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Chapter 2: Parent and Caregiver Issues

Symposium: Poverty Status and Custody: Associations
with Children’s Mental Health Outcomes

Chair: Ann Webb Price
Family Resources and Childrenęs Strengths: Do Families Matter?
Ann Webb Price, Phyllis Gyamfi, Andrew Pope, Tracey Lockaby
The Effects of Low-Income Status on Childrenęs Emotional and
Behavioral Problems: Implications for Welfare Reform

Phyllis Gyamfi, John W. Gilford, Tracey Lockaby
The Moderating Effects of Resources and Risk Factors on Families
Caring for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance

Ann Webb Price, Rachel Askew
Caregiver Strain Among Single-Mother, Grandparent,
and Two-parent Caregivers

Bhuvana Sukumar, Brigitte Manteuffel, Robin Soler, Gina Sgro

More than Money: Do Family Resources Predict Caregiver Strain?
Michael Pullmann, Paula Savage, Nancy Koroloff

Maternal Behavior and Biological Influences on Birth Outcomes:
Implications for Children’s Mental Health
Katherine A. Best, Roger A. Boothroyd

Topical Discussion Overview: Integrating Services for Parents
and Children in Three SAMHSA-funded Multi-Site Initiatives

Judith Katz-Leavy, Patricia Sabry, Eileen O’Brien, Kana Enomoto
Cheryl Kennedy, Linda Weinreb, Joanne Nicholson

Parents with Mental Illness and Their Children: Elements
of Evidence-based Practices

Tom Barrett, Steven M. Banks, Nancy Johnson Nagel, John A. Pandiani

Caregiver Perception of Services and Children’s Mental Health
Outcomes: Are They Related?

Molly Brunk, Kim Innes, J. Randy Koch

Assessment of Caregiver Service Experience at the Practice Level
in System-of-care and Comparison Communities

Brigitte Manteuffel, Liz S. Grossman, Rachel Askew

The Child and Family Experience of the Mental Health System
Study at Nine Months

Kathleen Lazear, Robert M. Friedman, Eloise Boterf, Sharon Lardieri, Kristina Chambers

The Relationship Between Caretaker’s Perceptions and Children’s
Self-Perceptions of Their Strengths
Phillip Friedman, Virginia Weaver, Karen A. Friedman

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Perspectives on Parent-Child Contact
During Residential Treatment

Adjoa D. Robinson, Michael Pullmann, Pauline Jivanjee, Barbara Friesen Jean M. Kruzich

Caregiver’s Level of Trust in Their Children’s Health Care Providers
Huey Jen Chen, Roger A. Boothroyd

Family Members as Evaluators:
Preliminary Results of a Training Curriculum
Nancy Koroloff, Trina W. Osher, Kathryn Schutte, Adjoa Robinson

Results from a Randomized Trial of a Family Support
and Education Program
Henry T. Ireys, Katherine A. DeVet, Diane Sakwa, Dominique Charlot-Swilley

Examining Parent Support Group Members’ Satisfaction
with Their Group
Janis Gerkensmeyer, Nicole Rozek, Aggie Smolecki, Naheed Meghani,
Nancy Rose-Balamut, Brenda Hamilton

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