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A System of Care for Children's Mental Health: Expanding the Research Base
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Chapter 1: Building and Maintaining Systems of Care

System-of-Care Implementation: Lessons Learned from Nine Graduating CMHS Grant Communities
Robert M. Friedman, Robert Paulson, Dean Fixsen

Merging a Systems of Care Approach and a Public Health Framework
Larke Huang, Deborah Perry, Joyce Sebian, Nancy Davis, Susan Stromberg

The Influence of System of Care Implementation on Clinical Outcomes
John W. Gilford, Jr., Robert L. Stephens, E. Michael Foster

Using Change Theories to Assess System of Care Development
Vicki Sprague Effland, Betty Walton, Janet McIntyre

A Mixed Methods Study of Collaboration in Systems of Care
Mary E. Evans, Mary I. Armstrong

Symposium: Working Models of Collaboration: Key Components, Strategies, and Results
Chair: Katherine E. Grimes

Symposium Introduction
Katherine E. Grimes
Follow-Up of Multisystemic Therapy as an Alternative to Psychiatric Hospitalization
Melisa D. Rowland
Intensive In-Home, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS): Development of a State-Wide Service
Joseph L. Woolston
Home-Based Psychiatric Treatment of Children and Adolescents
Douglas R. Robbins, L. Tweed, B. Fowler, Jay Yoe, W. L. Cook
Collaboration in Action: Sharing Goals, Risks and Outcomes
Katherine E. Grimes

Symposium: Examination of Relationships among Service Use, Demographic and Clinical Characteristics, and Outcomes for Children and Families Enrolled in Systems of Care
Chair: Qinghong Liao

Symposium Introduction
Qinghong Lioa
Service Use among Children and Families Participating in Systems of Care
Bhuvana Sukumar, Gina Sgro
Predictors of Service Use Among Children and Families Participating in Systems of Care
Ann Price, Phyllis Gyamfi
Relationship Among Service Use, Outcomes, and Caregiver Satisfaction
Qinghong Lioa, Bhuvana Sukumar

A Latent Class Analysis of Presenting Problems for Children Enrolled in Systems of Care
Qinghong Liao, Robert L. Stephens

Variations in Experiences of Systems of Care: An Exploratory Analysis of Respondent Types
Natalie Henrich, Phyllis Gyamfi, Gina Sgro

Provider Attitudes and Practices in System-of-Care and Non- System-of-Care Communities
Brigitte Manteuffel, Liz S. Grossman, Bob Stephens

Characteristics of Children Referred to Systems-Of-Care Vs. Usual Care
Katherine E. Grimes, Brian Mullin, Jacquelyn Subberra, Patricia Kapunan

Symposium: The Link Between Process and Outcomes: The Dawn Project Experience
Chair: Eric R. Wright

Symposium Introduction
Eric R. Wright
Predicting Success in a System of Care
Eric R. Wright, Harold Kooreman, Jeffrey A. Anderson
Exploring How Systems of Care influence a Community’s Childrem’s Social Services
Jeffrey A. Anderson, Eric R. Wright
Service Utilization, Expenditures, and Success in the Dawn Project
Eric R. Wright, Harold Kooreman, Jeffrey A. Anderson

Symposium Overview: Health Care Reform Tracking Project—Summary of Key
Findings 1995-2003
Chair: Mary I. Armstrong
Contributing Authors: Sheila A. Pires, Beth A. Stroul , Jan McCarthy, Virginia Wood


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