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Presented at the 20th Annual Research Conference

Evaluating the Development, Dissemination and Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices and Products in the National Child Traumatic Stress Network

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Session Number: 1000 Room: Salon E & F

Presenting: Elizabeth Douglas

All Authors for this paper: Elizabeth Douglas; Judy Rothschild; John Hedderson

Presentation Type: poster presentation

Synopsis: The mission of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), a network of 44 academic- and community-based centers, is to improve access to services for children exposed to traumatic events and to raise the standard of their care. To this end, NCTSN centers promote the development, dissemination, and adoption of trauma-informed, evidence-based practices. This presentation reviews preliminary findings from two studies of the NCTSN cross-site evaluation designed to assess the extent to which such practices and products are in fact developed and disseminated by the NCTSN and the extent to which they are adopted by NCTSN centers and affiliated partners.

Date: Sunday, March 4, 2007

Session Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM