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Chapter 3: Education

Symposium: School-wide Systems of Positive Behavioral Support:
Promoting the Mental Health of all Students, Including Those with SED

Chair: Lucille Eber
Building School Capacity to Support all Students through School-wide
Positive Behavior Systems

Lucille Eber, Teri Palmer
A School-based Wraparound Example: Outcomes and Processes
Debra Pacchiano, Lucille Eber, Laura Devine-Johnston
Behavior Support Plans for Students with or At-risk
of Emotional/Behavioral Challenges

Vestena Robbins, Lucille Eber, Laura Devine-Johnston
Building Bridges of Support in Eastern Kentucky: Outcomes
for Students Receiving School-Based Wraparound

Vestena Robbins, Kari Collins

Urban School and Community Study: School Reform and Students
with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities and Their Families
Krista Kutash, Albert J. Duchnowski, Nancy Lynn

Characteristics and Funding of School Mental Health Services:
A National Survey
Judith L. Teich, Mary Rollefson

Using Educational Test Scores to Evaluate Children’s Services
John A. Pandiani, Monica M. Simon, Steven M. Banks

Teacher’s Attitudes Toward Children
with Serious Emotional Disturbance

Scott W. Minor, Shawn Acheson, Harrison Kane, Erin Calahan, Kristen Leverentz,
Amy Pasden, Melanie Wegener

Can We Foster Resilience? An Evaluation of a Prevention
Program for Preschoolers

Paul LeBuffe

Symposium: Evaluating Program Effectiveness
in the Safe Schools Healthy Students Initiative

Chair: Oliver T. Massey
Symposium Introduction
Oliver T. Massey
The Impact of Coordinated Community Mental Health Services:
Safe Schools/Healthy Students

Sharon Telleen, Young O. Rhee Kim, Helen Stewart-Nava, Susan Maher
Results of a Longitudinal School-Based Intervention Study
Michael Boroughs, Oliver T. Massey, Kathleen Armstrong
Student Perceptions of School Safety in the Omnibus Survey
Kelli Henson, Kathleen H. Armstrong, Oliver T. Massey
Safety in Schools: Staff Perceptions
Gina Santoro, Kathleen H. Armstrong, Oliver T. Massey
Understanding School Safety: A Qualitative Inquiry
Angela Perry, Michael Boroughs, Kathleen H. Armstrong, Oliver T Massey
Kathleen H. Armstrong

Evaluation Activities at a Summer Camp for Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Laura A. Nabors, Heather D. Lehmkuhl

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