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Presented at the 21st Annual Research Conference

Assessing System-wide Conditions for Wraparound Implementation: The Community Supports for Wraparound Inventory

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Presenting: Janet Walker; Becca Sanders

All Authors for this paper: Janet Walker; Becca Sanders

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: This session focuses on findings from the pilot test of the Community Supports for Wraparound Inventory (CSWI), a measure of the system-level implementation support for wraparound. Seven wraparound communities (total N=283) nationally participated in the pilot. Results provide evidence of the measure’s reliability. Additionally, community representatives report that the CSWI data and feedback process have been relevant and helpful. A local community evaluator will provide perspectives on the CSWI and how data have informed local planning and implementation decisions.

Core Implementation Components and the Wraparound Literature: Building a Research Agenda

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Presenting: Rosalyn Bertram; Julie Farr; Kathy Cox

All Authors for this paper: Rosalyn Bertram; Julie Farr; Kathy Cox

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: A review of 35 years of implementation research across diverse fields (Fixsen et al, 2005) served as framework for examining implementation research on the wraparound process. Over 70 studies were reviewed and organized into a core implementation component grid to identify what is known as well as gaps. This portion of the symposium will present the purpose and method of this ongoing study, initial results, and implications for developing a comprehensive wraparound implementation research agenda.

The State Wraparound Survey, 2007: An Update on Wraparound Implementation across the United States

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Presenting: April Sather; Eric Bruns; Leyla Stambaugh

All Authors for this paper: April Sather; Eric Bruns; Leyla Stambaugh; Barbara Burns

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: The current paper presents a follow-up to a 1998 survey of state officials about wraparound implementation nationally. Similar to 1998, about 85% of states report wraparound efforts; however, the percent of states with statewide initiatives has decreased. At the same time, the percent of states with implementation standards has increased, as has the percent with infrastructure to support local implementation. Results from open-ended questions about implementation successes, challenges, and evaluation will also be presented and discussed.

From Paper to Performance: Implementation Research and the Wraparound Process

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Session Number: 19 Room: Salon C

Presenting: Dean Fixsen; Dean Fixsen

All Authors for this paper: Dean Fixsen; Dean Fixsen

Presentation Type: brief symposium

Synopsis: Wraparound is a complex process that requires that family members, providers, and key members of the family’s social support network collaborate to build and implement a creative plan that responds to the individualized needs of the child and family. To implement wraparound successfully at the child and family level, significant effort is also needed at the system and organizational levels. This symposium will focus on the complexity of wraparound implementation through three presentations: (1) a pilot test of a new measure of the level of system and community support for wraparound implementation, (2) a review of existing implementation research on wraparound, and (3) results from a national follow-up survey about wraparound implementation across the 50 states, four territories, and the District of Columbia. The discussant, a national leader on implementation research, will provide comments on the state of wraparound implementation research and the usefulness of the current results.


Session Time: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM