System of Care Curricula Initiative

University of California-Santa Barbara

Child and Adolescent Assessment: Strengths and Contexts

In this course, s tudents will learn about the developing field of strength-based assessment. They will be exposed to a range of strength-based assessments that can be used with children and adolescents in the schools and community settings. Throughout the course we will integrate information about the valid use of these tools with special populations of youth. Students will also learn about the connections between strength-based assessments and the fields of positive psychology, positive youth development, optimism and pessimism, and psychological well being and life satisfaction. At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to critically evaluate and use the tools covered and have a better understanding of the newly forming field of strength based assessment. To provide coverage of relevant NASP and CCTC training standards, we will also examine strength-based assessment as being embedded in a transactional development model.

Available Materials
Course Syllabus/Description/Reading [215kb pdf]
Course Calendar [59kb pdf]

Psychoeducational Strategies In The Schools

In this course, group and individual strategies for prevention and intervention with children and adolescents who are at-risk or have mild disabilities will be explored. Strategies in the following areas will be examined: academic, social, personal, school-level, and family. Particular attention will be given to processes and challenges involved in the implementation of these strategies. As well, effectiveness and evaluation issues will be explored.

Available Materials
Course Syllabus/Description/Reading [98kb pdf]