Health Care Reform Tracking Report

2000 State Survey

Download the Entire Report [727 kb pdf]

I. Introduction and Methodology [76 kb pdf]
II. General Information about State Managed Care Initiatives [151 kb pdf]
III. Populations Covered by Managed Care Reform [64 kb pdf]
IV. Managed Care Entities [74 kb pdf]
V. Service Coverage and Capacity [113 kb pdf]
VI. Special Provisions for Youth with Serious and Complex Behavioral Health Needs [89 kb pdf]
VII. Financing and Risk [145 kb pdf]
VIII. Clinical Decision Making and Management Mechanisms [84 kb pdf]
IX. Access [73 kb pdf]
X. Service Coordination [71 kb pdf]
XI. Early Identification and Intervention [48 kb pdf]
XII. Cultural Competence [73 kb pdf]
XIII. Family Involvement [85 kb pdf]
XIV. Providers [ 88 kb pdf]
XV. Accountability [64 kb pdf]
XVI. State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) [73 kb pdf]
XVII. Concluding Observations [28 kb pdf]

Child Welfare Special Analysis:

Introduction [42 kb pdf]
Results of the 2000 State Survey [102 kb pdf]
Summary [33 kb pdf]

Table of Contents, Index of Tables and Index of Matrices [71 kb pdf]
Appendix A [39 kb pdf]
Appendix B [123 kb pdf]

Highlights of 2000 State Survey [132 kb pdf]