Examples from the Field
Presenters: Mary Armstrong

Title: Financing Strategies Related to Cultural and Linguistic Competence, Workforce Capacity, and Accountability
Presenters: Ginny Wood

Title: Financing Strategies Related to Realignment and Re-Direction of Resources
Presenters: Beth Stroul; Mary Armstrong

Title: Financing Strategies Related to Comprehensive, Customized Service Arrays and Family and Youth Partnership
Presenters: Sheila Pires; Jan McCarthy

Title: Involving Community Stakeholders in Data Interpretation and Dissemination
Presenters: Katrina Bledsoe; Eileene Chappelle; Jeannette Truxillo; Becca Sanders

Title: Outcomes Studies of Wraparound in the Mental Health, Child Welfare, and Educational Systems
Presenters: Janet Walker; Eric Bruns

Title: Wraparound in Oklahoma for Children in Child Welfare Custody: Results of a Randomized Study
Presenters: Jim Rast; John Vetter; Jeri Poplin

Title: Impact of Wraparound within a School-wide System of Positive Behavior Supports
Presenters: Lucille Eber; Kelly Hyde

Title: Who, What, and How of Wraparound: Factors Associated with Positive Outcomes
Presenters: Kathy Cox; Dawniel Baker

Title: No Wrong Door, Implementation Plan for Montgomery County Maryland
Presenters: Kiran Dixit; Ayesha Bajwa; Bruno Anthony; Vicki Effland

Title: Retention in a Longitudinal Outcome Study: Modeling Techniques and Practical Implications
Presenters: Robert Stephens; Paul Greenbaum

Title: Modeling Retention over Time in the CMHS Longitudinal Outcome Study
Presenters: Megan Brooks; Yisong Geng

Title: A Latent Class Analysis of Patterns of Respondent Participation in a Longitudinal Outcome Study
Presenters: Ye Xu

Title: Determinants of Retention in a Longitudinal Study using a Multilevel Modeling Approach
Presenters: Tesfayi Gebreselassie

Title: Community Programs for Transition-Age Youth: Process, Fidelity, and Outcome Findings
Presenters: Hewitt Clark; Nancy Koroloff

Title: Predictors of Progress among Youth in the Partnerships for Youth Transition Demonstration
Presenters: Mason Haber

Title: Stars Transitional Age Youth Program: Youth Demographics, Utilization and Outcomes
Presenters: Karyn Dresser

Title: Evaluating Fidelity of Community Programs for Transition-Aged Youth
Presenters: Nicole Deschenes

Title: The CMHI 14 Years Later: Who has been Served and How have their Characteristics Changed?
Presenters: Christine Walrath; Lucas Garazza; Robert Stephens

Title: Predictors of Medication Status and Perceived Benefits: Analysis of Phase 4 Data
Presenters: Christine Walrath; Thomas Pavkov

Title: Utilizing an Accountability Database to Assess the Impact of Interagency Collaboration
Presenters: Katherine Lazear; Judy Everett; Jeana Matos

Title: Functioning in Transition
Presenters: Nancy Koroloff; Craig Anne Heflinger

Title: The Effects of Age-defined Eligibility Criteria on Access to Services
Presenters: Maryann Davis; Nancy Koroloff

Title: Transitioning Youth with Mental Health Needs to Meaningful Employment and Independent Living
Presenters: Judith Katz-Leavy

Title: Access to Care and Mental Health in Early Adulthood
Presenters: Eric Slade

Title: Applying the Knowledge on Effective Practices for African-American Children, Youth and their Families: Implications for Preventive, Early and Intensive Intervention Strategies
Presenters: Vivian Jackson; Regina Hicks

Title: School Experiences among African-American Adolescents: Implications for Ethnic Identity Development and School Adjustment
Presenters: Erika Van Buren

Title: Addressing Disparities in Access for African-American children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Presenters: Janice Cooper

Title: Africentrism and Kinship Care: A Study of Implementation and Meaning
Presenters: Vivian Jackson

Title: Implementing and Evaluating Evidence-based Programs Targeting Conduct Problems in Children and Youth in Norway
Presenters: Terje Ogden

Title: Large Scale Implementation Model of Evidence Based Programs
Presenters: Terje Ogden

Title: Evaluation of Program Effectiveness and Sustainability
Presenters: Kristine Amlund-Hagen

Title: Implementing the PALS School-Wide Intervention Model
Presenters: Mari-Anne Sorlie

Title: Cross Systems System of CARE/Child and Family Teams in North Carolina
Presenters: Kelly Crowley; Elizabeth Dobyns; Elizabeth Meadows; Michael Lancaster

Title: Further Discussion on the Public Health Approach to Mental Health
Presenters: Rachele Espiritu; Joyce Sebian ; Neal Horen

Title: An Empirical Investigation of a Parent Support Program: Parent Connectors
Presenters: Albert Duchnowski; Krista Kutash

Title: Youth Involvement in Research and Evaluation of Systems of Care
Presenters: Richard Chapman; Robert Friedman

Title: Implementing Evidence-Based Practices for Justice-Involved Youth
Presenters: Joseph Cocozza

Title: Evidence-Based Practices: Advances in the Models for Change States
Presenters: Joseph Cocozza

Title: Expanding Evidence-Based Community Services: The Louisiana Experience
Presenters: Debra DePrato

Title: Culturally-competent, Evidenced-based Practices for the Latino Community
Presenters: Eric Trupin

Title: Family Advocacy and Evidence-Based Practices
Presenters: Darcy Gruttadaro

Title: Evidence-Based Practice Implementation in a Child-Welfare System of Care: Examination of a Statewide System Change
Presenters: Gregory Aarons; David Chambers

Title: Researching Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice: Intervention, Context, and Study Design
Presenters: Gregory Aarons

Title: Using Mixed-Methods for Studying Evidence-Based Practice Implementation
Presenters: Danielle Fettes

Title: Statewide Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice for Child Neglect: Comparison of Clinical and Administrative Perspectives on Implementation Criteria
Presenters: Lawrence Palinkas

Title: From Paper to Performance: Implementation Research and the Wraparound Process
Presenters: Dean Fixsen; Dean Fixsen

Title: Assessing System-wide Conditions for Wraparound Implementation: The Community Supports for Wraparound Inventory
Presenters: Janet Walker; Becca Sanders

Title: Core Implementation Components and the Wraparound Literature: Building a Research Agenda
Presenters: Rosalyn Bertram; Julie Farr; Kathy Cox

Title: The State Wraparound Survey, 2007: An Update on Wraparound Implementation across the United States
Presenters: April Sather; Eric Bruns; Leyla Stambaugh

Title: Longitudinal Impact of Family Functioning on Children Served in Systems of Care
Presenters: Jeffrey Anderson

Title: Evidence Based Practices Outcome Measures: Cultural Considerations and Youth and Family Input
Presenters: Cynthia Zubritsky

Title: Unregulated Residential Services: The Challenge to Ensure Quality Services and Protections---Part II
Presenters: Lenore Behar; Robert Friedman

Title: The Challenges of Changing Public Policy
Presenters: Howard Davidson; Sarah Steverman; Brian Lombrowski; Maia Szalavitz

Title: The Wraparound Fidelity Assessment System: Measures, Methods, and Data from National Pilot Sites
Presenters: April Sather; Eric Bruns; Kelly Hyde

Title: Creating a Research Agenda to Promote Effective School-Based Mental Health Research
Presenters: Krista Kutash; Albert Duchnowski; Michael Epstein

Title: Culturally Competent Service Provision in System of Care Communities
Presenters: Sylvia Fisher

Title: Examining the Role of a Statewide Family-Run Organization Utilizing a Case Study Approach and Network Analyses
Presenters: Katherine Lazear; Lisa Conlan; Cathy Ciano; Jason Beckstead; Mary Evans

Title: What are the Demographic and Psychiatric Characteristics of Children with Severe Emotional Disturbances (SED) Referred for Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver Services (HCBS-W) in New York City?
Presenters: Robert Andrews; Sergio Gomez; Olga Teploukhova; Sonyarles Then ; Michelle Acosta

Title: The Progression of MST Adaptations: Pilot Studies to Large Scale Dissemination
Presenters: Scott Henggeler

Title: Unregulated Residential Services: The Challenge to Ensure Quality Services and Protections--Part I
Presenters: Lenore Behar; Robert Friedman

Title: Risks to Children and Pressures on Parents
Presenters: Christina Young; Cynthia Clark Harvey; Paul Lewis

Title: Steps to Stimulate Policy Changes: Gathering Data
Presenters: Kay Brown; Allison Pinto

Title: Conversation Hour with Michael Quinn Patton

Title: Research Agenda for LGBTQ - Special Session
Presenters: Kathy Lazear; Peter Gamache

Title: The Art and Science of Fidelity Assessment: Paint by Number - Completing the Picture
Presenters: Joan Kernan; Marie Morilus-Black; Reva Fish

Title: Building a “Neighborhood” System of Care In the Absence of a System of Care
Presenters: Neil Pessin; Jessica Fear

Presented at the 20th Annual Research Conference

Title: Psychotropic Medication Utilization at a Group Home Residential Care Facility
Presenters: Ronald Thompson

Title: A Partnership Model Study between Juvenile Justice and Community Mental Health
Presenters: Stephen Kapp; Mary Lee Robbins; J. J. Choi

Title: The Impact of School-Based Mental Health Services on Student Behavior and Functioning
Presenters: Clay Gemmill; Paul Thomlinson

Title: A Preliminary Logic Model Addressing Suicide Issues in System of Care Communities
Presenters: Sylvia Fisher

Title: Relationships between School/Residential Transitions and Mental Health Functioning for Youth with Serious Emotional Disturbance
Presenters: Monica Mitchell

Title: Making It On Your Own: Social Support and Mental Health for Former Foster Youth
Presenters: Cheri Hoffman

Title: Utilizing Organizational Change Models in the Development of a Theory of Change: Examples from the Harris County Systems of Hope Logic Model
Presenters: Demori Driver; Jeannette Truxillo

Title: Researching the Needs of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning (GLBTQ) Youth in Systems of Care
Presenters: Sylvia Fisher; Jeffrey Poirier

Title: Implementation of Behavioral Health Overlay Services in a Pediatric Medical Home
Presenters: Kathleen Wilson; Joni Hollis

Title: Integrating Management Information Systems with System of Care Philosophy: The LA-YES Approach
Presenters: Anna Lundberg

Title: Mental Health and Spirituality among Youth in Foster Care
Presenters: Peter Pecora

Title: Predicting AdolescentsÕ Willingness to Seek Help for Mental Illness from Formal vs. Informal Sources
Presenters: AJLANA MUSIC

Title: Wraparound with Child Welfare Families
Presenters: W. Lee Oesterle

Title: School-Based Mental Health and Support Services: From Pilot Graveyards to Sustainable Comprehensive Systems Change
Presenters: Evelyn Frankford

Title: Overlooking Deterioration Among Less-Impaired Clients: A Risk of Pre-Post Evaluation Designs
Presenters: Deborah Sherwood; Sai-Ling Chan-Sew

Title: School Parent Empowerment Project
Presenters: Serene Olin; Maura Crowe; Priscilla Shorter

Title: MTFC Hawaii: Integrating an Evidence-Based Practice into an Established System of Care
Presenters: Teru Morton

Title: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: An Evidence-Based Practice within a System of Care
Presenters: Ryan Quist; Emma Girard

Title: Parent Child Interaction Therapy in Systems of Care: Treatment Outcomes for Children with Disruptive Behavior Disorders in Real World Settings
Presenters: Bhuvana Sukumar; Cheryl McNeil

Title: Utilization of Individual versus Family Therapy among Adolescents with Severe Emotional Disturbance
Presenters: Kelly Graves; Terri Shelton; Maria Fernandez

Title: Building Research Capacity in the Child Mental Health Agency: Collaborative Strategies for Transformation
Presenters: MIchelle Solloway

Title: Child and Family Team Practice Improvement Reviews in Maricopa County, Phoenix, AZ.
Presenters: Toni Tramontana; Nick Thelen; Lynette Tolliver

Title: Treatment Costs for Children and Families Receiving Parent Child Interaction Therapy or Services as Usual in a System of Care Setting
Presenters: Anna Krivelyova; Bhuvana Sukumar; Robert Stephens

Title: Applying Complexity and Storytelling in Systems of Care to Respond to Multigenerational Trauma
Presenters: Allison Pinto; Gregory Long

Title: A Network Analysis Approach to Examining the Role of Family Organizations in Systems of Care
Presenters: Katherine Lazear; Mary Evans; Lisa Conlon

Title: Demonstrating Value in a System of Care: A Review of Expenditures and Outcomes
Presenters: James Papp; Temple Parker; Rhonda Craig

Title: Disparities in the Level of Care Placement of African American and Caucasian Youth with Substance Use Disorders
Presenters: Mesfin Mulatu; Deirdre Rice-Reese

Title: Attrition from Children's Mental Health Treatment: A Social Cognitive Approach
Presenters: Diana Urajnik

Title: Discharge Status and Associated Behavioral Health Care Costs in a Wraparound Services Program
Presenters: Jennifer Taub

Title: The ÒParent ConnectorsÓ Program: An Empirical Investigation of a Parent Support Program
Presenters: Albert Duchnowski; Krista Kutash; Nancy Lynn; Stephanie Romney

Title: Recurrence of Child Maltreatment: A Two-Part Latent Growth Curve Model
Presenters: Svetlana Yampolskaya; Paul Greenbaum

Title: Urban-Rural Differences in Use of the Emergency Room, TennCare 1996-2002
Presenters: Craig Anne Heflinger

Title: Outcomes of CASSP-Based Consultation Model and Fiscal Analysis in Children's Mental Health
Presenters: T. Orvin Fillman; Virginia Shaw; Michael Rimm

Title: Defining and Applying Evidence-Based Mental Health Practices and Behavioral Supports
Presenters: L. Felice Reddy; Todd Glover; Mark DeKraai

Title: What Have we Learned about Service Experiences and Outcomes?
Presenters: Eric Bruns

Title: What Have we Learned about Child and Family Related Outcomes?
Presenters: Ana Maria Brannan; Robert Stephens; Christine Walrath-Greene

Title: What Have we Learned about System Development and Change?
Presenters: Mario Hernandez

Title: What Have we Learned from the CMHS Systems of Care Initiative to Date?
Presenters: Philip Leaf; Larke Huang; Sandra Spencer; Barbara Friesen

Title: Caregiver Involvement: Service Planning and Positive Outcomes
Presenters: Adjoa Robinson

Title: Studying the Congruence Between System of Care Service Plans and Actual Targets of Treatment
Presenters: Mary Brogan; Charles Mueller

Title: Ethnic Disparities in Special Education Placement among Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Presenters: David Mandell

Title: A Complexity Approach to Systems of Care
Presenters: Allison Pinto; Richard Puddy; Melissa Van Dyke; Frances Wallace

Title: State Efforts Enhancing Treatment Systems for Adolescents with Substance Use/Co-Occurring Disorders
Presenters: Kate Kraft; Steve Hornberger; Chair; Doreen Cavanaugh; Sharon Smith

Title: Using Administrative Data to Monitor Adolescent Treatment Quality/Performance: Dilemmas and Challenges
Presenters: Ann Doucette; Doreen Cavanaugh; Brian Mullen

Title: Juvenile Justice Outcomes: Measuring Success in a System of Care
Presenters: Ann Klein; James Papp

Title: Family Integrated Transitions (FIT): Reducing Juvenile Justice Recidivism in a Cost-Effective Manner
Presenters: Terry Lee; Joseph Cocozza; Eric Trupin; Suzanne Kerns

Title: Quality and School Mental Health
Presenters: Mark Weist; Nancy Lever; Carl Paternite; Steve Evans

Title: Linking School Mental Health and Systems of Care
Presenters: Joyce Sebian; Mark Weist; Nancy Lever; Joan Dodge

Title: Defining What We Mean by Mental Health Disparity: Finding a Shared Definition to Drive Research and Development in the Field
Presenters: Catherine Batsche; David Chiriboga; Mario Hernandez; Laurel Friedman Friedman

Title: Community Development Teams: Bridging the Gap between Intervention Developers and Real World Service Systems
Presenters: Lynne Marsenich

Title: Nurse-Family Partnership Program Replication Infrastructure and Process: Lessons Learned
Presenters: Peggy Hill; Kellie Teter

Title: Access, Capacity, and Implementation Strategies of Developers of Evidence-Based Programs
Presenters: Sandra Naoom

Title: Implementation Capacity for Evidence-Based Practices: Supply, Demand, and Bridging the Gap
Presenters: Karen Blase

Title: Making Better Use of Data from the Child Mental Health Services Demonstration Project
Presenters: Phil Leaf; Robert Stephens; Christine Walrath-Greene

Title: Demographic Disparities in the CMHS Demonstration Projects
Presenters: Richard Miech

Title: Provider Practices: The Importance of Cultural Competence when Working with Racial and Ethnic Minority Children and Families
Presenters: Robert Stephens; Ye Xu; Phyllis Gyamfi

Title: Disparities in Need and Disparities in Outcome. What Have we Learned to date through the National Evaluation?
Presenters: John Gilford; Christine Walrath-Greene; Phil Leaf

Title: Disparities in ChildrenÕs Mental Health Systems of Care
Presenters: Philip Leaf; Larke Huang; Sandra Spencer

Title: Childrens' and Adolescents' Perceptions of Stigmatization of and Treatment Options for Peers with Depression, ADHD, and Asthma
Presenters: Janet Walker; Barbara Friesen

Title: Practice Elements Utilized in the Treatment of Youth with Disruptive Behavior Disorder Demonstrating High and Low Levels of Success
Presenters: Roxanna Stumpf

Title: Supporting Parent-Professional Collaboration through Strength-Based Assessment
Presenters: Paul LeBuffe

Title: Establishing Effective Partnerships in Early Childhood Systems with Families and across Agencies
Presenters: Lori Connors-Tadros

Title: Cross-Setting Consistent and Setting Specific Strength Behaviors in Preschoolers: Influence on Reported Concerns
Presenters: Scott Rosas

Title: Early Childhood Collaborative Partnerships in Southwest Missouri
Presenters: Paul Thomlinson

Title: The Impact of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Executive Function Deficits on Learning and Behavior
Presenters: Chris Zeigler Dendy; Christina Kloker Young

Title: Wraparound Fidelity in Systems of Care Sites and Association with Outcomes
Presenters: Eric Bruns; Kristen Leverentz-Brady

Title: High-Fidelity Wraparound: A Single-Subject, Multiple-Baseline Study of Eight Youths
Presenters: Jim Rast

Title: Outcomes of Wraparound in Oklahoma: Results of a Randomized Study
Presenters: John Vetter; Jim Rast; John VanDenBerg

Title: Current Research on Wraparound: Implications for Future Development and Research
Presenters: John VanDenBerg; Gary Blau

Title: Medication Use among Youth in System of Care Initiatives: A Longitudinal Analysis
Presenters: Christine Walrath-Greene; Thomas Pavkov

Title: Patterns of Medication Prescribing for Children and Adolescents in the Massachusetts Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems
Presenters: John Straus; Suzanne Fields

Title: African American and Hispanic ParentsÕ Attitudes about ChildrenÕs Mental Health Services in Primary Care Settings
Presenters: Jonathan Brown

Title: Defining Effectiveness in Culturally Based Programs: A Research Report.
Presenters: Terry Cross; Nichole Maher; Barbara Friesen

Title: Building a Science on Implementation and Dissemination Within a State Policy Context
Presenters: David Woodlock; Kimberly Hoagwood; Paige Pierce; Katherine Maciol; Leslie Lynn Long

Title: Outcome Indicator ÒDashboardÓ Helps Sustain Continuous Quality Improvement Efforts at the Provider Level
Presenters: Kay Hodges ; Jim Wotring; Yange Xue

Title: Utilizing CAFAS Data to Understand Service Delivery within an Intensive Home-Based Program for Child and Adolescents with Serious Emotional Disorders
Presenters: Christian Connell; Janet Anderson

Title: Using Encounter and Outcome Data to Guide Management of Behavioral Health Services in Ontario
Presenters: Melanie Barwick

Title: Three Examples of Using Indicators of Child/Adolescent Functioning to Manage ChildrenÕs Behavioral Health Services
Presenters: Christopher Counihan; Ann Doucette

Title: Implementation Challenges in Wrapping Interventions Around Families Living with Parental Mental Illness
Presenters: Joanne Nicholson; Beth Hinden; Joan Mikula

Title: Developing, Integrating and Using the CANS in Two Systems of Care
Presenters: Ann Klein; Knute Rotto; John Lyons

Title: Long-Term Mental Health Consequences of Childhood Neglect
Presenters: Cathy Spatz Widom

Title: Characteristics of Neglect and Outcomes for Children Who Experience Neglect
Presenters: Diana English

Title: Incidence and Short and Long Term Consequences of Childhood Neglect
Presenters: Diana English; Holly Echo-Hawk

Title: Child Neglect - An Overview of Reporting and Incidence
Presenters: John Fluke; John Gaudiosi

Title: Measuring State Infrastructure for Evidence-Based Practice Implementation and Sustainability
Presenters: Heather Ringeisen

Title: The New York State Office of Mental Health Evidence-Based Training and Dissemination Center Initiative (EBTDC) on Cognitive Behavior Treatment for Depression and Trauma
Presenters: Kimberly Hoagwood

Title: Update on State Mental Health AgenciesÕ Strategies for Disseminating Evidence-Based Practices
Presenters: Jeanne Rivard

Title: State Evidence-Based Practices for ChildrenÕs Mental HealthÑMeasurement and Implementation Challenges
Presenters: E. Wayne Holden; Dean Fixsen

Title: Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice: The Role of Leadership and Provider Attitudes
Presenters: Gregory Aarons

Title: Addressing Racial/Ethnic Disparities: One Piece of the Puzzle - A Diverse and Culturally and Linguistically Competent Workforce
Presenters: Vivian Jackson; Joan Dodge; D.J. Ida

Title: Developing Measures for Wraparound Implementation
Presenters: Eric Bruns; Knute Rotto

Title: Pilot Testing of the Wraparound Fidelity Index, Version 4
Presenters: Eric Bruns; April Sather

Title: Pilot Testing of Three New Wraparound Fidelity Measures
Presenters: Jim Rast; Eric Bruns

Title: Assessing System Supports for Wraparound: The Community Supports for Wraparound Inventory
Presenters: Janet Walker; Eric Bruns; Jim Rast

Title: Innovating and Expanding the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Model
Presenters: Taylor Young; Gerald Atchley; Melinda Moore; Linda Mix

Title: Examining the Interface between Very High Need Schools and Mental Health Systems
Presenters: David Osher ; Neil Pessin; Andrew Bell; Greg Greicius; Kimberly Kendziora

Title: A Community Perspective on the Value and Challenges of a Cross-Cultural Evaluation Process
Presenters: Laura Baez

Title: The Path to Cultural Competence Within a National Evaluation Framework: The American Indian and Alaska Native Experience
Presenters: Holly Echo-Hawk

Title: American Indian and Alaska Native Systems of Care: The Path to Evaluation
Presenters: Brigitte Manteuffel; Holly Echo-Hawk

Title: The Circle of Care Initiative: Participatory Action Research Fit with Cultural Engagement
Presenters: Doug Novins; Candace Fleming

Title: Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in a State Public Mental Health System
Presenters: Jim Wotring

Title: Integrating Evidence-Based Practice in the System of Care
Presenters: Luann Gray

Title: The Impact of Parent Management Training-Oregon Model (PMTO) on the Community
Presenters: Sandy Roethler

Title: Statewide Initiative to Embed Evidence-Based Treatment in a Public Mental Health System
Presenters: Shari-Beth Goldman

Title: Improving Quality in a System of Care by Implementing an Evidence-Based Practice with Accountability
Presenters: Jim Wotring; Dean Fixsen

Title: Outcome Indicators for Youth's Functioning and Parent's Child Management Skills: Evaluating Parent Management Training--Oregon Model (PMTO) Trainees
Presenters: Kay Hodges

Title: Preliminary Results from the ROLES Revision Project
Presenters: Ann Doucette; Jonathan Heufner; Kirk O'Brien; Ronald Thompson; Mary Beth Rauktis

Title: The Measurement and Management of Outcomes at Different Levels of the System for Children's Mental Health
Presenters: Tim Gawron; John Lyons

Title: Evaluation of Suicide Prevention Programs and Integration of Suicide Prevention into Systems of Care: An Overview of the Cross-site Evaluation of the Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) Suicide Prevention Initiative
Presenters: Angela Sheehan

Title: Suicide Attempt Subsequent to Entering System of Care Services: How Often Does it Happen, and to Whom?
Presenters: Christine Walrath-Greene

Title: Congruence of Caregiver and Youth Reports of Suicidal Ideation and Suicide Attempts
Presenters: Anna Krivelyova; Robert Stephens

Title: Youth Suicide: Addressing the Issue through Prevention and Intervention
Presenters: Christine Walrath-Greene; Sylvia Fisher

Title: How and Why does Health Service Access Vary across Racial/Ethnic Groups for Children in the Child Welfare System?
Presenters: Rebecca Wells

Title: Caregiver Risk Factors and Service Use
Presenters: Barbara Burns

Title: Behavioral/Emotional Problems and Mental Health Service Utilization among Very Young Children in the Child Welfare System
Presenters: Heather Ringeisen

Title: Mental Health Needs and Service Utilization among Children and Families in the Child Welfare System: Recent Findings from the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being
Presenters: E. Wayne Holden; Mary Bruce Webb

Title: Featherless Bipeds: How Definitions Impact System Implementation
Presenters: Sharon Hodges; Larke Huang; Mario Hernandez

Title: Defining Interagency Collaboration through a Common Understanding of Systems of Care
Presenters: Dane Cervine

Title: How a Shared Definition for System of Care Supports Family Involvement
Presenters: Beth Baxter

Title: Building Evaluation Using the System of Care Concept
Presenters: Mary Brogan

Title: San Diego CountyÕs Experience Measuring Wraparound Fidelity
Presenters: Delrena Swaggerty; Jennifer Rolls Reutz

Title: Utilizing the Participant Rating Form to Assess Child and Family Team Functioning and Enhance Wraparound Fidelity
Presenters: James Cook; Ryan Kilmer; Libby Cable; Kimm Campbell

Title: Central Massachusetts Communities of Care Logic Model
Presenters: Melodie Wenz-Gross

Title: Monroe County Logic Model Process
Presenters: Jody Levison-Johnson

Title: Theories of Change from a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Perspective: Logic Modeling, Measuring Performance and Benchmarking
Presenters: Angela Sheehan; Sharon Hodges; Mario Hernandez

Title: Using Logic Models as a Framework for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Efforts: Results from the CMHS CQI Benchmarking Initiative
Presenters: Angela Sheehan

Title: Coordination and Collaboration of School-Based Services: Roles, Responsibilities, and Outcomes
Presenters: Olivia Davis

Title: Assessing School-Based Mental Health Needs and Services: Implications for Maximizing Youth Outcomes
Presenters: Diana Mcintosh; Monica Mitchell

Title: Results from a CMHS Demonstration of Integrated Wraparound and Multisystemic Therapy
Presenters: Leyla Stambaugh

Title: Against the Odds: Addressing Race/Ethnicity Barriers via Systems of Care
Presenters: Sara Nechasek; Ariel Greenidge

Title: Training and Supervision: What is Usual about Treatment as Usual?
Presenters: Kathleen Carroll

Title: Multisystemic Therapy Supervision Model: Impact of Supervisors on Therapists and Youth Outcomes
Presenters: Lisa Reiter-Lavery

Title: A State-Wide CBT Clinician Training and Consultation Model: Evidence-Based Practice Engagement Strategies
Presenters: Kimberly Hoagwood

Title: Coaching: A Key to Effectiveness of Evidence-Based Practices Implementation
Presenters: Dean Fixsen

Title: Risk Adjustment Methods for Mental Health Evaluation Research
Presenters: John Robst

Title: Building Research Capacity in the Child Mental Health Agency: Collaborative Strategies for Transformation
Presenters: MIchelle Solloway

Title: Practical Strategies Identified by Statistical Simulations to Address Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder of Youth in Foster Care
Presenters: Kirk O'Brien; Peter Pecora

Title: Implementing an Evidence-Based Therapeutic Foster Visitation Program within Systems of Care
Presenters: Marian Silverman; Adam Stein

Title: Identifying and Responding to Concerns Regarding Abuse and Mistreatment in Residential "Treatment" Programs
Presenters: Lenore Behar; Bill Boyles

Title: A Pilot Study of State Regulations Pertaining to Youth Residential Treatment Programs
Presenters: Judith Katz-Leavy; Lenore Behar; Robert Friedman; Allison Pinto

Title: Addressing Abuse and Mistreatment of Youth Placed in Residential "Treatment" Facilities
Presenters: Allison Pinto; Robert Friedman

Title: Building Bridges with Residential Treatment Providers
Presenters: Robert Friedman

Title: Youth and Parent Perspectives on Residential Programs for ÒTroubled TeensÓ
Presenters: Allison Pinto; Christina Kloker Young

Title: Bringing Collaboratives Together to Transform Policy and Implement a Newly Designed Behavioral Health System.
Presenters: Jacquelyn Shipp; Debbie Spaeth

Title: Advancing an Agenda to Strengthen Federal, Tribal, State and Local Policies for Children, Youth and Families Who Experience Trauma
Presenters: Janice Cooper; Mary Compo; Tim Gawron; Arabella Perez; Julie Young; Deborah Painte

Title: NIMH/CMHS Program Announcement (PA): Effectiveness, Practice, and Implementation in CMHS' Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services Program for Children and their Families Service Sites
Presenters: Carmen Moten; Amy Goldstein

Title: Pathways to Desistance in Serious Juvenile Offenders and Mental Health Considerations
Presenters: He Len Chung

Title: Arrests During the Transition to Adulthood; Gender and Public Mental Health System Involvement
Presenters: Maryann Davis; William Fisher

Title: Civic Functioning and Mental Health During the Transition to Adulthood
Presenters: Maryann Davis

Title: Arrests During the Transition to Adulthood; Young Adults in State Adult Mental Health Services
Presenters: William Fisher; Maryann Davis

Title: Graduate Certificate in Children's Mental Health
Presenters: Carol MacKinnon-Lewis ; Laurel Friedman ; Christine Wienke Totura

Title: Financing to Support a Broad Array of Services and Support
Presenters: Sheila Pires

Title: Financing to Support Family and Youth Partnerships
Presenters: Beth Stroul; Ginny Wood

Title: Financing Structures and Strategies to Support an Effecetive System of Care
Presenters: Mary Armstrong

Title: Transformation Facilitation: A Model for Providing Intensive Technical Assistance (TA) to States
Presenters: Sybil Goldman; Rachele Espiritu; Lan Le

Title: The Departure Status of Youth from Residential Group Care: Implications for Aftercare
Presenters: Michael Epstein

Title: Social Supports for Youth and Families
Presenters: Joan Kernan; Marie Morilus-Black

Title: Mental Illness Stigma and its Correlates among Adolescent Wraparound Clients
Presenters: Tally Moses

Title: National Estimates of U. S. Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disabilities and their use of Mental Health Services
Presenters: Gloria Simpson

Title: Validity of Caregiver Reports of Children's Grades in a System of Care
Presenters: Jeffrey Allen; Michael Steinert; Camille Patterson

Title: Predictors of Intake Attendance for Asian American Youth at an Asian-Oriented Ethnic-Specific Mental Health Program
Presenters: Phillip Akutsu; Garyn Tsuru; Joyce Chu

Title: Through a Cultural Looking Glass: Improving Services for Diverse Youth and Families
Presenters: Larke Nahme Huang; Kana Enomoto

Title: Strengthening Intergenerational/Intercultural Ties in Immigrant Families: A Culturally-Based Intervention
Presenters: Yu-Wen Ying

Title: Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren in Ethnically Diverse Communities: Health Services Implications
Presenters: Loriena Yancura ; Barbara Yee

Title: Organizational Supports for Evidence-Based Practice Implementation: Findings from the 2005 EBP Survey of Mental Health Providers in the Community-Based Service System
Presenters: Angela Sheehan

Title: The Phase V Evidence-Based Practices Study: Plans and Preliminary Findings
Presenters: Geoffrey Moore

Title: The Near Future of ChildrenÕs Mental Health Practice: A Practice-Based Research Network
Presenters: Geoffrey Moore

Title: The CMHI Evidence-Based Practices Study; Past, Present, and Possible Future
Presenters: Angela Sheehan; Holly Echo-Hawk

Title: Research Based Engagement Strategies: A Concept Mapping Project
Presenters: Brenda Scafidi; William Hydaker ; Lenore Behar

Title: Using Data to Transform Indiana's Behavioral Health System for Children and Families
Presenters: Robert Friedman; Robert Friedman

Title: Applying Research to Transformation: Predicting Improvement for Children in Systems of Care
Presenters: Betty Walton

Title: Implementation of the CANS for Assessment and Quality Management across Children's Services
Presenters: John Lyons; Betty Walton

Title: Implementation of the Consumer Services Review (CSR) in Indiana
Presenters: Ivor Groves; Janet McIntyre

Title: Measuring Wraparound Fidelity in Indiana's Systems of Care
Presenters: Janet McIntyre

Title: Outcomes in Residential Care vs. Intensive In-Home Therapy: A Propensity Score Analysis
Presenters: Richard Barth; Sarah Hurley; Tim Goldsmith

Title: Connecting Inpatient and Residential Treatment to Systems of Care
Presenters: Nor’n Dollard; Gary Blau

Title: Innovative Community Efforts to Support Early Childhood Mental Health
Presenters: Allison Pinto; Ilene Berson; Donna Dent; Elena Gonzalez; Thomas Washington

Title: Child Protection, Education, and Systems of Care: Barriers and Opportunities for Collaboration
Presenters: John Fluke; Sylvia Fisher; Ilene Berson

Title: Assessing the Landscape: Evidence-Based Practices
Presenters: Patrick Kanary

Title: Going to Scale with Multiple Evidence-Based Practices: Organization, Community, and State Perspectives
Presenters: Jacquie Brown; David Bernstein; Jennifer Atler; Teru Morton

Title: Prioritizing and Scaling Up Evidence-Based Programs
Presenters: Frances Wallace; Karen Blase

Title: Evaluating and Prioritizing EBTs for Implementation Statewide
Presenters: Laurel Kiser; Michelle Zabel

Title: Partnerships for Youth Transition (PYT): Evaluating Progress of PYT Community Initiatives
Presenters: Hewitt Clark; Diane Sondheimer

Title: The Development of Fidelity Measures for Youth Transition Programs
Presenters: Nicole Deschnes; Hewitt B. ÒRustyÓ Clark

Title: Partnering with Youth in Evaluation: Engagement, Energy, Innovation and Outcomes
Presenters: Alexandra Krynski; Gwen White; Robin Orlando

Title: Investigating the Relationship between Services and Outcomes in a Program for Transition aged Youth
Presenters: Nancy Koroloff; Mike Pullmann; Lynwood Gordon

Title: Employment Outcomes of Caregivers in Systems of Care
Presenters: Anna Krivelyova; Teresa King; Chris Storman

Title: Mental Health Care Issues Facing Children and Adolescents in Rural Communities
Presenters: Daniel Leland; Craig Anne Heflinger

Title: Impact of MAYSI-2 Mental Health Screening in Juvenile Detention
Presenters: Valerie Williams

Title: Influence of Community Characteristics in the System of Care
Presenters: Erica Luboyeski; Sasha Berger; Jeff Sieracki; Scott Leon

Title: Supporting the Self-Determination of Youth with Disabilities in Foster Care
Presenters: Laurie Powers

Title: Access to Public Substance Use Services for Rural Youth in Juvenile Justice
Presenters: Michael Pullmann; Craig Anne Heflinger

Title: Revision of the Restrictiveness of Living Environment Scale (ROLES)
Presenters: Jonathan Huefner; Ann Doucette; Kirk O'Brien; Ronald Thompson; Mary Beth Rauktis

Title: Race/Ethnicity and Psychotropic Medication Prescribing Patterns for Youth
Presenters: Courtney Rice

Title: Partnerships for Youth Transition (PYT) Community Initiatives: Evaluating Some of the Cross-Site Findings
Presenters: Hewitt B. "Rusty" Clark; Arun Karpur; Nicole Deschenes; Peter Gamache

Title: Mental Health Consultation in Early Education Settings: Building the Research Base
Presenters: Judith Meyers; Roxane Kaufmann

Title: Mental Health Consultation in Preschool Classrooms: Preliminary Findings from a Randomized Trial in Head Start Settings
Presenters: C. Cybele Raver

Title: The Evidence Base for Child and Family Outcomes Resulting from Mental Health Consultation: A Research Synthesis
Presenters: Eileen Brennan; Mary Dallas Allen

Title: Findings from a Random Controlled Trial of a Statewide Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation System
Presenters: Walter Gilliam

Title: School/Community-Based Prevention of American Indian Youth Suicide
Presenters: Teresa LaFromboise

Title: Infrastructure Development for Implementing and Integrating Culturally Adapted Evidence-Based Practices into a System of Care for American Indian Youth in Oklahoma
Presenters: Jami Bartgis

Title: Implementation and Adaptation of Evidence-Based Treatment for American Indian and Alaskan Native Children Exposed to Trauma
Presenters: Dolores Subia BigFoot; Holly Echo-Hawk

Title: School Functioning Over Time among Students Served in a System of Care
Presenters: Jeffrey Anderson

Title: The National Behavior Research and Coordination Center: Overview and Year 1 Findings
Presenters: William Sumi

Title: Systems Transformation: Scaling Up Multiple Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs)
Presenters: Karen Blase; Phillip Crandall; Karen Lofts Jarboe; Cynthia Sutcliffe; Helene Barney

Title: Perception of Inpatient Acute Level Psychiatric Care for Children and Youth
Presenters: Bela Sood; Bryce Mcleod; Robin Matsuyama

Title: Discovering Parent Empowerment: Findings from Two Evaluations of Parent Advocate Trainings
Presenters: Belinda Ramos; Geraldine Burton; Nicole McDonald; James Rodriguez; Kimberly Hoagwood

Title: Implementing Evidence-Based Practices within Systems of Care: Implications for Staff Turnover
Presenters: David Sommerfeld; Gregory Aarons

Title: Developing the Rural Behavioral Health Care Workforce for Children and Families
Presenters: Joyce Sebian; Jennifer Kitson; Dennis Mohatt; Karen Francis

Title: Multi-Site Web-Based Data Collection, Management, and Reporting Systems
Presenters: Brigitte Manteuffel; Spencer Clark; Jim Strasser; Melodie Wenz-Gross

Title: SPECIAL ISSUES MEETING: Suicide Issues in Systems of Care
Presenters: Steve Roggenbaum; Sylvia Fisher

Title: Family/Parent Partners Making Family-Driven Care Work in the Real World
Presenters: Trina Osher; Gary Blau ; David Osher ; Marlene Penn ; Jane Adams

Title: Evidence-Based Practice Controversies within the Context of the Accountability Movement
Presenters: Shelley Spear; Albert Duchnowski; Rosa Warder; Todd Sosna

Title: Bridging Treatment and Prevention through Social Emotional Learning Programs
Presenters: Al Duchnowski; Mark Greenberg

Title: Evaluating the Development, Dissemination and Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices and Products in the National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Presenters: Elizabeth Douglas

Title: A Needs Assessment of Conflict in Systems of Care
Presenters: Mary Evans; Robyn Boustead

Title: An Evaluation of Collaboration and Communication among Trauma Centers in the NCTSN Network
Presenters: Bhuvana Sukumar;

Title: Defining What We Mean by Mental Health Disparity: Finding a Shared Definition to Drive Research and Development in the Field
Presenters: Laurel Friedman

Title: Program Adaptation without Compromising Program Fidelity: The Experience of a Model Program
Presenters: Pat Davenport

Title: Evaluating the Statewide Implementation and Outcomes of Evidence-Based Practice: Preliminary Results of Connecticutt's Multisystemic Therapy Progress Report
Presenters: Jennifer Schroeder; Michael Connell

Title: Mental Health Service Utilization among Medicaid Eligible Hispanic Children
Presenters: Paul Greenbaum; Wei Wang; Svetlana Yampolskaya; Mario Hernandez

Title: The Utility of Consumer Surveys for Improving the Quality of Behavioral Healthcare
Presenters: J. Randy Koch; Mary Shawver; Karen Cropsey; Rehana Kader

Title: Childre?n's Mental Health Services: Investigating Factors Related to Help-Seeking and Service Utilization Patterns
Presenters: Juliana Tobon

Title: Implementation of Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Group Interventions for Youth
Presenters: Mason Haber; Holly Hills

Title: Accountability for Meeting Youth and Family Needs across System of Care Partners
Presenters: Kay Hodges

Title: Treatment within a Child Welfare Setting: Assessing Parent Skills and Child Outcomes
Presenters: Barbara Hull

Title: Utilizing State-Wide Administrative Data Bases to Follow Postsecondary Outcomes for Youth with Emotional and/or Behavioral Disturbances
Presenters: Arun Karpur; Mason Haber; Hewitt B. "Rusty" Clark

Title: Analyzing a System of Care using a Unique Cost/Benefit Model
Presenters: Denise Green

Title: An Applied Cultural Competence Assessment in a System of Care: Hearing the Voices of Frontline Staff
Presenters: Maritza Concha

Title: Whatever Can go Wrong Will: Implementation Research and Bureaucratic Change in Child Welfare
Presenters: Rosalyn Bertram

Title: Integrating Web-Based Data Management Tools to Assess the Impact of School-Based Programs
Presenters: Alisha Nichols

Title: A Model of Mental Health Literacy among Caregivers of Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance
Presenters: Christine Davis; Mary Armstrong; Richard Smith

Title: Evaluation of the Full Purpose Partnership Program
Presenters: John Houser; Jeffrey Anderson

Title: Igniting the Transformation Process through Hope and Self-Confidence: The Prevention, Access, Self-Empowerment and Support (PASS) Program: A Culturally-Responsive Youth Development Program
Presenters: Janice Cooper; Lenore Reid-Rose; Dana Finley

Title: Black Fathers of Children with Special Needs: A Qualitative Study
Presenters: James Bridgers, Jr.; Cecil Doggette; Suzanne Randolph; Jessie MacKinnon; Oliver Roy

Title: The PEAK Project-Teaching Caregivers to be their Child's Best Advocate
Presenters: Dwane Dykes; Catherine Panzarella; Mary Tillery

Presented at the 19th Annual Research Conference

Title: Childhood Emotional and Behavioral Problems and Prediction of Delinquency: A Longitudinal Assessment of an Empirically-Identified Latent Profile
Presenters: Christopher Sullivan

Title: Metamorphosis: An In-Depth Look at the Lives of Former Street Kids
Presenters: Jennifer Mervyn

Title: Parental Racial Socialization Beliefs and African American Child Mental Health Service Use
Presenters: William Bannon, Jr.; Mary McKay; James Rodriguez

Title: Revising the Restrictiveness of Living Environment Scale (ROLES): Re-Conceptualizing the Restrictiveness of Living Environments
Presenters: Jonathan Huefner; Mary Rauktis; Peter Pecora; Ronald Thompson; Ann Doucette

Title: Impact of a Learning Collaborative to Improve Child Mental Health Service Use
Presenters: Geetha Gopalan; Mary McKay

Title: Universal School-Based "Emotional Health Check-up": Participation, Identification, Linkage
Presenters: Ann Vander Stoep

Title: Understanding the Interplay between Aggression, Mental Health, and Juvenile Justice Involvement
Presenters: Kelly Graves; Jenniter Shufelt

Title: Factors Associated with Both Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Involvement among Children with Severe Emotional Disturbance
Presenters: Kelly Graves; James Frabutt

Title: Drug Use and Delinquency Behavior among Youth with Serious Emotional Disorders
Presenters: Elizabeth Marsal; Maria Fernandez

Title: Family-Level Protective Factors Associated with Adolescent Aggression
Presenters: Kelly Graves; Terri Shelton

Title: Assessing Conflict in Systems of Care
Presenters: Mary Evans

Title: Measuring the Effectiveness of School-Based Interventions for Children with Serious Behavior Problems
Presenters: Mary Wagner; William Sumi; Michelle Woodbridge

Title: Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives on Evidence-Based Practice Implementation
Presenters: Gregory Aarons

Title: Parental Depression, Children, Care Givers, and Communities: Research, Policy, Practice, and Advocacy
Presenters: Joanne Nicholson; Rachel Freed; Janice Cooper; Larke Huang; Mareasa Isaacs

Title: Case Mix Adjustment for Ohio Mental Health Consumer Outcomes for Children
Presenters: Ben Ogles; Veronica Karpenko

Title: Evidence Based Practices and Their Impact on Families and Consumers of Color
Presenters: Mareasa Isaacs; Holly Echo-Hawk; Mario Hernandez; Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola

Title: Evidence-Evidence-Based Practices and Minority Families and Consumers
Presenters: Holly Echo-Hawk

Title: Literature Review and Analysis: Evidence-Based Practices for Communities of Color
Presenters: Laurel Friedman

Title: Development of a NAMBHA Consensus Statement on Evidence-Based Practices
Presenters: Teresa Nesman

Title: Anatomy of Cultural Competence: The Role of Ethnically and Racially Diverse Specialty Providers and Networks
Presenters: Jannina Aristy; Janice Cooper

Title: Multi-Level Systems Evaluation: Selected Projects from Hawaii
Presenters: Charles Mueller; Abram Rosenblatt

Title: Validity of Treatment Target Progress Ratings as Indicators of Youth Improvement
Presenters: Brad Nakamura; Charles Mueller

Title: Intensive Home and Community Services: Status of Twelve-Month Follow-Up
Presenters: Deborah Roberts

Title: Cost-Quality Efficiencies: An Illustration of Data Envelopment Analysis for Mental Health Delivery
Presenters: T. Fillman

Title: The New Unclaimed Children: Interventions with Youth Who Have Caused Sexual Harm
Presenters: Karen Fredricks

Title: The Role of the Public Mental Health System in Caring for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Presenters: David Mandell

Title: Mental Health Correlates of Fatal Child Maltreatment: Findings from Florida Child Abuse Death Review Cases
Presenters: Ilene Berson; Michael Haney; Svetlana Yampolskaya

Title: Children in Foster Care: What Factors Predict Exposure to Mental Health Services?
Presenters: Maureen Marcenko; Gunnar Almgren; Michelle Garrison

Title: Strengths that Matter: An Empirical Investigation of Elementary School Students
Presenters: Valerie Shapiro

Title: Developing Successful Research and Clinical Collaborations with School Districts
Presenters: Heidi Liss; Brenda Wiens; Octavio Salcedo; Caroline Murphy; Jane Hamel-Lambert

Title: Are We at a Tipping Point on Workforce Issues? Critical Workforce Issues in Children's Mental Health: Addressing Challenges and Creating New Steps for Action
Presenters: Joan Dodge; David Shern; Larke Huang

Title: Crisis Outreach for Children and Adolescents within a System of Care
Presenters: Susan McLaughlin; Kamala Allen

Title: Children's Crisis Outreach Response System: Integrating System of Care Values to Improve Services
Presenters: Susan McLaughlin; Kristin Grace

Title: Utilization of Information Management Decision Support Tools in Determining Improved Outcomes within New Jersey's Mobile Response and Stabilization Services Program
Presenters: Andrea Connor; John Lyons

Title: Is Community Stabilization as Effective as Hospitalization for Children with a Mental Health Crisis?
Presenters: Neil Jordan

Title: Dissemination of Best Practices for Treatment of Traumatized Children
Presenters: Mary Ann Kershaw; Ann Kelley

Title: Project Connect: Improving Linkage between Mental Health and Juvenile Justice
Presenters: Gail Wasserman; Larkin McReynolds; Debra Kaplan

Title: Applying Empowerment Evaluation and Getting to Outcomes to Systems of Care
Presenters: David Osher; Lindsey Stillman; Jennifer Duffy

Title: Transforming Supervision to Support Collaborative Team Efforts in Child Welfare
Presenters: Rosalyn Bertram; Virginia Fatseas; Shannon Morris

Title: Transforming Response to Child Sexual Abuse: Theory-Based Multi-System Team Development
Presenters: Rosalyn Bertram

Title: Is There a Theoretical and Empirical Basis for Strength-Based Planning?
Presenters: Susan McCammon; James Cook; Terri Shelton; Katherine Lazear; Ryan Kilmer

Title: Comparing Pre-, Post-, and Transitional-Aged Clients in U.S. Outpatient Mental Health Services
Presenters: Kathleen Pottick; Ann Vander Stoep; Mike Alvarez

Title: Use of Psychotropic Medications During the Transition Out of Foster Care
Presenters: Curtis McMillen; Bethany Lee

Title: Closing the Loop on Service Quality to Realize Data-Based Decision-Making
Presenters: Melanie Barwick; Patrick Kanary

Title: The Struggle to Develop Accountability: Provider-Policymaker Perspectives on Implementing Standardized Outcomes in Maryland
Presenters: Vaishali Patel

Title: Continuous Quality Improvement and Data-Based Decision-Making in Children’s Mental Health: A System of Care Perspective
Presenters: Melanie Barwick

Title: Quality Management from an Organizational Perspective
Presenters: David Rumberger

Title: TOTAL: Quality - Information Technology Support for Organizational Quality Management, Implications for System of Care Evaluation, Management and Improvement
Presenters: David Rumberger

Title: Maximizing Medicaid and Other Financing Strategies for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances
Presenters: Mary Armstrong; Jan McCarthy; Beth Stroul; Sheila Pires

Title: Maximizing Medicaid for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances
Presenters: Judith Katz-Leavy; Kathleen Biebel; Joanne Nicholson; Valerie Williams

Title: How Families Seek Help for Children with Mental Health Problems
Presenters: Graham Reid

Title: Pretesting the Systems of Care Implementation Survey (SOCIS): Cognitive Interviewing for Instrument Development
Presenters: Paul Greenbaum

Title: Multilevel Analysis of Interagency Collaboration of Children’s Mental Health Agencies
Presenters: Paul Greenbaum

Title: The Service Process Adherence to Needs and Strengths (SPANS): Extending the CANS
Presenters: Norín Dollard; Mary Beth Rautkis; Keren Vergon

Title: Modeling Aftercare Decision-Making for Hospitalized Adolescents
Presenters: Cynthia Fontanella

Title: Beyond Medication and Evidence-Based Practices: The Role of Cultural Competence and Resilience in the Successful Clinical Engagement of Ethnically Diverse Children
Presenters: Kenneth Glass; Abayomi Ige; Patricia Nuble; Lynne Hopper

Title: Managing Risk and Costs Using Data-Based Decision Making
Presenters: Shannon Van Deman; Knute Rotto

Title: Different Strategies for Promoting and Institutionalizing an Evidenced-Based Culture
Presenters: Jeanne Rivard; Eric Bruns; Kimberly Hoagwood; Kay Hodges; Lynne Marsenich

Title: Clinical and Non-Clinical Characteristics Associated with Medication Use among Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance
Presenters: Christine Walrath; Thomas Pavkov

Title: Community-Based Alternatives to Residential Treatment: Stakeholders Collaborate
Presenters: Amy Starin; Raymond Connor

Title: A Multi-State Study of Mental Health Prevalence and Services for Justice Involved Youth: Final Answers and Future Directions
Presenters: Joseph Cocozza; Karen Stern

Title: The OJJDP Multi-State Study: Background, Research Design and Sample Characteristics
Presenters: Kathleen Skowyra

Title: Psychiatric Disorders among Youth in the OJJDP Multi-State Study
Presenters: Eric Trupin

Title: Past and Current Service Utilization among Youth in the OJJDP Multi-State Study
Presenters: Jennie Shufelt

Title: The Family Perspective: Results of the OJJDP Multi-State Study Family Focus Groups
Presenters: Trina Osher

Title: Improving the Odds: Selection as a Factor in Successful Implementation
Presenters: Dean Fixsen; Dean Fixsen

Title: An Overview of Core Implementation Components
Presenters: Karen Blase

Title: Staff Selection as a Core Component of EBP Implementation: Ohio’s study of IDDT Program Development
Presenters: Patrick Boyle

Title: Staff Selection within the Context of EBP Implementation: Experience with Multisystemic Therapy
Presenters: Lisa Reiter-Lavery

Title: The Role, Impact and Effectiveness of Family Organizations in Developing Family Voice in Systems of Care
Presenters: Katherine Lazear; Lisa Conlan

Title: Bringing the Family Voice to Practice Improvement by Pairing "Professionals" with "Parents" to Interview Families Receiving Services through the Child and Team Process
Presenters: Susan Hickcox

Title: Using Family Perceptions to Guide System of Care Development
Presenters: Conni Wells

Title: What the Literature Says about Family-Run Organizations and Lessons Learned from the Field: Family-Run Organizations within Systems of Care in North Carolina
Presenters: Laura Weber

Title: Findings from the National Survey of Family Organizations
Presenters: Rene' Anderson; Roxann McNeish

Title: Preventing Preschool Expulsion: Mental Health Consultation for Young Children with Challenging Behaviors
Presenters: Deborah Perry; Roxane Kaufmann

Title: Prekindergarteners Left Behind: Expulsion Rates in State Prekindergarten Systems
Presenters: Walter Gilliam

Title: A Research Synthesis of the Effectiveness of Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation
Presenters: Eileen Brennan; Deborah Perry; Mary Dallas Allen; Adey Tsega

Title: Multi-Level Determinants of Effective Mental Health Consultation: Results from a National Survey
Presenters: Beth Green; Maria Everhart

Title: Wraparound in California: The Title IV-E Child Welfare Waiver Demonstration Project Evaluation
Presenters: Charlie Ferguson

Title: The Friends’ School Team: Promoting a Sustainable System of Care in Six Middle Schools
Presenters: Andrew Bell; Neil Pessin

Title: Still Struggling After All These Years: Lessons Learned From Graduating System of Care Sites
Presenters: Robert Paulson; David Drews

Title: Getting it Right: Learning from Intensive Home-Based Treatment Responders and Non-Responders
Presenters: Katherine Grimes; Robert Friedman

Title: Multisystemic Therapy as an Alternative to Hospitalization: Follow-Up Suicidality Outcomes
Presenters: Stanley Huey, Jr.

Title: Youths Presenting in Psychiatric Crisis: A Closer Look at Responders and Non-Responders
Presenters: Melisa Rowland

Title: Differential Effectiveness: A Closer Look at Home-Based Treatment Responders
Presenters: Katherine Grimes

Title: Leverage Points in System of Care Implementation
Presenters: Sharon Hodges; Michael Agar

Title: Leveraging Implementation in Established Systems
Presenters: Kathleen Ferreira

Title: Changing Complex Systems: Leveraging Change in Systems of Care
Presenters: Nathaniel Israel

Title: Applying Case Study Design to Study System Implementation
Presenters: Jessica Mazza

Title: Conclusions
Presenters: Sharon Hodges

Title: Systems of Care as Complex Adaptive Systems
Presenters: Allison Pinto

Title: Cross-System Perspectives on System Transformation Efforts
Presenters: Nathaniel Israel; Mary Labyak; Nila Benito; Gayle Bluebird

Title: Engaging and Empowering Families: Research Findings on a Service Effectiveness Study of a Parent Empowerment Program
Presenters: Kimberly Hoagwood; Jane Adams

Title: Parent Empowerment 101: Training Family Advocates on the Foundations of Empowerment
Presenters: Geraldine Burton

Title: Empowering Caregivers of Children with Mental Healthcare Needs: Addressing Strains and Stresses of Inner-City Parents
Presenters: James Rodriguez; Belinda Ramos

Title: Family Advocate Perspectives on the Parent Empowerment Process: Turning Points
Presenters: Belinda Ramos; James Rodriguez

Title: Implementing Evidence-Based Practices at the State Level: Challenges, Successes and Lessons Learned
Presenters: Robert Franks; Jean Adnopoz; Joesphine Hawke

Title: Relationships Between Fidelity And Outcomes In A Multi-Site Wraparound Initiative
Presenters: Jennifer Taub

Title: Service Use Implications of Suicide-Related Psychosocial Problems among Depressed Young Adults
Presenters: Eric Slade

Title: Ethical Issues in School Behavioral Health Screening
Presenters: Peter Jensen; Wendy Holt; Jessica Mass-Levitt; Lisa Hunter Romanelli

Title: Using Evaluation to Promote and Monitor System Change within Children’s Intensive Services
Presenters: Christian Connell; Christopher Counihan; Janet Anderson

Title: Children in Child Welfare Systems: Reentry, Perpetration, and Mental Illness
Presenters: Brigitte Manteuffel

Title: Re-reporting and Recurrence of Child Maltreatment: Findings from the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System
Presenters: John Fluke

Title: Male Perpetrators of Child Maltreatment
Presenters: Gila Shusterman

Title: Characteristics of Children Referred from Child Welfare in Systems of Care
Presenters: Ebony Montgomery

Title: Who's Minding the Meds? Prescribing Patterns for Youth with Serious Emotional Disorders by Provider Type
Presenters: Katherine Grimes; Lauren Gold

Title: Intervention Fidelity, Dosage, and Related Student Outcomes in High Risk Elementary Schools
Presenters: Ray Burke; Leah O'Neill Fichtner

Title: The Design and Implementation of an Evaluation to Assess the Impact of a National Network for Serving Children who have Experienced Trauma: Is the Whole More than the Sum of Its Parts?
Presenters: Christine Walrath; John Gilford

Title: Baby Steps: Continued Innovations in Early Identification and Service Access
Presenters: D. Russell Lyman

Title: Efforts by State Mental Health Agencies to Improve Residential Care and Eliminate Seclusion and Restraint
Presenters: Lesley Slavin; Janice Le Bel; Timothy Murphy; Elizabeth Hill

Title: Sustainability of Starting Early Starting Smart Programs
Presenters: J. Fred Springer

Title: Improving the Quality of Services in Residential Treatment Centers: A Consultative Model
Presenters: Thomas Pavkov

Title: Capacity Building through Training Family Members to Become Staying Strong Coaches
Presenters: Katherine Levine; Javier Martinez; Carlos Alvarez

Title: Parent Empowerment: Actualizing Community Collaborative Methodologies
Presenters: Adam Stein; James Rodriguez; Geraldine Burton; Belinda Ramos

Title: Interagency Data Sharing: University-State Partnerships in Systems of Care Evaluation
Presenters: Jennifer Taub

Title: School Functioning for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance Enrolled in a Multisite Wraparound Program
Presenters: Jennifer Taub; Melissa Pearrow

Title: Wraparound Fidelity: Different Aspects
Presenters: Eleanor Castillo; Vestena Robbins

Title: The Relationship Between Fidelity to Wraparound and Outcomes
Presenters: Enrica Bertoldo; Kathleen Cox

Title: The Wraparound Fidelity Index (WFI) as a Framework for Service Delivery
Presenters: Joshua Berry

Title: Wraparound Supervisor Adherence Measure (W-SAM)
Presenters: Eleanor Castillo

Title: Comparison of Mental Health and Service Use in Rural versus Non-Rural Areas
Presenters: Ana Maria Brannan

Title: Various Strategies for Promoting, Implementing, and Surviving System Change: Steps Toward Transformation
Presenters: Kay Hodges; Dean Fixsen

Title: Transforming Human Services: A National View of the Pieces of the Puzzle
Presenters: Dean Fixsen

Title: Agency Level Steps Involved in Implementing Evidence-Based Practices (EPBs) within a System of Care
Presenters: Shari Goldman

Title: The Brown County Story: Baby Steps
Presenters: Scott Shackelford

Title: Staff Education and Training for Systems Change: Joint Efforts of Mental Health and Juvenile Justice
Presenters: Marsali Hansen

Title: Applying Evidence-Based Practice in Real World Settings II: Hands-On Demonstration, Practice, and Discussion
Presenters: Eliot Goldman; Peter Jensen; Karen Wells

Title: Applying Evidence-Based Practice in Real World Settings I: Does it Work? Can it Work? Voices from the Field
Presenters: Natoshia Raishevich; Peter Jensen; John Lochman; Nancy Cunningham; Danielle Heller

Title: Qualitative Research Methods – Useful Research Tools for Front-Line Services
Presenters: Benjamin Stride-Darnley

Title: Bridging Systems of Care in Rural Communities
Presenters: Kathy Compton; Philip Suman

Title: Community Integration of Transition-Age Youth: Voices of Youth and Young Adults
Presenters: Jean Kruzich; Lacey VanKirk; Lynwood Gordon

Title: Advancing Community-Based Clinical Practice and Research: Learning in the Field
Presenters: Anita Lightburn; Susan Ayers; Jean Adnopoz; Katherine Levine; Phebe Sessions

Title: Partnerships for Youth Transition: Evaluating Process and Progress Outcomes of Community Initiatives
Presenters: Hewitt Clark; Maryann Davis

Title: An Analysis of Partnerships for Youth Transition (PYT) Cross-Site Findings
Presenters: Hewitt B. Clark; Nicole Deschênes; Arun Karpur; Peter Gamache

Title: Transitioning Young Adults: Hopeful Life View/Traumatic Life Experience
Presenters: Gwen White; Robin Orlando

Title: From the Ideal to the Real: Testing Fidelity to the Transitions to Independence Process (TIP) Model
Presenters: Nancy Koroloff; Lyn Gordon

Title: High Fidelity Wraparound: Research and Issues for Implementation
Presenters: Jim Rast; Greg Dalder

Title: First Findings from the Family-Driven Study of Family Involvement in Systems of Care
Presenters: Trina Osher; Susan Zaro

Title: Family Choice of Services and Providers: Procedures and Results - Part II
Presenters: Kate Pahinui

Title: Family Voice in Massachusetts Mental Health Services Program for Youth (MHSPY)
Presenters: Katherine Grimes

Title: Family Choice in the DAWN Project
Presenters: Knute Rotto

Title: Family Voice in Atlanta
Presenters: Sue Smith

Title: Family Choice of Services and Providers: Procedures and Results - Part I
Presenters: Trina Osher; Trina Osher

Title: Family Choice of Services and Providers: The Right Thing to Do and an Effective Thing to Do
Presenters: Robert Friedman

Title: Promoting Family Choice in Hawaii
Presenters: Mary Brogan

Title: Family Choice in Wraparound Milwaukee
Presenters: Bruce Kamradt; Margaret Jefferson

Title: Part 1: A National Overview of Current School-Based Mental Health Services, the Evidence Base, and Efforts to Sustain Good Practices
Presenters: Krista Kutash; Krista Kutash

Title: A National Look at the Mental Health and Support Services Provided to Children with Emotional Disturbances
Presenters: Mary Wagner; Carl Sumi

Title: Research Update on School Mental Health: Redefining the Boundaries
Presenters: Kimberly Hoagwood

Title: Part 2: Filling the Gap Between Research and Practice: Some Effective Programs
Presenters: Albert Duchnowski; Albert Duchnowski

Title: Expanded School Mental Health Services
Presenters: Mark Weist

Title: Links to Learning: A Community-Based Model for Mental Health Consultation to Urban Schools
Presenters: Marc Atkins

Title: RECAP: An Effective Manualized Treatment for Co-Occurring Mental Health Problems
Presenters: Thomas Catron

Title: Part 3: Promising Models (Continued) and the Future of School-Based Mental Health Services Research
Presenters: Krista Kutash; Krista Kutash

Title: School-Based Wraparound: Child and Family Outcomes
Presenters: Vestena Robbins

Title: The Integration of Positive Behavioral Supports, School Based Mental Health Services and Systems of Care
Presenters: Sandra Keenan

Title: The Future of School-Based Mental Health Services Research
Presenters: Phillip Leaf

Title: Meeting the Needs of Children in the Child Welfare System with Mental Health Challenges: Part I
Presenters: Jan McCarthy

Title: An Overview of the Issue: Prevalence, Unmet Need, Typical Approaches Used
Presenters: Jan McCarthy

Title: System Change: A Legal Advocate's View
Presenters: Ira Burnim

Title: Meeting the Needs of Children in the Child Welfare System with Mental Health Challenges: Part II
Presenters: Robert Friedman

Title: A Model For Mental Health and Child Welfare Collaboration in a System of Care for Children with Serious Emotional and Mental Health Needs
Presenters: Bruce Kamradt

Title: Successful Child Welfare Outcomes using Child Family Teams and Blended Case Rates
Presenters: Knute Rotto

Title: Using the Wraparound Process and Evaluation to Reform Nevada's Child Welfare System
Presenters: Eric Bruns

Title: Unregulated Residential Treatment Facilities: A Present-Day Threat to Youth, Families and the Field of Children’s Mental Health
Presenters: Allison Pinto

Title: The Exploitation of Youth and Families by Unregulated Residential Treatment Facilities: A Dangerous Consequence of Unmet Needs
Presenters: Robert Friedman; Allison Pinto; Kathryn Whitehead

Title: Transformation through Advocacy for Reform: Grass Roots Efforts to Respond to Concerns Regarding Unregulated Residential Treament Facilities
Presenters: Nicki Bush; Paul Lewis; Allison Pinto; Christina Kloker Young; Kathryn Whitehead

Title: Fidelity to Core Values -- Easier Said than Done: Navigating How and When to Respond to Concerns in the Absence of Data
Presenters: Lenore Behar; Nicki Bush; Amy Green; Monica Epstein

Title: Comprehensive and Multi-Method Assessment of School-Based Mental Health Services
Presenters: Gloria Carpenter

Title: A Collaborative Effort to Disseminate Evidence-Based Research on Children Who Witness Domestic Violence
Presenters: Lori Crosby

Title: Addressing Suicide Issues in Systems of Care
Presenters: Sylvia Fisher; Gary Blau; Shiryn Sukram

Title: Translation in Systems of Care: Methods and Issues
Presenters: Sylvia Fisher; Anika Keens-Douglas; Michelle Schurig; Eva Medin

Title: A Roadmap to Reducing Mental Health Disparities in Latinos: Connecting the Dots
Presenters: Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola

Title: Using a Data Support System to Build an Empirically-based Culture for Change
Presenters: Kay Hodges; Jim Wotring; Jamie Pennell

Title: Sixty Minutes on Children's Mental Health: Actions for the Future - Synthesis and Discussion
Presenters: Eric Bruns; Sybil Goldman

Title: Sixty Minutes on Children's Mental Health: Actions for the Future
Presenters: Gary Blau

Title: "Right" from the Start: Implementing SOC
Presenters: Dean Fixsen; Karen Blase

Title: Systems of Care: History of the Concept, General Implementation Issues, and Relationship to Individualized Care and Evidence-Based Practice
Presenters: Robert Friedman

Title: Operationalizing Cultural Competence for Implementation in Systems of Care
Presenters: Teresa Nesman; Mario Hernandez

Title: The System of Care Practice Review Revised (SOCPR-R): Measuring Fidelity of Service to Systems of Care Values and Principles
Presenters: Allison Pinto

Title: Developing Logic Models For Systems Of Care: A Theory Of Change Approach
Presenters: Mario Hernandez; Sharon Hodges

Title: Transforming Systems of Care for Youth and Their Families in America
Presenters: Gary Blau

Title: Parents as Navigators: How Caregivers of Children with Mental Health Difficulties Find Supports in the Workplace
Presenters: Eileen Brennan; Marlene Penn

Title: Identification and Management of Youth Psychosocial Problems in Pediatric Primary Care
Presenters: Jonathan Brown; Lawrence Wissow

Title: The Effects of Parent Participation on Child Psychotherapy Outcome: A Meta-Analytic Review
Presenters: Kathy Dowell

Title: Using Change Theories to Assess System of Care Development
Presenters: Vicki Sprague Effland

Title: A Naturalistic Study of Multisystemic Therapy DIffusion in 13 Ohio Communities
Presenters: Carol Carstens

Title: Following a Strengths-Based Approach in a Children's Community Mental Health System of Care
Presenters: Christine Davis; John Mayo; April Holm; Gary Holm; Ryan Holm

Title: Symptom Onset and Patterns of Service Use among Youth with Conduct Disorder: Findings from the Great Smoky Mountains Study
Presenters: Leyla Stambaugh

Title: Risk Status and the Differential Efficacy of Urban School-Based Mental Health Services
Presenters: David Hussey; Kelly Burgess; Thomas Royer

Presented at the 18th Annual Research Conference

Title: Determinates of Youth and Parent Satisfaction in Usual Care Psychotherapy
Presenters: Rachel Haine

Title: Screening, Assessing, and Treating Children in the Child Welfare System
Presenters: Betty Walton; Jane Bisbee

Title: Together for Kids: Outcomes of a Preschool Mental Health Consultation Program.
Presenters: Melodie Wenz-Gross; Carole Upshur

Title: Client Centered Strategies for Translating Knowledge to Parents of Children with Behavior Problems
Presenters: Donald Buchanan; Charles Cunningham

Title: Understanding the Utility of Presenting Problem Patterns for Individualizing Services
Presenters: Robert Stephens; Gina Sgro; Ranilo Laygo

Title: Evaluation of a Holistic Treatment Model for At-Risk Teens and Parents
Presenters: Kathleen Moore; Matthew Young; Lynn Oelke

Title: School Academic Programs: Evaluation of GEAR UP in Secondary Schools.
Presenters: Oliver Massey

Title: Systems of Care: What Works and for Whom?
Presenters: Melodie Wenz-Gross; Anthony Irsfeld

Title: Resiliency and Disease Management: Transforming Children's Public Mental Health Services in Texas
Presenters: Frank Vega; Karen Ruggiero

Title: Public Mental Health Outcomes for Youth: The Youth Services Survey
Presenters: Molly Brunk; J. Randy Koch; Ann Doucette

Title: Inter-Rater Reliability of a Case-Based Review Process Measured via Case Simulation
Presenters: Ray Foster

Title: Using Data for Continuous Quality Improvement in an Integrated Setting
Presenters: Jody Levison-Johnson; Glenn Gravino

Title: The Financial Impact of Clinical Effectiveness Outcomes within a System of Care.
Presenters: Knute Rotto; James Papp

Title: Effectiveness and Efficiency Outcomes in a New System of Care
Presenters: James Papp; Ann Klein; Nina Lewis

Title: Activation of Social Networks --A Thesis Project with Quasi-Experimental Investigation Plan
Presenters: Friedrich Sibylle

Title: Transforming Mental Health Services for Responding to Youthful Sexual Aggression
Presenters: Joann Schladale; karen fredricks

Title: Postsecondary Outcomes Associated with Type of Secondary School Exit for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disturbances (EBD)
Presenters: Arun Karpur; Hewitt Clark

Title: Youth Involvement in Systems of Care: Youth and Youth Coordinators' Perspectives
Presenters: Natalie Henrich

Title: Family Empowerment as a Mediator between Systems of Care and Changes in Child Functioning: Identifying an Important Mechanism of Change
Presenters: Kelly Rogers; Terri Shelton

Title: Calibrating the Agency Worker Rated Ohio Scales with the CAFAS
Presenters: Benjamin Ogles; James Healy

Title: Effects of Managed Care Arrangements on Access, Service Utilization, and Caregiver Satisfaction
Presenters: Mary Armstrong; Roger Boothroyd; Mary Ann Kershaw; Kelley Dhont; Rayna Lewis

Title: Client Typology Using the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scales (CAFAS): A Replication and Extension
Presenters: DaHyun Chun

Title: Informing Systems of Care for Transition Aged Youth: Youth Focus Group Results
Presenters: Sheila Bell; Brandon Burt; Robin Orlando

Title: First-Year Functional Impact of a Unique Collaborative Program of School-Based Mental Health Intervention
Presenters: Richard Mattison

Title: Bridging Social and Emotional Learning between Schools and Communities through Collaborative Social Marketing
Presenters: Lynn Pascoa

Title: Applying the Systems-of-Care Framework to Advance Comprehensive Prevention and Resilience
Presenters: Evelyn Frankford; Jennifer Kitson; David Osher

Title: Sustainability and Quality Improvement: Measuring Wraparound Fidelity in a Peer Mentoring Program
Presenters: Christine Davis; Steve Martaus

Title: Applying Team Theory to Clarify and Evaluate System Response in Child Abuse
Presenters: Rosalyn Bertram

Title: How to Get Started! - Collaboration Between Schools and Local Providers of Services
Presenters: Stephanie Blanck; Patricia Jackson; Rob Dyer; Dawson Brian

Title: The Family Guide Project: Increasing Access to Mental Health Services through Parental Support
Presenters: Dayna Monteleon

Title: Parents and Care Coordinators: Effects and Outcomes of Connecticut's Flexible Funds Program
Presenters: Kristine Mika

Title: Making Time for Parenting: Comments on the American Time Use Survey
Presenters: Jane Timmons-Mitchell; Christina Young

Title: Wraparound Fidelity and Team Composition, Meeting Characteristics, and Family and Child Outcomes
Presenters: Christine Davis; Keren Vergon; Norin Dollard

Title: Knowledge of the African American Experience in Child Mental Health Services Research
Presenters: Dara Kerkorian; Dorian Traube

Title: Evidence-based Practices in the Community-based Service Setting: Findings from the Evidence-based Treatment (EBT) Survey of Providers
Presenters: Angela Sheehan; Gary Blau

Title: Understanding Training Needs of Mental Health Providers Serving Children with Severe Emotional Disturbance
Presenters: Wendy Struchen-Shellhorn; Thomas Burrus

Title: Evidence-Based Practice in the Community-based Service Setting: Factors that Influence Mental Health Provider Use
Presenters: Angela Sheehan

Title: Native American Community Affiliated Mental Health Providers for Children with SED: Evidence-Based Practice Perceptions, Training and Use in the Service Setting, and Factors that Influence Decisions
Presenters: Joseph Walker

Title: Juvenile Justice Outcomes of Youth in Systems of Care: Comparison Study Results
Presenters: Anna Krivelyova

Title: Virginia's Approach to Implementing Evidence-Based Treatments for Children with Mental Health Disorders.
Presenters: Leah Hamaker; Amy Atkinson

Title: Evaluating the Needs of American Indian Youth in Transition: A Participatory Research Model
Presenters: Kathleen Fox; Patti Ware

Title: Warning Signs of Children's Mental Health Problems: Addressing Unmet Need
Presenters: Lauren Zitner; Maura Crowe

Title: Attendant Care Services for Children who Experience SED: Building the Knowledge Base
Presenters: Sharah Davis; Pam Alger

Title: The Complexities in Measuring the Impact of Usual Care Youth Psychotherapy
Presenters: Ann Garland; Kimberly Hoagwood

Title: Measuring Outcomes Of Usual Care Psychotherapy: Who and What To Ask?
Presenters: Lauren Brookman-Frazee

Title: Measuring the Broader Impact of Usual Care Psychotherapy: Parent and Family Outcomes
Presenters: Caroline Lewczyk Boxmeyer

Title: System of Care Developmental Level: Relationship to Child and Program Outcomes
Presenters: Betty Walton

Title: The Ecology of Maternal Depression: Addressing a Silent Epidemic
Presenters: Larke Huang; Mareasa Isaacs

Title: Influence of Maternal Well-being on Low-Income Adolescents' Cognitive and Behavioral Outcomes
Presenters: Bridget Goosby

Title: Pathways between Maternal Depression and Early Child Language Outcomes
Presenters: Elizabeth Spier

Title: Maternal Depression Focus Group Project
Presenters: Kathy Lazear

Title: The Multiple Needs of Youth Entering the Juvenile Justice System
Presenters: Jonathan Brown; Phillip Leaf

Title: What Caregivers Are Saying About Wraparound
Presenters: Christina Breault

Title: Moving Science to Service: A National Public Health Strategy
Presenters: Kathleen Durst

Title: School Mental Health Quality Improvement in Action
Presenters: Sharon Stephan; Mark Weist

Title: Client-Centred Knowledge Transfer: Modeling the Information Preferences of Parents of Children with Mental Health Problems
Presenters: Charles Cunningham; Don Buchanan

Title: The Columbia TeenScreen Program - Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Screening Program in a High School District
Presenters: Adam Kaplan

Title: From Public Policy to Local Action in Promoting Effective School-Based Mental Health
Presenters: Carl Paternite; Mark Weist; Steven Adelsheim; Paul Flaspohler

Title: Caring for Children with Autism: The Community Mental Health System's Role
Presenters: David Mandell

Title: Enhancing School-Based Mental Health Services with an Evidence-Based Assessment Tool
Presenters: Sara Bufferd; Ahtoy WonPat-Borja; Jessica Levitt; Peter Jensen

Title: Descriptive Characteristics of Children with Chronic Physical Illnesses in Systems of Care
Presenters: Freda Brashears

Title: The Role of Clinical Significance in Program Evaluation
Presenters: David Carlston

Title: Four Clinical Pathways to Success in Systems of Care
Presenters: Shannon Van Deman; Knute Rotto

Title: Cost Savings with Early Intervention: Impacting Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Outcomes
Presenters: Knute Rotto; Shannon Van Deman

Title: Impact of Blending Incredible Years Training & Consultation within Child Care Settings
Presenters: Constance Lehman

Title: Relationships Between Parental Stress, Child Supports and Parental Supports for Children with SED
Presenters: Jennifer Taub; Shannon Lewis; Christina Breault; Kim Smith

Title: Designing Effective Models of Mental Health Consultation In Preschools: Results of a National Survey of Head Start Programs
Presenters: Beth Green

Title: Custody Relinquishment for Families of Children with Mental Health Needs
Presenters: Felicia De Haney

Title: Clinical Outcomes of Children with Chronic Physical Illnesses in Systems of Care
Presenters: Brigitte Manteuffel; Anna Krivelyova

Title: School-Based Intensive Behavioral Health Services in Philadelphia Public Schools
Presenters: Richard Gold; Kenneth Glass

Title: Building Community Connections: A Comparison of At-Risk Caucasian and Minority Youth
Presenters: Cynthia Brothers

Title: Psychiatric Disorders Among Youth in the OJJDP Multi-State Study
Presenters: Eric Trupin

Title: Relatives as Parents Program Behavioral Health Initiative
Presenters: Brent Elrod; Aaron Smith

Title: Using What Works in School Settings: Lessons Learned from a Comprehensive School-Based Mental Health Initiative
Presenters: Lisa Hunter; Marilyn Camacho; Meghan Tomb

Title: Findings: Examining the Impact of Policy on Collaboration in Systems of Care
Presenters: Mary Armstrong; Mary Evans; Gloria Logsdon

Title: The Parent Empowerment Program: Implementation and Preliminary Findings
Presenters: Meghan Tomb; Melissa Ortega

Title: State Activities in Implementing Evidence-Based Programs for Children, Youth, and Families
Presenters: Jacqueline Yannacci; Jeanne Rivard

Title: Exploring the Relationship between Conduct Disorder and Residential Treatment Outcomes
Presenters: Julia Cathcart

Title: The Meaning of Diagnosis: Implications for Clinician-Parent Partnership in Child Mental Health
Presenters: Vaishali Patel

Title: Youth and Parent Ratings on the Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale-2 (BERS-2): A Validity Study
Presenters: Brad Uhing; Michael Epstein

Title: Clinical Profiles of Crisis and Elective Admissions to Children's Acute Care Inpatient Services
Presenters: Stephanie Greenham; Lise Bisnaire

Title: Comparing Youth in Home-Based Crisis and Inpatient Programs: Clinical Profiles and Discharge Placements
Presenters: Purva Rawal; John Lyons

Title: Effect of Foster Care Wraparound Services on Psychiatric Hospitalization Threshold
Presenters: Neil Jordan; Julie Eisengart; John Lyons

Title: Acute Care Psychiatric Services within the System of Care
Presenters: Stephanie Greenham; John Lyons

Title: Making the Work of Behavioral Health Real for Families: The Case Manager/Peer Parent Team
Presenters: Robert Lutton; Josephine Bejarano; Kim Foy

Title: Creating Strategies That Work For Families: Using Family Members as Interventionists
Presenters: Robert Lutton; Kim Foy; Josephine Bejarano

Title: Measurement Precision: Supporting Decisions About The Process Of Care, Outcomes and Service Effectiveness
Presenters: Ann Doucette

Title: Challenges in Measuring Level-of-Restrictiveness for Analyses of Cost Effectiveness
Presenters: Katherine Grimes; Sara Nechasek; Brian Mullin

Title: System of Care: Building Family Organization Capacity for Family Designed/Family Driven Evaluations and Social Marketing
Presenters: James Strasser; Denise McHugh; Louisa Bernal

Title: Distinct Developmental Trajectories in Children's Mental Health
Presenters: Warren Lambert; Shelagh Mulvaney; Judy Garber; Lynn Walker

Title: Technology that Supports Service Integration and Family Empowerment
Presenters: David Osher

Title: Depression Among Primary Caregivers of Children with Mental Health Needs
Presenters: Janis Gerkensmeyer; Eric Scott; Erika LeBaron; Kim Walton

Title: Juvenile Justice Involvement Among Children in a System of Care
Presenters: Huey Chen; Diane Haynes; Christine Epps

Title: Developing and Piloting a Statewide Outcomes Database for MST in Colorado
Presenters: David Bernstein; Anita Saranga Coen; Molly Brunk

Title: A National Look at the Academic Achievement of Children with Emotional Disturbances.
Presenters: Mary Wagner; W. Sumi

Title: In-Home Therapy as Early Intervention: Results from a Clinical Trial
Presenters: Sarah Hurley; Tim Goldsmith

Title: Preventing Juvenile Justice Involvement through a System of Care: The Colorado Cornerstone Project
Presenters: Marian Bussey; Cathryn Potter

Title: Caregiver Strain: Experiences of Different Caregivers of Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance
Presenters: Kelly Taylor-Richardson

Title: Using Family Perceptions to Shape the Research and Policy Agenda on Intervention Development
Presenters: Jeanne Rivard

Title: What Youth in Foster Care Think about Mental Health Services
Presenters: Bethany Lee; J. Curtis McMillen

Title: Parent Empowerment: Research to Praxis
Presenters: James Rodriguez; Geraldine Burton; Kevin Fenstermacher; Sherilin Rowley

Title: Continuous Treatment Teams as an Evidence-Based Model: Variables that Relate to Effectiveness
Presenters: Carol Nixon (contact)

Title: Extended Outcomes in Five Starting Early Starting Smart Integrated Services Programs
Presenters: J Fred Springer

Title: Racial Disparity in the Mental Health Juvenile Justice Initiative
Presenters: Inger Burnett-Zeigler

Title: You had me at "Hello": Characteristics of Culturally Proficient Initial Engagement Practices
Presenters: Jeannette Adames; Katherine Grimes

Title: Enhancing Capacity for Cultural Competence
Presenters: Janice Cooper; Jannina Aristy

Title: Building, Refining, and Testing Your Logic Model With Input From Parents
Presenters: Deborah Sherwood; Lisa Hilley

Title: Are Ataques de Nervios in Puerto Rican Children Associated With Psychiatric Disorder?
Presenters: Igda Martinez

Title: The Relationship Between Family Empowerment and Youth Mental Health Outcomes
Presenters: Jennifer Maness; Susan McCammon

Title: Community-Level Variation in a Measure of Prevention Collaboration from the Community Youth Development Study
Presenters: Eric Brown; M. Lee Van Horn

Title: Linking Outcomes Information to Decision-Making: Preliminary Findings Using a Case Study Approach
Presenters: Vaishali Patel

Title: Assessing The Process of Care for Adolescents with Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Disorders
Presenters: Ann Doucette

Title: Assessing Service System Performance: Addressing The Process Of Care
Presenters: Doreen Cavanaugh

Title: Using Administrative Data To Assess System Performance
Presenters: Ann Doucette

Title: Applying the Washington Circle Performance Indicators for Substance Abuse Services to Adolescents
Presenters: Robert Saunders

Title: Four High Risk Groups of SED Youth in Transition to Adult Service Systems
Presenters: Cheri Hoffman; Craig Anne Heflinger

Title: Enhancing and Adapting Treatment Foster Care
Presenters: Elizabeth Farmer; Barbara Burns

Title: What We Learned and Where it Led Us....
Presenters: Elizabeth Farmer

Title: Together Facing the Challenge: Adapting evidence-based TFC
Presenters: Maureen Murray

Title: New Additions to "Together Facing the Challenge"
Presenters: Shannon Dorsey

Title: Findings: Promising Managed Care Approaches to Care Management and Clinical Decision-Making
Presenters: Beth Stroul; Ginny Wood

Presenters: Sheila Pires; Katherine Grimes

Title: Promising Care Management Programs in Public Sector Managed Care
Presenters: Mary Armstrong

Title: Project CATCh: Examining A Community- and School-Based Model for Prevention and Mental Health Services in a Rural Community
Presenters: Garret Evans

Title: Partnerships for Youth Transition: Evaluating the Planning, Implementation, and Progress/Outcomes of Community Initiatives
Presenters: Hewitt Clark; Maryann Davis

Title: Utilization of Data from Young People and Other Partners in Implementation of a Transition System
Presenters: Gwen White; Sheila Bell

Title: Enhancing a Transition Program through Process and Outcome Data: Methodology and Findings
Presenters: Nancy Koroloff; Lyn Gordon; Michael Pullmann

Title: An Analysis of PYT Cross-Site Findings: Demographics, Progress, and Outcome Indicators
Presenters: Nicole DeschÍnes; Peter Gamache; Hewitt Clark

Title: Promoting Resiliency in Families: Innovative Programs in Schools, Courts, Child Welfare & Mental Health
Presenters: Kay Hodges; John Landsverk

Title: Functional Impairment Outcomes for Children Served by a School-Based Preventive Intervention
Presenters: Scott Rosas

Title: The Child and Adolecent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS), Multi-Sytemic Therapy (MST), and Safe Schools Healthy Students: Resilience in Action
Presenters: Jane Timmons-Mitchell

Title: Partnering with Caregivers to Improve Parenting Skills within a Child Welfare Setting
Presenters: Barbara Hull

Title: Preventing Penetration of Truant Youth into the Juvenile Justice System Via Community-Based Screening Procedures
Presenters: Cynthia Smith

Title: Encouraging Resilience with Family-Centered, Strengths-Based Skill Building: A Training Program for Clinicians
Presenters: Shari Goldman; Mary McLeod; Bobette Schrandt; Marion Forgatch; Nancy Knutson

Title: Lessons from the Implementation Evaluation Literature
Presenters: Dean Fixsen; Barbara Burns

Title: Conceptual Frameworks for Understanding Implementation
Presenters: Dean Fixsen; Sandra Naoom

Title: Implementation Drivers: The Core Components of Successful Implementation
Presenters: Karen Blase; Frances Wallace

Title: The Role of Therapeutic Alliance in Therapy Outcomes for Youth in Residential Care Over a Two Year Period
Presenters: Michael Handwerk

Title: The Role of Fidelity and Dosage in the Implementation of Evidence-Based Strategies in a Special Education Setting
Presenters: Krista Kutash; Albert Duchnowski

Title: A Comparison of Outcomes of Two Models of School-Based Mental Health Services
Presenters: Krista Kutash; Albert Duchnowski

Title: Transforming, Linking and Caring (TLC) Project: Lessons in Integrating Mental Health and Public Health
Presenters: Joyce Sebian; Michele Herman; Michele Edwards

Title: Suicide Risk at Juvenile Probation Intake
Presenters: Larkin McReynolds

Title: A State-Wide Evidence-Based System of Care in Washington
Presenters: Thomas Sexton; Dana Phelps

Title: Development of a State-Wide Evidence-Based System of Care
Presenters: Dana Phelps; Kathleen McBride

Title: Functional Family Parole: A Re-Entry Program for Youth on Parole
Presenters: Marcy Rowland

Title: A Community-Based Effectiveness Study of Functional Family Therapy
Presenters: Christine Johnson-Erickson

Title: Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Publicly-Funded Clinics
Presenters: Teresa Kramer; Heather Ringeisen

Title: Initial Assessment of Adoption Barriers to EBP Treatment for Adolescents with Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders
Presenters: J. Randy Koch

Title: Changes in Attitudes: New Research on Evidence-Based Practice Implementation
Presenters: Gregory Aarons

Title: Adoption and Confirmation Stages of CBT Implementation
Presenters: Teresa Kramer

Title: The Innovation Diffusion and Adoption Research Project (IDARP): Moving from the Diffusion of Research Results to Promoting the Adoption of Evidence-Based Innovations in the Ohio Mental Health System
Presenters: Phyllis Panzano

Title: EMQ, A Continual Learning Organization: Affecting Systems and Youth and Families
Presenters: F. Doyle

Title: You Cannot Jump Over a Canyon in Two Small Jumps
Presenters: Leonard Bickman; Manuel Riemer

Title: CFIT-Solutions: An Overview
Presenters: Manuel Riemer; Leonard Bickman

Title: The CFIT-System: Design of Training and Measurement Components
Presenters: Tracy Pinkard; Sarah Dew

Title: Implementing CFIT: Opportunities & Challenges
Presenters: William Reay; Morgan Kelly

Title: Challenges in Implementing Evidence-Based Treatments (EBT) in a State System of Care
Presenters: Martha Dore; Judith Meyers

Title: Moving from 'Promising Practice' to Evidence-Based Treatment in the Real World
Presenters: Joseph Woolston; Jean Adnopoz

Title: Implementing Evidence-Based Treatments (EBTs) in a State System of Care: A State-level Perspective
Presenters: Michael Schultz

Title: The Role of Contextual and Organizational Factors in State-Side Dissemination of Multi-Systemic Theraphy (MST)
Presenters: Janet Williams

Title: Drug Use and Delinquency Behavior among Youth with Serious Emotional Disorders
Presenters: Elizabeth Marsal; Kelly Rogers; Terri Grant

Title: Changes in Social Competence and Problem Behaviors among Children Enrolled in System of Care
Presenters: Maria Fernandez; Kelly Rogers; Terri Shelton; Terri Grant

Title: The Use of a Level of Care Measure in a Child Welfare Population
Presenters: Andres Pumariega; Michele Moser; Patricia Wade

Title: A Profile of Early Childhood Mental Health Needs and Associated Outcomes
Presenters: Ryan Quist; Emma Girard; P. Home; Michelle Oja; Margaret Spanish

Title: Role of Treatment Fidelity in Determining Effectiveness: Continuing Evidence for Re-ED's Ecological Approach
Presenters: Frank Fecser; Albert Duchnowski

Title: Old and New Research on Re-ED's Ecological Competence Approach
Presenters: Mary Cantrell

Title: Developing an Empirically-Based Model of Service: The Re-ED Essentials Project
Presenters: Pamela Meadowcroft

Title: Towards Establishing Re-ED Validity: Preliminary Analyses and Results
Presenters: Robert Cantrell

Title: Developing, Using, and Improving Fidelity Measures
Presenters: Karen Blase

Title: Parent Empowerment and Its Impact on Use of Services
Presenters: James Rodriguez; Geraldine Burton; Wanda Greene; Rue Zalia Watkins; Adam Stein

Title: Implementing a Parent Empowerment Program with Primary Care Providers in Rural Utah
Presenters: Kevin Fenstermacher; Sherilin Rowley; James Rodriguez

Title: Introduction to Empirical Examination of a Parent Empowerment Program in Rural and Urban Communities
Presenters: Kimberly Hoagwood

Title: Empirical Examination of a Parent Empowerment Program in Rural and Urban Communities
Presenters: Kimberly Eaton Hoagwood; Barbara Friesen

Title: State Policy Research: Building An Infrastructure for Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices
Presenters: Kimberly Hoagwood; Heather Ringeisen

Title: New York State Policy Perspective on Evidence-Based Practice
Presenters: Kimberly Hoagwood; Marian Schwager

Title: Outcome Data, State-University Collaboration & Individualized Site Visits Advance Interest in EBTs
Presenters: Kay Hodges; Jim Wotring; Heidi Wale

Title: Maryland Science to Service for Children's Mental Health: Assessing Statewide Implementation of Treatment Foster Care
Presenters: Eric Bruns

Title: Family Driven Approaches to Services, Supports, and Research
Presenters: Gary Blau; Sandra Spencer

Title: Conceptualizing Family-Professional Relationships
Presenters: David Osher; Trina Osher

Title: Family Driven Care
Presenters: Gary Blau; Trina Osher

Title: Results Matter: Building an Evidence Base for Family Support
Presenters: Jane Adams; Corrie Edwards; Sarah Adams; Kimberly Kendziora

Title: Fostering Practices that Contribute to System Transformation
Presenters: Lenore Behar; Co-Chair: Robert Friedman; Discussant: Christina Young

Title: Kids Oneida Approach to Systems Change
Presenters: J. Michael Daly

Title: Extending Therapeutic Alliance to Foster Care Settings
Presenters: Mary Beth Rauktis; Ann Regina Andrade; Ann Doucette

Title: Post-9/11 Mental Health Help-Seeking by New York City Parents on Behalf of Highly Exposed Young Children
Presenters: William Bannon, Jr.

Title: Financing Issues in Systems of Care for Children's Mental Health
Presenters: Jennifer Taub; Brian Yates

Title: Sustaining Systems of Care: Maximizing Medicaid and CHIP for Children with SED
Presenters: Kate Biebel; Judith Katz-Leavy

Title: Use of Flexible Funds for Respite Services in a Managed Care Wraparound Program
Presenters: Jennifer Taub; Joseph O'Garr; Jack Simons; Kim Smith

Title: Cost and Service Utilization for Families who Participated in a Managed Care Wraparound Program
Presenters: Suzanne Fields; Carol Gyurina

Title: Evaluation, Families and Sustainability: Lessons Learned from Three Communities
Presenters: Norin Dollard; Sheila Bell; Michelle Zadrozny; Brigette Manteuffel

Title: Does Race Matter? Access and Service Use for Children during 2002
Presenters: Emily Heberlein; Rajeev Anantaram

Title: Innovations in Early Identification and Service Access
Presenters: D. Russell Lyman; Neal Michaels

Title: Building Linkages for Early Childhood Mental Health
Presenters: John Lippitt

Title: Building Bridges in Early Childhood Mental Health - Screening in Pediatrics and Child Care
Presenters: D. Russell Lyman

Title: Mental Health Screening and Intervention in a Pediatric Setting
Presenters: Karen Hacker

Title: Workforce Development and Emerging Techology in Children's Mental Health
Presenters: Carol MacKinnon-Lewis; Ardis Hanson; Bruce Levin

Title: Initial Outcome Results of an Independent Evaluation of MST
Presenters: Tom Catron; Vicki Harris; Susan Han

Title: Building a National Strategic Plan for Workforce Development
Presenters: Carol MacKinnon-Lewis

Title: Building a National Strategic Plan for Workforce Development
Presenters: Sybil Goldman; Michael Hoge; Larke Huang; Randy Muck

Title: Building the Workforce Plan for Children
Presenters: John Morris; Joan Dodge; Robert Friedman

Title: The Social Construction of Reality in Children's Mental Health Services
Presenters: Thomas Pavkov

Title: Practice Patterns in the Hawaii System of Care: Have Evidence-Based Services Become Usual Care?
Presenters: Eric Daleiden

Title: Treating Sexually-Abusive Adolescents
Presenters: Karen Fredricks

Title: The Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale-2 (BERS-2)
Presenters: Michael Epstein

Title: Youth with SED in Transition to Adulthood from Special Education, Juvenile Justice, and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Settings
Presenters: Maryann Davis; Heather Ringeisen

Title: Secondary School Students with Emotional Disturbances: What Makes a Difference?
Presenters: Mary Wagner

Title: The Influence of Mental Health Problems and Court Involvement on Service Utilization among Serious Juvenile Offenders
Presenters: He Len Chung; Edward Mulvey; Carol Schubert

Title: The Transition to Adulthood 5-Years Post Treatment.
Presenters: Nancy Jainchill; Josephine Hawke

Title: Using the NCS to Answer Questions about the Transition to Adulthood
Presenters: Maryann Davis; Steven Banks

Title: Overview of the NCS Methodology
Presenters: Bernice Fernandes; Valerie Williams

Title: Development Doesn't Stop at 18: Developmental Differences Between Young and Less Young Adults
Presenters: Maryann Davis; Valerie Williams

Title: The Consequences of Trauma for Mothers in the Transition Years
Presenters: Joanne Nicholson; Valerie Williams

Title: Psychiatric Disorders, Substance Abuse and Serious Trouble with the Law in Emerging Adults.
Presenters: William Fisher; Steven Banks

Title: Exploring Relationships Among Child Outcomes in Kentucky's System of Care
Presenters: Vestena Robbins; Carla Mahan

Title: Structures and Processes Supporting the Mission and Goals of a Family Run Organization
Presenters: Svetlana Yampolskaya

Title: Organizational Structures and Processes within an Evidence-Based Practice
Presenters: Teresa Nesman

Title: Cross-Site Findings: Organizational Characteristics that Support Shared Commitment to Mission and Goals
Presenters: Sharon Hodges; Mario Hernandez

Title: RTC Study 4: Community-Based Theories of Change
Presenters: Sharon Hodges; Bill Stone

Title: John Burchard Wraparound Research Symposium 1: Results from Four Prominent Wraparound Systems of Care
Presenters: Eric Bruns

Title: Keys to System of Care Success and Wraparound Fidelity: Lessons from the DAWN project
Presenters: Knute Rotto; Vicki Effland

Title: Long Term Outcomes: Intensive Wraparound Versus a One-Time Summer Wraparound Process
Presenters: W. Peter Metz; Toni DuBrino

Title: Psychological and Functional Adjustment over Time in a Multi-Site Wraparound Initiative
Presenters: Jennifer Taub

Title: Wraparound Milwaukee: Lessons Learned from Fidelity, Outcomes, and Funding Data
Presenters: Bruce Kamradt; Mary Jo Meyers

Title: Integrating Data-based Decision into the Wraparound Process within a System of School-wide Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)
Presenters: Lucille Eber; Kelly Hyde

Title: Service Coordination Team Composition and Child Outcomes: An Exploratory Analysis
Presenters: Lisa Russell

Title: The Structure of Service Coordination Teams: An Empirical Study
Presenters: Jeffrey Anderson

Title: John Burchard Wraparound Research Symposium 2: Research on the Wraparound Team Process
Presenters: Eric Wright; Janet Walker

Title: John Burchard Wraparound Research Symposium 3: Supporting High-Quality Wraparound
Presenters: Nancy Koroloff; Michael Epstein

Title: The National Wraparound Initiative: Exploring and Building Consensus for Wraparound's Principles and Practice
Presenters: Eric Bruns; Janet Walker; Trina Osher

Title: The Wraparound Process: An In-Depth Look at Fidelity Patterns from a National Dataset
Presenters: Kristen Leverentz-Brady; Jesse Suter; Eric Bruns

Title: Using Model Development Research and Fidelity Data to Guide Wraparound Curriculum and Coaching Development
Presenters: Jim Rast; John VanDenBerg; Greg Dalder; Beth Dague

Title: Wraparound and Evidence-Based Practices
Presenters: Susan McLaughlin; Constance Conklin; Discussant: Gary Blau; Kimberly Hoagwood

Title: The Use of Qualitative Methods in Systems of Care Research
Presenters: Sharon Hodges

Title: Expanding the Use of Qualitative Research in Systems of Care
Presenters: Sharon Hodges

Title: Protocol for Retrospective Costing of Early Childhood Services Interventions
Presenters: J Fred Springer

Title: Integrated Co-Occurring Treatment for Youth with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders
Presenters: Richard Shepler; Helen Cleminshaw

Title: Initiatives Supporting Children with Emotional or Behavioral Challenges in Child Care Settings
Presenters: Eileen Brennan; Jennifer Bradley; Maria Gettman; Shane Ama

Title: Relationship of Risk and Protective Factors with Female Adolescent Depression
Presenters: Katherine Best

Title: Child & Family Teams in Arizona
Presenters: Karen Tiggs; Yolanda Thompson

Title: Organizational Cultural Competence: Moving Your Agency/Organization Toward Becoming Culturally Competent
Presenters: Jodee Grailer-Liedtke; Don Coleman; Harold Gates

Title: Empowering High Risk Children
Presenters: Rana Ahmad

Title: Implementation of Effective Systems of Care
Presenters: Robert Friedman; Paul Greenbaum; Sharon Hodges

Title: The Inter-American Consortium for Applied Research on Children and Communities: Translating Research into Action with Children and Adolescents in MedellÌn, Colombia
Presenters: Linda Callejas; Jorge Nef ; Lydia Medrano; Carlos Zalaquett

Title: Lessons from the Early Childhood Prevention Program in MedellÌn, Colombia
Presenters: Luis Fernando Duque

Title: Factors Associated with Drug Use among Pre-Teens and Adolescents in MedellÌn, Colombia
Presenters: Yolanda Torres de Galvis

Title: The Relationship of Child ACS Hospitalizations to Parental Depression and Parental Depression Treatment
Presenters: J. Logan

Title: Are Clinicians' Views of Evidence-Based Treatment Consistent with the Evidence Base?
Presenters: David Mandell; Elizabeth Farmer

Title: Prevalence of Psychiatric Symptoms and Disorders Among Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: Findings from a Multi-State Study
Presenters: Joseph Cocozza; Karen Stern; Gary Blau

Title: The OJJDP Multi-State Study: Research Design and Sample Characteristics
Presenters: Kathleen Skowyra

Title: The Prevalence of Mental Health Symptoms Among Youth in the OJJDP Multi-State Study
Presenters: Sarah McLean

Title: Assessing Outcomes Over Time: Questioning Measurement Precision
Presenters: Ann Doucette

Title: Communication-Based Measurement in Outcomes Management Applications
Presenters: John Lyons

Title: Concurrent Monitoring: Frequent Formal Feedback Should Replace Ad Hoc Clinical Guesswork
Presenters: Leonard Bickman; Warren Lambert; Ana Regina Andrade

Title: The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Service Use, Expenditures, and Functional Outcomes
Presenters: James Yoe

Title: The Parents on a Mission Toolkit
Presenters: Rene` Anderson; Mary Henry

Title: Staying Strong: A programmatic Approach To Reducing Stigma
Presenters: Neil Pessin; Lori Rodriguez; Katherine Levine

Title: The Role of Family Pretreatment Variables in Mental Health Service Outcomes
Presenters: Sarah Dew; Tracy Pinkard

Title: Treatment Patterns for Children with ADHD Enrolled in the Florida Medicaid Program 1996-2001
Presenters: Janice Cooper; Meredith Rosenthal

Title: Project TEAM: A Family-Centered Approach to At-Risk Youth in King County
Presenters: Susan McLaughlin

Title: Level of Care Decisions: Predicting Service Utilization.
Presenters: Benjamin Ogles; James Healy

Title: Elopement from Residential Treatment by Youth with Serious Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (SEBD) in Hawaii
Presenters: Lesley Slavin

Title: Therapeutic Alliance in Pediatric Primary Care and Implications for Mental Health Interventions
Presenters: Jonathan Brown

Title: Evaluation of the Privatization of Child Welfare in Florida: An Organizational Analysis
Presenters: Amy Vargo; Frances Wallace

Title: Managing Complex Change in a System of Care
Presenters: David Duresky; Julie Radlauer

Title: A Qualitative Analysis of the Activities and Practices of Statewide Family Networks
Presenters: Shelley Spear; Gayle Wiler; Conni Wells

Title: Organizational Readiness for Change and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices
Presenters: Melanie Barwick

Title: A Mental Health Indicator for America's Children
Presenters: Gloria Simpson

Title: Baby FAST: Reducing Risk Factors and Building Resiliency by Bringing Families Together
Presenters: Pat Davenport

Title: The Implementation of Systems of Care at Fourteen CMHS Grant Communities
Presenters: Robert Paulson; Dean Fixsen; Robert Friedman; David Drews

Title: The Top Five Strategies to Enable the Use of Evidence-Based Programs
Presenters: Dean Fixsen; Karen Blase; Sandra Naoom; Frances Wallace

Title: National Estimates of Mental Health Service Use among Children: Effects of Insurance
Presenters: Anna Falkenstern

Presented at the 17th Annual Research Conference

Title: Exploring How Systems of Care Influence a Community’s Children’s Social Services
Presenters: Jeffrey Anderson

Title: Service Utilization, Costs, and Success in the Dawn Project
Presenters: Eric Wright

Title: Creating and Developing Policy, Program, and Evaluation of Services for Sexually Aggressive and Reactive Youth in a System of Care
Presenters: Steven Laffer; Patricia Lemp

Title: Issues for Pediatricians Who Prescribe Psychoactive Medications: Training, Experience, Needs, Implications
Presenters: Jennifer Taub; Matthew Johnsen; Christina Breault

Title: Family Integrated Transition for Juvenile Offenders: Efficacy, Adherence and Recidivism Outcomes
Presenters: David Stewart; Eric Trupin

Title: The Evidence-Based Treatment Knowledge and Practice of Children’s Mental Health Service Providers: Preliminary Findings from the Evidence-Based Treatment Survey
Presenters: Christine Walrath; Tommy Burrus

Title: Transportability of MST: Evidence for Multi-level Influences
Presenters: Sonya Schoenwald

Title: Organizational Influences on the Dissemination of Functional Family Therapy
Presenters: Thomas Sexton

Title: A Mixed Methods Study of Collaboration in Systems of Care
Presenters: Mary Evans; Mary Armstrong

Title: Perspectives of Parents, Case Managers and Pediatricians on Children and Psychopharmacology: Results from Focus Groups
Presenters: Jennifer Taub; Matthew Johnsen; Christina Breault

Title: Interagency Accountability Systems Development within Complex Systems Change in Hawaii
Presenters: Mary Brogan; Robert Campbell; Virginia Shaw

Title: Characteristics of Children with Autism Served in Community Mental Health Settings
Presenters: David Mandell

Title: Correlates of Abuse Among Children With Autism in Community Mental Health Settings
Presenters: David Mandell

Title: Diagnoses and CAFAS Functioning for Medicaid-funded Levels of Care in a Rural State
Presenters: Helen Snyder; Warren Galbreath

Title: Maintaining Reliability in Ontario's Outcome Initiative (CAFAS): Rater Drift and Training Approaches
Presenters: Melanie Barwick; Christine Omrin

Title: Functional Improvements of Children Referred to a School-based Preventive Mental Health Intervention
Presenters: Scott Rosas

Title: Implementing Wraparound Within School Settings: An Overview and Evaluation of School-based Wraparound Programs in Central Nebraska
Presenters: Reece Peterson; Al Neuhaus

Title: System of Care and Residential Placement: A Report from OPC SOC-NET
Presenters: May Alexander; Maria Fernandez; Terri Grant

Title: Can Family Strength Reduce Risk of Substance Abuse Among Youth with SED?
Presenters: Michael Pullman; Ana Maria Brannan

Title: Youth with Emotional, Behavioral and Substance Abuse Disorders in Multiple Service Systems
Presenters: Robert Stephens

Title: Follow-up of Multisystemic Therapy as an Alternative to Psychiatric Hospitalization
Presenters: Melissa Rowland

Title: Intensive, In-home, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services Implementation of a State-wide Service
Presenters: Joseph Woolston

Title: Home-based Psychiatric Treatment of Children and Adolescents
Presenters: Douglas Robbins

Title: Collaboration in Action: Sharing Goals, Risks and Outcomes
Presenters: Katherine Grimes

Title: The National Wraparound Initiative: Toward Consistent Implementation of High-Quality Wraparound
Presenters: Eric Bruns; Jane Adams; Trina Osher; Janet Walker

Title: Project MATCH: Fidelity and Outcomes
Presenters: Eric Bruns

Title: Wraparound for Non-Typical Populations: Can we Bring These Youth Home?
Presenters: Twylla Abrahamson; Kimberly Tyda; Daria Rostovtseva

Title: A Comparison of the Impact of Wraparound to Traditional Mental Health and Child Welfare Services on Outcomes and Cost
Presenters: Christa Peterson; Jim Rast

Title: Substance Abuse, Systems of Care, and Adolescents with SED: A One-Year Follow-Up
Presenters: Shawn Acheson; Maria Fernandez; May Alexander; Elizabeth Sharpe

Title: Provider Attitudes and Practices in System-of-Care and Non-System-of-Care Communities
Presenters: Brigitte Manteuffel; Elizabeth Grossman; Robert Stephens

Title: Adult Outcomes of Girls and Boys Town Youth: A Follow-up Report
Presenters: Ronald Thompson

Title: Sustaining Systems of Care: Preliminary Findings from the Sustainability Study
Presenters: Beth Stroul; Brigitte Manteuffel; Tracey Lockaby

Title: Fidelity Symposium
Presenters: Eric Bruns

Title: Impact of Teaching and Coaching Methods on the Fidelity of the Wraparound Process
Presenters: Jim Rast

Title: Team Members' Perceptions of Wraparound Teamwork: An Intensive Analysis of Videotaped Meetings
Presenters: Janet Walker

Title: Does Wraparound Adherence Predict Wraparound Outcomes? A Multi-Site Investigation
Presenters: Eric Bruns; Kristen Leverentz-Brady; Jim Rast

Title: State and Academic Partnerships: Filling Service Gaps and Tying Systems Together
Presenters: Tom Catron; Michael Cull

Title: Resilience and Children's Mental Health
Presenters: Robert Friedman

Title: Resilience: The SAMHSA Perspective
Presenters: Nancy Davis

Title: Promoting Resilience for Children in Ohio's Mental Health System Symposium on Resilience
Presenters: Rick Shepler

Title: Development of the Early Adolescence Resilience Survey
Presenters: Lodi Lipien

Title: The Links among Perceived Adherence to the System of Care Philosophy, Consumer Satisfaction, and Improvements in Child Functioning
Presenters: Kelly Rogers; Maria Fernandez; Terri Shelton; James Frabutt

Title: The Link Between Family Involvement and Youth Problem Behaviors: Evidence for Bi-Directional Relations
Presenters: Kelly Rogers; Terri Shelton

Title: Mental and Physical Health of Youth in Clinical and Community Settings
Presenters: Teresa Kramer; Mario Hernandez

Title: Relationship between Chronic Medical Conditions and Mental Health Service Outcomes in Adolescents
Presenters: Teresa Kramer

Title: Impact of Mental Disorders on Pediatric Hospitalizations for Physical Illness and Injury
Presenters: Terri Miller

Title: Relationships between Depression and Obesity among Adolescents Participating in NHANES III
Presenters: Martha Phillips

Title: Evaluating A Multi-Media Social Marketing Campaigns to Promote Universal Access to Care in Hillsborough County, FL
Presenters: Amelia Petrila; Debra Harris

Title: Using Medicaid Claims to Examine Co-Occurring Substance Use and Psychiatric Disorders Among Adolescents
Presenters: Craig Anne Heflinger

Title: The High School Transition Study: Preliminary Results of a School-Based Randomized Controlled Trial
Presenters: Elizabeth McCauley; Anne Vander Stoep; Jennifer Pelton

Title: Findings from the Health Care Reform Tracking Project's 2003 State Surveys
Presenters: Mary Armstrong

Title: Meeting the Needs of Children and Adolescents with Serious and Complex Needs
Presenters: Sheila Pires

Title: Serving Youth With Serious and Complex Behavioral Health Needs in Managed Care Systems
Presenters: Beth Stroul

Title: Child Welfare Special Analysis
Presenters: Jan McCarthy

Title: Family Involvement in Managed Care
Presenters: Virginia Wood

Title: The Impact of Multisystemic Therapy on Children Within a System of Care
Presenters: Mark DeKraai

Title: Racial Socialization: A Protective Factor for Urban African American Youth Mental Health
Presenters: William Bannon

Title: A Qualitative Analysis of Caregiver Strain in Families of Court-Involved Youth
Presenters: James Frabutt; Margaret Arbuckle; April Forsbrey

Title: Effectiveness of Innovations in Time-Limited Intensive Services
Presenters: Jeffrey Carter

Title: The Role of Therapeutic Alliance in Therapy Outcomes for Youth in Residential Care
Presenters: Michael Handwerk; Jay Ringle

Title: Using Change Theories to Assess System of Care Development
Presenters: Vicki Sprague Effland; Betty Walton

Title: The Link Between Process and Outcomes: The Dawn Project Experience
Presenters: Eric Wright; Knute Rotto

Title: Predicting Success in a System of Care
Presenters: Harold Kooreman

Title: Engaging Families into Mental Health Treatments and Services for Children and Youth
Presenters: Mary McKay

Title: Indiana Local Systems of Care Assessment Project
Presenters: Thomas Pavkov; Elizabeth Greenwald; Betty Walton

Title: Engagement of Families in Evidence-Based Trauma Treatment: Initial Findings
Presenters: Mary McKay

Title: A School-based Treatment for Traumatized Children
Presenters: Sheryl Kataoka

Title: Using Communities of Practice to Increase Readiness for Change and Support Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices
Presenters: Melanie Barwick

Title: Community-Based Response to Trauma: A Three-Part Study of a Successful Program
Presenters: Lenore Behar; Joan Mikula

Title: Description of the Program
Presenters: Robert Macy; Lenore Behar; Robert Paulson; Lisa Schmid

Title: Relevance to Children's Mental Health, Systems of Care
Presenters: Karl Peterson

Title: The Responses of Community Leaders/Stakeholders
Presenters: Lenore Behar

Title: Interviews with Participants in the Training Program
Presenters: Lisa Schmid

Title: The Case Reports of the Traumatic Events
Presenters: Robert Paulson

Title: The San Francisco High Quality Child Care Mental Health Consultation Initiative
Presenters: Deborah Sherwood

Title: Analyzing Longitudinal Dyadic Student-Counselor Relationships: Benefits of Using Multilevel Models vs. Classical Models
Presenters: Ana Regina Andrade

Title: Connecting With Youth – Building A Therapeutic Relationship: Examining The Contributions of Youth and Teacher/Counselors
Presenters: Ann Doucette; Mary Beth Rauktis; Lynne Boley

Title: Building Resilience in At-Risk Children: Preliminary Outcomes of the WCDV Children's Study
Presenters: Chanson Noether; Lisa Russell; Laura Morris; Norma Finkelstein

Title: Variations in Experiences of Systems of Care: An Exploratory Analysis of Respondent Types
Presenters: Natalie Henrich; Phyllis Gyamfi

Title: Conflict Management in Systems of Care: A Fruitful Research Agenda?
Presenters: R. Thomlinson; Andrea Blanch; Robyn Boustead

Title: Service Quality Improvement in School Mental Health
Presenters: Mark Weist; Sharon Hoover

Title: Staying the Course: Correlates and Effects of Therapist Adherence to the MST Model
Presenters: Sarah Hurley; Mark Vander Weg; Tim Goldsmith

Title: The Impact of Prior Service Costs on Change in Externalizing Problems
Presenters: Robert Stephens; Anna Krivelyova

Title: Organizational Cultural Competence
Presenters: Eleanor Castillo

Title: People Working Together: A Behavioral Health Delivery System for Alaska Native Children
Presenters: Mark Anaruk; Laura Baez

Title: The Circle Project: Creating Social Capital for Students and Families
Presenters: Mary Laska; Amy Shadoin

Title: Monitoring Service System Quality and Improvement: Addressing the Need for a Common Approach
Presenters: Ann Doucette; Doreen Cavanaugh

Title: NLTS2: A National Look at School Programs and Services for Students with Emotional Disturbances
Presenters: Mary Wagner; William Sumi

Title: Studies of Services and Systems Involved During the Transition to Adulthood
Presenters: Maryann Davis

Title: Students with Emotional Disturbances: How Are Schools Preparing Them for Adulthood?
Presenters: Mary Wagner

Title: Youth in Transition: Needs and Service Utilization
Presenters: Michael Pullmann; Nancy Koroloff

Title: Substance Abuse and the Functioning of Transition-Aged Youth with Psychiatric Disorders
Presenters: Maryann Davis; Valerie Williams

Title: Graduate Training in Parent Professional Partnerships: A Training Model That Impacts Children's Mental Health
Presenters: Susan McCammon; Sandra Spencer; Leanne Pitts; Jeannie Golden; Johanna McDonald

Title: Partnerships for Treating Children with Autism
Presenters: Leanne Pitts; Jeannie Golden

Title: Partnerships for Treating a Child with Cerebral Palsy and Behavioral and Emotional Difficulties
Presenters: Jeannie Golden

Title: Partnerships for Treating a Child with School Avoidance and Panic Attacks
Presenters: Adam Spencer; Jeannie Golden

Title: Partnerships for Treating a Child with Multiple Psychiatric Disorders
Presenters: Jeannie Golden

Title: Strengths and Outcomes for Youth Receiving Acute Care Inpatient Mental Health Services
Presenters: Stephanie Greenham; Lise Bisnaire

Title: Strengths and Outcomes for Children in Foster Care
Presenters: Julie Eisengart; Stephanie Hanko

Title: Strengths and Outcomes for Youth in Juvenile Justice
Presenters: Laura Rogers; John Arroyo

Title: Family Organizations as Strong SOC Partners: Methods for Building Family Organization Capacity
Presenters: John Ferrone; Candy Kennedy; Mark DeKraai