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Presented at the 17th Annual Research Conference

Evaluating A Multi-Media Social Marketing Campaigns to Promote Universal Access to Care in Hillsborough County, FL

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Session Number: 23 Room: Salon B

Presenting: Amelia Petrila; Debra Harris

All Authors for this paper: Amelia Petrila; Debra Harris

Presentation Type: part of symposium

Synopsis: THINK,the grant community in Hillsborough County FL, utilized an on-line survey to evaluate the effectiveness of their social marketing campaign intended to improve parental attitudes about children's mental health and to increase public awareness of "2-1-1: The Parent HelpLine". 300 respondents were queried to determine awareness, attitudes, most effective advertising mediums and barriers. Additional data from the Parent HelpLine will also be presented, showing correlation between increased call volume, media buys, and other social marketing techniques.

Date: Monday, March 1, 2004

Session Time: 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM