System of Care Curricula Initiative

University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Family-Centered Interdisciplinary Practice:
System of Care

Human services are rapidly undergoing a transformation to a System of Care with an integrated, seamless delivery system, requiring collaborative partnerships with professionals and family members. The Systems of Care are based upon core values and principles that infuse all aspects of service planning and delivery. These values and principles include:

  1. a family-centered approach;
  2. strengths-based approach to effective helping;
  3. full partnerships with families and professionals;
  4. community-based services, both formal and informal;
  5. culturally responsive services;
  6. interagency collaboration that focuses on wrapping services around the child and family that include nursing, social work, psychology, child development, public health, education, recreation, and mental health.

Using services for children at-risk as examples, this approach will prepare professionals to work in partnership with families and to participate in interdisciplinary teams in a variety of settings, serving children and their families.

Available Materials:
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