Annual Research Conference

Profile: Raymond Crowel, Psy.D.

Raymond Crowel, Psy.D. is the Director of Child and Adolescent Services for the Baltimore Mental Health Systems and Chairman of the NMHA National Cultural Competency Taskforce. His areas of expertise include service systems infrastructure, interagency collaboration, and cultural competency. As both a clinicial and administrator, Crowel focuses on building systems of care that meet the needs of child and family, recognizing the challenges and common interests of all stakeholders. His work in cultural competency has extended over 15 years and across multiple settings, and includes training staff, managers, and program developers on both the principles of cultural competency and on the mental health application of those principles in serving culturally diverse populations. He has served as a consultant to state mental health authorities on the incorporation of principles of cultural competency in policies and programs. As Director of the East Baltimore Mental Health Partnership CMHS site, he developed a system to care for children with serious emotional disorders who are served by more than one community agency.

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