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Chapter 2: Approaches in Evaluating Local & State Level Systems of Care

Building Bridges of Support in Eastern Kentucky: Promoting Partnerships Among Families, Educators, and Mental Health Professionals
Vestena Robbins, Kari Collins, Tom Witt, James Campbell

Child Strengths and Caregiver Strain: Is There a Relationship?
Mary Beth Rauktis, Carmella Miller

System of Care and Delinquent Behavior: A Report from NC FACES
Maria E. Fernandez, Martha Kaufman, Mark O'Donnell, Karen Honess, Natalie Gibbs Gallagher, Lori Thurber, Andy Smitley, Kimm Campbell

Symposium: How to Be Little and Still Think Big: Creating a Grass Roots, Evidence-Based System of Care

Chair: Russell Lyman
Executive Outcomes: Finding Data to Support Funding and Funding to Support Data
Susan Ayers
Closing the Gap Between Science and Practice, Starting from Scratch: The Cambridge Youth Guidance Center Outpatient Data Project
Ronald D. Siegel
Risk Factors and Treatment Outcomes in a Strategic Intensive Family Program
Russell Lyman, Borja Alvarez de Toledo
Joan Mikula

Symposium: An Examination of the Dawn Project System of Care: Evaluation, Preliminary Findings, and Cost Comparisons

Chair: Jeffery A. Anderson
The Dawn Project: How it Works, Who it Serves, and How it's Evaluated
Jeffrey A. Anderson, Harold E. Kooreman, Wanda K. Mohr, Eric R. Wright,
Lisa A. Russell

Cost and Service Data from an Integrated System of Care
Knute I. Rotto, Janet McKelvey
Comparing System of Care Costs to County Costs for Services as Usual
Geoffrey Warner, David A. Ziska, Jeffrey A. Anderson, Eric R. Wright

Symposium: A System of Care Comes of Age: The Rhode Island Experience

Chair: Susan Bowler
An Evaluation of the Rhode Island Community-Based Behavioral Health System of Care for Children and their Families
Jacob Kraemer Tebes, Joy S. Kaufman
Family Involvement in the Rhode Island System of Care: A Family Member's Perspective
Cathy Ciano
Project Hope: A System of Care for Youth Transitioning Out of Juvenile Detention
Anne Lebrun-Cournoyer, Joy S. Kaufman
Children's Mental Health Services in Rhode Island: A Policymaker's Perspective
Susan Bowler

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