Expanding the Children’s Mental Health Research Base:
Reflections on Public Health, Health and the Public

Presentation Outline


Public Health

Why Consider Public Health Approach?

Public Health Goals for Mental Health

Public Health Programs

Public Health Indicators of Community Mental Health

Examples of Child PH Initiatives
(Manos et al 2001)

Example of Improving a Specific Health Condition

Collaboration and Partnerships

Challenges for the Evidence on Collaboration

More Challenges

Public Health Collaborations

The Public and Science

Scientists and The Public

Research Issues

Research Models: The Importance of Mechanisms and New Paradigms

The Components of Health Innovation Programs (Moorman, 1997)

The Structure of Programs Designed to Increase the Adoption of Health Innovations (Moorman)

Customer-oriented Health Innovation Programs

Assessing Benefits of Innovations

Assessing Costs of Innovations

Strategies for Creating Complementarity Between Concept and Behavior Innovations

Complexity Theory and Health Care Variations

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Diversities, Dynamism and ‘Appropriate’ Variation


Division of Services and Interventions Research
National Institute of Mental Health
National Institutes of Health