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Presented at the 21st Annual Research Conference

The Challenges of Changing Public Policy

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Presenting: Howard Davidson; Sarah Steverman; Brian Lombrowski; Maia Szalavitz

All Authors for this paper: Howard Davidson; Sarah Steverman; Brian Lombrowski; Maia Szalavitz

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: This panel represents several different sources of influence for public policy. In 2006, the American Bar Association passed a resolution urging enactment of laws requiring the licensing, regulating, and monitoring of private residential treatment facilities. Discussion of the ABA resolution will include findings from the Center on Children and the Law, and reports in a special issue of the journal, Family Court Review. The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) has worked with legislators to review current statutes and monitoring practices for residential treatment. The discussion of NCSL’s role will include strategies under consideration by states and will review challenges and opportunities identified by state policymakers. In addition to the ABA and NCSL, both well-established national organizations, a relatively new organization is working to create change in public policy concerning residential treatment. The Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth (CAFETY) is a volunteer, youth-driven effort that focuses on the protection of the human rights of youth in residential programs. CAFETY is spearheading a 'Care, not Coercion' Campaign, in support of federal and state legislation through engagement in public education efforts, outreach, grassroots advocacy and organizing, and alliance-building. Public policy is also influenced by those who champion a cause through the media. A noted author has done considerable investigation of residential programs for youth and published a book focussing on how parents, in the absence of guidance or knowledge, deal with a child who has behavior, alcohol or drug problems.

Unregulated Residential Services: The Challenge to Ensure Quality Services and Protections---Part II

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Session Number: 12 Room: Salon D

Presenting: Lenore Behar; Robert Friedman

All Authors for this paper: Lenore Behar; Robert Friedman

Presentation Type: brief symposium

Synopsis: This session, Part 2 of the symposia on unregulated residential services, will raise issues of how multiple forces for change can coalesce, how others can help bring about these changes in public policy, and how sound research can contribute to these efforts. The panel will examine the influence of the American Bar Association resolution on regulation, the National Conference of State Legislature's consultation with states on issues of licensure, and the role of the public media and grassroots media.


Session Time: 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM