Logo for the Health Care Tracking ProjectPromising Approaches for Behavioral Health Services to Children and Adolescents and Their Families in Managed Care SystemsA Series of the Health Care Tracking Reorm Project

Table of Contents
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Introduction [424kb]

Overview [280kb]

State and Local Descriptions

Sample Sites Using State-Developed Guidelines

Arizona [268kb]

Delaware [296kb]

Pennsylvania [268kb]

Texas [296kb]

Sample Sites Using Existing Standardized Protocol

Hawaii  [224kb]

Michigan [320kb]

Community Mental Health Authority of Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham Counties (MI) [280kb]

New Jersey [444kb]

North Carolina [220kb]

Sample Sites Using Formalized Individualized Wraparound Approaches

DAWN Project, Marion County (IN)  [300kb]

Mental Health Services Program for Youth (MHSPY) (MA) [220kb]

Wraparound Milwaukee, Milwaukee County (WI) [500kb]

Appendix and Order Form [1.2mb]

Issue 1, Managed Care Design & Financing; Sheila A. Pires