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Presented at the 21st Annual Research Conference

Using Administrative and Other Data Sources to Address Disparities in Care for Ethnically and Racially Diverse Populations

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Presenting: Kamala Allen

All Authors for this paper: Kamala Allen

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: With work that began with health plans serving predominantly Medicaid beneficiaries and continues with the National Health Plan Collaborative, CHCS is working to identify ways to improve the quality of health care for racially and ethnically diverse populations. Each of the Collaborative health plans is evaluating provider-, member- and community-targeted approaches that use race and ethnicity data to determine the effectiveness of these approaches in reducing gaps in care and improving the quality of care racial and ethnic populations receive.

An Overview of the CBMCS Multicultural Training Program: Implications for Community Mental Health

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Presenting: Glenn Gamst

All Authors for this paper: Glenn Gamst

Presentation Type: element of symposium

Synopsis: Training for service providers now encompasses the needs, problems, and mental health concerns of our multicultural society. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the California Brief Multicultural Competence Scale (CBMCS) and a 32-hour multicultural training program, derived from the CBMCS self-report cultural competence instrument. This training, designed to be applicable across mental health settings and providers with different professional backgrounds and affiliations, can effectively bridge the gap between research-based psychological science and community practice.

Utilizing Administrative/Existing State Data for Policy, Planning and Service Delivery to Address Disparities

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Session Number: 53 Room: Salon G

Presenting: Larke Huang

All Authors for this paper: Larke Huang

Presentation Type: brief symposium

Synopsis: This presentation will describe several initiatives that have used existing administrative state or organizational data to track gaps in care and bias in decision making, and develop organizational cultural competency plans.

Date: Monday, February 25, 2008

Session Time: 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM