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Presented at the 18th Annual Research Conference

State Policy Research: Building An Infrastructure for Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices

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Session Number: 14 Room: Salon J

Presentation Type: symposium

Chair: Kimberly Eaton Hoagwood Discussant: Heather Ringeisen

Synopsis: This symposium will highlight three state policy grant projects, funded jointly by NIMH and SAMHSA, which aim to promote state-level research on the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices (EBPs) in children's mental health. New York state, Michigan, and Maryland were part of the initial cohort of these state planning grants and all are examining ways to strengthen the policy research infrastructure on children's mental health. Each project will be described by both the state policy administrator and the academic research partner. Findings from the first year of each of the projects will be presented as well as plans for future expansion of state-level research on EBP implementation for children and families.

Date: Monday, March 7, 2005

Session Time: 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

New York State Policy Perspective on Evidence-Based Practice

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Presenting: Kimberly Hoagwood; Marian Schwager

All Authors for this paper: Kimberly Hoagwood; Marian Schwager

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: In New York State, extensive efforts have been undertaken to deploy specific empirically validated services into a range of school health clinics and outpatient mental health facilities. From a policy planning purpose, however, we identified a need to create a framework, typology, and methods for examining key features of organizational context - particularly organizational readiness - likely to influence the effective and efficient integration of EBPs into child-service systems. Four activities have been undertaken and will be described.

Outcome Data, State-University Collaboration & Individualized Site Visits Advance Interest in EBTs

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Presenting: Kay Hodges; Jim Wotring; Heidi Wale

All Authors for this paper: Kay Hodges; Jim Wotring; Heidi Wale

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: Efforts to advance training in evidence-based practices (EBTs) by the state of Michigan are described, including: 1) outcomes for statewide training on Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Depression, 2) pilot project on dissemination of the Oregon Model of Parent Management training, 3) site visits to providers that were interactive, individualized, and data-based, 4) dissemination of information on EBTs to consumers and practitioners, and 5) use of data to advocate for rational decision-making at the state level. These activities have taken place within the context of a long-term commitment by the state to collecting outcome data and an orientation toward inclusiveness of all interested stakeholders. The result is an enthusiastic reception of EBTs by practitioners.

Maryland Science to Service for Children's Mental Health: Assessing Statewide Implementation of Treatment Foster Care

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Presenting: Eric Bruns

All Authors for this paper: Eric Bruns

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: This presentation will describe efforts in Maryland to promote the successful implementation of evidence-based mental health treatments for children and their families. Maryland's NIMH-funded Science to Service project aims to pilot several protocols, including stakeholder focus groups on challenges related to EBP adoption, implementation and fidelity assessment, outcome measurement, and feedback to stakeholders. Results from initial efforts with one specific EBP,treatment foster care, will be presented.