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Chapter 1: Building and Maintaining Systems of Care

Understanding Collaboration in Systems of Care
Mary E. Evans, Mary I. Armstrong

Children Referred for Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services: Understanding Both Strengths and Impairment
Christine Walrath, David Mandell, E. Wayne Holden, Rolando Santiago

Brief Symposium: Systemic Approaches to Evaluation in Systems of Care: Use of the Team Observation Form and System of Care Practice Review

Chair: Mario Hernandez
Symposium Introduction
Mario Hernandez
THINK Team Observation: A Mixed Methods Approach to Assess Service Delivery in a Community Mental Health System of Care
Christine S. Davis, Norín Dollard
System of Care Practice Review (SOCPR): A Case Study Approach to Measuring Systems of Care at the Level of Practice
Angela Gómez
System of Care Practice Review Scores as Predictors of Clinical Outcomes in the Phase I Comparison Study
Robert L. Stephens, E. Wayne Holden, Mario Hernandez
Symposium Discussion
Norín Dollard

Symposium: The Nebraska Family Central System of Care for Children and Families: Expanding Care in Rural Areas

Chair: Beth Baxter
Symposium Introduction
Beth Baxter
Evolution of Nebraska Family Central System of Care for Children and Families
Beth Baxter, Mark DeKraai, Anne Tvrdik
Utilizing Assessment Data to Coordinate Services for Children with Emotional Disorders
Andrew Brackett, Brock Arehart, Nathan Canfield
An Overview and Evaluation of the Central Nebraska School-Based Wraparound Team Model
Reece Peterson, Nathan Canfi eld, Ann Tvrdik
Using Case-Specifi c Information for Financial Sustainability
Mark Dekraai
Integrating Wraparound within Child Welfare/Juvenile Justice System: An Overview and Evaluation of the Integrated Care Coordination Unit Pilot Project in Central Nebraska
Jana Peterson, Beth Baxter, Ann Tvrdik

Community Evaluation Teams: A Collaborative Approach to Evaluation and Quality Improvement in Systems of Care
Sheila Bell, Phyllis Nettles

System of Care Benefi ts and Barriers: A Perspective from the Colorado Cornerstone Initiative
Cathryn C. Potter, Marian Bussey, Susan Manning, Becky Paskind, Gayle Downen, James L. Strasser, Jack Wackwitz

Symposium: Substance Use and Substance Abuse among Youth with Severe Emotional Disturbance

Chair: Robin E. Soler
Symposium Introduction
Robin E. Soler
Service Use of Youths with Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders
Gregory A. Aarons, Ann F. Garland, Richard L. Hough
Screening for Mental Health Status and Substance Abuse among Delinquent Youth: Estimating Comorbidity in an Undiagnosed Population
Kenneth W. Gallagher, Philip D. Nordness
Risk and Protective Factors in Alcohol, Cigarette, and Marijuana Use
Kelly N. Rogers, Maria E. Fernandez, Terri L. Shelton, James M. Frabutt, Margaret B. Arbuckle
Adolescents with Substance Abuse Comorbidity in Eastern Kentucky: Characteristics and Patterns of Use
Vestena Robbins, Kari Collins, Lisa Marcum

Community Connections for Families: Evaluation of a Comprehensive System of Care for Children’s Mental Health
Sheila L. Bell, Alvaro Q. Barriga

Outcomes of Suicidal Youth in Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services
David Mandell, Christine Walrath, David B. Goldston

Examining Factors that Predict Improvement in a System of Care Over Time
Jeffrey A. Anderson, Vicki Sprague Effland

Expenditures in a System of Care: Relationships Between Services and Outcomes
Jeffrey A. Anderson, David A. Zizka, Knute I. Rotto

A Parallel Processes Growth Mixture Model of Service Utilization and Clinical Outcomes in Systems of Care
Robert L. Stephens, Qinghong Liao

Symposium: Children and Adolescents of Various Race, Ethnic and Gender Subgroups Served in System-of- Care Settings: Services, Clinical Characteristics and Lifetime Experiences

Chair: Christine Walrath
Symposium Introduction
Christine Walrath
An Examination of Ethnicity and Gender Differences in Primary Diagnosis and Comorbidity for Children and Adolescents in Systems of Care
Ly Nguyen, Girlyn Arganza, Larke Huang, Qinghong Liao
Similarities and Difference Among Children Referred by Juvenile Justice
Eileen Franco, Robin E. Soler
Understanding the Lifetime Experiences of Female Offenders Referred for System-of-Care Services
Christine Walrath, Michele Ybarra, Brigitte Manteuffel, E. Wayne Holden, Rolando Santiago, Philip Leaf

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