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Chapter 1: Building and Maintaining a System of Care

Symposium: Outcome Analyses from the Longitudinal Comparison Study of the National Evaluation of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and their Families Program

Chair: Rolando Santiago
Policy Implications of the National Evaluation
Rolando Santiago
Survival Analysis of Arrest Data in the Longitudinal Comparison Study
Tim Connor, Debra Phan, Robert L. Stephens
General Growth Mixture Modeling (GGMM) of Alcohol Use Patterns
in the Longitudinal Comparison Study

Robert L. Stephens, Debra L. Phan, Paul E. Greenbaum
Using Services Data to Adjust for Attrition in Outcome Analyses:
An Application of Multiple Imputation

E. Michael Foster

Symposium: Predictors of Service Quality and Family Participation in CMHS funded Systems of Care

Chair: Rolando Santiago
Examining Leadership, Organizational Climate and Service Quality
in a Children’s System of Care

Gregory A. Aarons, Michela Woodbridge, Angelina Carmazzi
Parents’ and Caregivers’ Satisfaction with Children’s Progress
as a Predictor of Continued Enrollment in the System of Care

Kelly Frailing
Differential Attrition Rates for NC FACES System of Care Evaluation
Kelly N. Rogers, Maria Fernandez, Lori Thurber, Andy Smitley
Service Utilization and Child and Family Outcomes in Systems of Care
Robin E. Soler, Bhuvana Sukumar, Brigitte Manteuffel

Symposium: Service Use and Costs in the Longitudinal Comparison Study of the National Evaluation of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families Program

Functional Impairment at Intake and Subsequent Service Utilization
Hoang Thanh Nguyen, Tim Connor
Service Delivery Approach, Service Utilization Patterns,
and Their Influence on Children’s Outcomes

Robert L. Stephens, Qinghong Liao
Service Dose Effects on Children’s Outcomes in System of Care and
Comparison Communities

Tim Connor, Robert L. Stephens
The Full Costs of the System of Care: Cost-shifting
Across Child-serving Agencies

E. Michael Foster, Tim Connor, Hoang Nguyen
Gregory A. Aarons

Children’s Mental Health Benchmarking Project: Year Two of a National Research Effort
Sara L. Nechasek, Sylvia Perlman, Richard H. Dougherty

Symposium: An Overview of the Six-year Nebraska Family Central
System of Care: The Use of Evaluation Data to Reform Services

Chair: William E. Reay
The Nebraska Evaluation Model: Practice and Policy Decisions
Informed by Case and Program Specific Data: What We Have
Learned from Fort Bragg, Stark County, and Len Bickman

William E. Reay, Calvin P. Garbin, Mario Scalora
Using Case-specific Information in Support of Wraparound Teams
Jill Schubauer, Dave Hoyt
Using Case Specific Information for Quality Improvement,
Policy Development and Financial Sustainability

Mark Dekraai
Nebraska Family Central Evaluation Program—Presenting the Parent
Voice Thru Data

Eileen Dakan, Monica Sleicher

Estimating Unmet Need for Mental Health Services: A System of Care Approach
Tom Barrett, Steven M. Banks, Nancy Johnson Nagel, John A. Pandiani

Children’s Mental Health Programs as Seen by Other Child Serving Agencies
Janet A. Bramley, Alice G. Maynard

A Comparison of Approaches Used in Developing Systems of Care
Mary E. Evans

Building on Success: MA-MHSPY Replication Strategies for
Integrated Systems of Care for Children and Families

Katherine E. Grimes, Allison Appleton

Brief Symposium: Opportunities for Enhanced Effectiveness
via Continuity of Intent

Chair: Katherine E. Grimes
Coordination of Clinical Support and Wraparound Services
Katherine E. Grimes, Jacquelyn Subberra
Coordination of Data Management and Analysis Across Systems
Katherine E. Grimes, Brian Mullin

The Armstrong County System of Care: A Case Study Evaluation
James Gaggini

Measuring Interagency Involvement and Referral Patterns
in Systems of Care

Lela Baughman, Susan Zaro, John Gilford, Bob Stephens

Building Bridges: Linking Research and Policy Makers
Joan Sykora

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