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Chapter 10: Assessment Systems

Symposium: Using the CAFAS to Promote and Evaluate Evidence-Based Interventions and Implement Systems of Care for Youth with SED

Chair: Kay Hodges
Ontario’s Screening and Outcome Assessment Initiative: Lessons
in Implementation and Organizational Change
Melanie A. Barwick, Katherine Boydell, H. Bruce Ferguson, Charles E. Cunningham
CAFAS Statewide Initiative: Tracking Progress During Treatment
to Encourage Evidence-Based Interventions
Kay Hodges, Yange Xue, Jim Wotring, Jocee Chamberlain, Anita Mummineni
Addressing Mental Health Concerns In Early Childhood:
A System for Early Identification and Evaluating Effectiveness
Rick Loseth, Sara Carlson, Janae Lucht, Chris O. Schmid
MST and the CAFAS: Measuring Treatment Success
Jane Timmons-Mitchell, Monica M. Bender
CAFAS Outcomes for a School-Based Intensive Mental Health Program
Eric M. Vernberg, Joseph E. Nyre, Richard W. Puddy, Anne Jacobs, Michael C. Roberts

Fidelity to the Wraparound Process and its Association with Outcomes
Eric J. Bruns, John D. Burchard, Jesse Suter, Michelle D. Force, Eileen Dakan

Children with Reported Histories of Sexual Abuse:
Utilizing Multiple Perspectives to Understand Clinical
and Psychosocial Profiles
Michele Ybarra, Christine Walrath, E. Wayne Holden, Qinghong Liao,
Rolando Santiago, Phil Leaf

The Use of Concept Mapping to Build a Shared Service Strategy
Svetlana Yampolskaya, Teresa M. Nesman

A Knowledge Transfer Infrastructure for Screening and Outcome
Measurement in Children’s Mental Health
Melanie A. Barwick, Katherine A. Boydell, H. Bruce Ferguson, Charles E. Cunningham,
Alexander Greer, Barbara Everett, Sherry Sklar, Sheila Weinstock

Using Outcome Data to Inform Practice
Kendra Ray Stewart, Benjamin M. Ogles

Brief Symposium: A Strengths-Based Tool to Guide Collaborative
Partnerships with Families and Provide Accountability
within Systems of Care

Chair: John S. Lyons
A Needs-Based Planning Study for Children’s Services In New York State
John S. Lyons, Linda Rosenberg
Improving Quality in Systems of Care: Treatment Fidelity
and the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Measure
Mary Beth Rauktis, Dave Sliefert
Initial Outcomes for the Mental Health Juvenile Justice Initiative in Illinois
Gene Griffin, Sharon Quintenz


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