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A System of Care for Children's Mental Health: Expanding the Research Base
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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Building and Maintaining Systems of Care
Chapter 2: Evidence-Based Practices and Processes in Systems of Care

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3: Wraparound Fidelity and Processes

Chapter 3

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Chapter 4: Professional Training and Workforce Development in Systems of Care

Chapter 4

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Chapter 5: Measurement and Instrumentation

Chapter 5

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Chapter 6: Family Involvement and Perspectives

Chapter 6

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Chapter 7: Sensitivity to Culture in Systems of Care

Chapter 7

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Chapter 8: Early Intervention, Trauma, Resilience and Health

Chapter 8

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Chapter 9: School-Based Approaches

Chapter 9

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Chapter 10: Substance Abuse, Child Welfare, and Juvenile Justice

Chapter 10

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Chapter 11: Outcomes and Processes of Residential and Intensive Services

Chapter 11

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Chapter 12: Transition to Adulthood

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