System of Care Curricula Initiative

East Carolina University

The Social Sciences Training Consortium

The Social Sciences Training Consortium (SSTC) was established to develop curricula that incorporate systems of care philosophy and techniques, and to provide training, consultation, and technical assistance with service providers. An interdisciplinary effort involving key Eastern Carolina University departments and faculty, the activities of the SSTC have included:

  1. Curriculum development, teaching and training related to systems of care, especially in our pre-service professional degree programs (Nursing M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy M.A., Clinical Psychology M.A., Social Work B.A. and M. W.S. W.)
  2. Development of interdisciplinary field placements in the community,
  3. Incorporation of parents as presenters and co-faculty in our courses,
  4. Service system support, and
  5. Research and its dissemination through presentations and publications.

List of Publications by ECU/PAL [26kb pdf]

Interdisciplinary Practice: Services for Children with Serious Emotional Disorders and Their Families

This course provides an overview of the interdisciplinary, collaborative process and a system of care model to be used across disciplines in mental health services for children with serious emotional disturbances and their families. This course prepares professionals to participate in holistic interdisciplinary team practice in a variety of settings.

Course objectives include being able to:

  1. Define the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration in service provision for children with serious emotional disturbances and their families
  2. Differentiate between parallel practice, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary models
  3. Analyze the strengths and challenges of using interdisciplinary models for family service or care delivery
  4. Demonstrate how system of care principles can be integrated into all disciplines and define the implications for professional practice
  5. Compare/contrast treatment planning processes among disciplines
  6. Develop interdisciplinary practice guidelines to promote holistic care using an interdisciplinary framework

Available Materials:
Course Description [368kb pdf]
Course Syllabus [119kb pdf]