Crossing Borders…Building Bridges to Reduce Disparities in Mental Health

Two Stories, Two Communities

Are we making progress in reducing disparities?

Status of Youth of Color:
Double Jeopardy, Triple Stigma

Convergence of Factors May
Fuel Disparities

A Public Health Approach

Key Questions from a
Public Health Framework

Multiple Strategies Needed to Improve Access

Integrating  MH and Primary Care

ICP: Strategies


Integrate Mental Health and Schools

Ensure Language Access

Expand Health Insurance Coverage

Reduce Stigma

How Can We Improve Quality of Services

Inclusion of Ethnic & Racial Minorities in Randomized Clinical Trials  for Tx Guidelines
1986-1999, (Surgeon General’s Report)

From Research to Practice

A New Paradigm for Research: 
Building “Ivory Trenches”

Participatory Action Research:
   Collaborative Process Among Researchers and Stakeholders

Community/ Research Partnerships
Diversity of Methods

Building the Evidence

Culturally Competent Systems of Care

Accountability Systems

How Can We Improve Capacity?

How Can We Promote Mental Health for Communities of Color?

In closing,