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A System of Care for Children's Mental Health: Expanding the Research Base
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Chapter 9: Wraparound Implementation  

Symposium—Wraparound Fidelity: Different Aspects
Chair & Discussant: Eleanor Castillo

Symposium Introduction
Eleanor Castillo

The Relationship Between Fidelity to Wraparound and Outcomes
Enrica F. Bertoldo, Kathleen Cox, & Eleanor Castillo

The Wraparound Fidelity Index (WFI) as a Framework for Service Delivery
Joshua Berry, Brian Oliveira, & Eleanor Castillo

Wraparound Supervisor Adherence Measure: A Pilot
Eleanor Castillo & Veronica Padilla

Symposium Discussion
Eleanor Castillo

Wraparound in California: The Title IV-E Child Welfare Waiver Demonstration Project Evaluation
Charlie Ferguson

Assessment of Child and Family Team Functioning Using the Participant Rating Form
James R.  Cook, Ryan P. Kilmer, Alicia DeRusso, Tanya Vishnevsky, & Duncan Meyers

School Functioning for Children Enrolled in Community-Based Wraparound Services
Jennifer Taub & Melissa Pearrow

Relationships Between Fidelity and Outcomes in a Multi-Site Wraparound Initiative
Jennifer Taub & Christina Breault

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