School-Based Mental Health:
An Empirical Guide for Decision-Makers

by Krista Kutash, Albert J. Duchnowski, and Nancy Lynn

The guide provides practical information and advice for those engaged in developing and implementing effective evidence-based services in the school setting. This resource (1) describes the principal models and approaches identified in the literature from mental health and education, (2) critiques the empirical support for the approaches described, and (3) suggests how science, policy, and practice can be integrated to achieve effective school-based mental health service systems through the adoption of the public health model.

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Front Cover, Table of Contents and Preface [ 61 kb pdf ]

Chapter 1 Why School-Based? [ 92 kb pdf ]

Chapter 2 Prevention Definitions [ 116 kb pdf ]

Chapter 3 Description of Conceptual Models of School-Based Mental Health [ 316 kb pdf ]

Chapter 4 The Empirical Base of School-Based Mental Health Services [ 292 kb pdf ]

Chapter 5 The Role of Federal Policy and Initiatives on School-Based Mental Health [ 76 kb pdf ]

Chapter 6 The Organization and Financing of School-Based Mental Health Services [ 96 kb pdf ]

Chapter 7 School-Based Mental Health Services: Meeting the Challenge, Realizing the Potential [ 132 kb pdf ]

Chapter 8 Summary [ 48 kb pdf ]

References [ 84 kb pdf ]

Appendix [ 292 kb pdf ]

Download the Entire Guide [ 1.4 mb pdf ]


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