System of Care Curricula Initiative

How to Join

The Systems-of-Care Curriculum Initiative represents a partnership among those working to incorporate key SOC-concepts into university-based training programs.

The purpose of this initiative, which features document sharing and e-mail subscription services to support the transfer of knowledge within the field, is to provide a set of resources and partnerships aimed at incorporating key concepts from System of Care approaches into curricula. This resource may be used in the development of university-based training programs for new professionals entering the behavioral and mental health field, as well as to retrain and retool existing providers to perform roles and responsibilities for which they have not been explicitly trained.

To Join the Curriculum discussion board or listserv, simply link to, where you may register to participate in discussions, share documents, or subscribe to receive e-mail pertaining to any topics of interest.

For more information about the Initiative, or to request a review of your Institution's curricula, please contact Carol MacKinnon-Lewis, 813-974-2075.