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Presented at the 19th Annual Research Conference

Family Choice of Services and Providers: Procedures and Results - Part II

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Session Number: 12 Room: Salon G

Presentation Type: symposium

Chair: Jennifer Clancy Discussant: Jennifer Clancy

Synopsis: For this second session, representatives of systems that are applying this concept will present. Each representative will briefly describe their system and how family choice of services and providers is implemented within their system. Presenters will focus on the outcomes of the use of family choice with regard to: youth and parent satisfaction; effectiveness of treatment; change in provider behavior; and other systemic changes.

Date: Thursday, February 23, 2006

Session Time: 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

Presentation Time: 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

Family Voice in Massachusetts Mental Health Services Program for Youth (MHSPY)

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Presenting: Katherine Grimes

All Authors for this paper: Katherine Grimes

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: This presentation will describe the various ways that MHSPY engages and relies on the family voice to help create effective change. Brief video footage is planned showing MHSPY families in action, after which Dr. Grimes will provide an overview of the program model, with its multiple mechanisms for shared governance. This will be followed by Ms. Day-Medeiros offering specific family stories as examples of the difference made through the family-to-family support opportunities within the program. All of this is intended to stimulate active participant discussion of the rewards and challenges of integrating traditional and non-traditional services for families of children with special mental health care needs.

Family Choice in the DAWN Project

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Presenting: Knute Rotto

All Authors for this paper: Knute Rotto

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: The Dawn Project, a program of Choices, Inc., makes family choice a non-negotiable element for every Child and Family team. Families/Caregivers are at the center of the decision making process, including flexible funds to choose services and accessible resources and supports necessary to care for their child. The families choose from a large provider network that range from independent contractors to large human service agencies, totaling over 100 active providers. These providers are responsive to families, offering a variety of services and supports that are customized for the individuals receiving them and become part of the Child and Family Teams where the families review the progress monthly holding providers accountable. 90% of the Dawn families report services to be helpful and met their needs.

Family Voice in Atlanta

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Presenting: Sue Smith

All Authors for this paper: Sue Smith

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: Georgia Parent Support Network Inc. was one of the founding partners in the ChAMPS System of Care Collaborative in Fulton County, Atlanta, GA. over 10 years ago. The charge of GPSN, as the family organization, was to provide oversight, monitoring and implementation. Services are provided through the ChAMPS collaborative to families using the Wraparound philosophy of service delivery. Youth and family drive the choice and delivery of services. Anna McLaughlin and I will chronicle the opportunities and challenges that ChAMPS has grown through in ensuring that Family Choice is always the driving force behind service delivery.