A Self-Assessment and Planning Guide: Developing a Comprehensive Financing Plan

by Armstrong, Pires, McCarthy, Stroul, Wood, and Pizzigati
This self-assessment and planning guide is the first of a new series from Study 3: Financing Structures and Strategies to Support Effective Systems of Care, which is being conducted as apart of The Research and Training Center for Children's Mental Health at the University of South Florida. The purpose of the Guide is to aid states, communities, tribes, territories, and organizations to assess their current financing structures/strategies; identify outcomes to achieve; consider a variety of financing strategies; and to prepare to develop a strategic financing plan. The Guide is designed to put policymakers and planners one step closer to developing a comprehensive financing plan to support effective systems of care.

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1 Identification of Current Spending and Utilization Patterns Across Agencies

2 Realignment of Funding Streams and Structures

3 Financing of Appropriate Services and Supports

4 Financing to Support Family and Youth Partnerships

5 Financing to Improve Cultural Linguistic Competence and Reduce

6 Financing to Improve the Workforce and Provider Network

7 Financing for Accountability